Monday, March 6, 2023

What I Ordered from Amazon in February 2023

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January’s Amazon haul was very small, but I sure did make up for that in February!  Whew.  Between Olivia’s birthday and running out of many household necessities, our Amazon load for February was huge.  Here’s what we bought…


Girls Gingham Cold Shoulder Top

Olivia asked for “stylish clothes” for her birthday this year, and she very specifically wanted “shirts that show your shoulders.”  She had a dress from Old Navy when she was two or three that had off-the-shoulder sleeves with little spaghetti straps that held the dress up, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since then.  Therefore, I wanted to try to find some cold-shoulder tops that she can wear this summer.  I had no luck at brick-and-mortar stores, so of course, I turned to Amazon, and I about died when I saw this darling gingham cold-shoulder top.  The top is absolutely precious, it’s appropriate for a nine-year old, and the quality is excellent, and I cannot recommend it enough.  We’re not big fans of orange in our house, but we’ll let it slide since it’s not football season.  ;o)


Girls Striped Cold Shoulder Top

This is another cold shoulder top that I couldn’t resist, and I knew she’d love it, too.  It’s absolutely precious, and it gives her the beloved off-the-shoulder look while still being age appropriate, and I cannot recommend this one enough either.  The quality is amazing. 


Girls Floral Cold Shoulder Top

This floral cold-shoulder top was another purchase for Olivia’s birthday, and again, it was a winner!  She was pretty much in heaven with all of these options.


Two-Pack of Girls Tops

This two-piece set from The Children’s Place was an absolute steal at just $11.34.  The tops are light and airy, comfortable, and great for the price.  Olivia loved both of these, too, although, I have a feeling the top without the cold-shoulder won’t be getting much love.  She only has eyes for cold shoulder tops right now.  Haha.


White Ruffle Sleeve Top

Ohhhh, y’all, I LOVE this top.  The ruffle detail looks like something that you’d get from a boutique rather than Amazon, and it is just so cute.  I bought this to wear with my fluttery Amazon skirts that I love so much.  Fits true-to-size.  The small is perfect on me.  Just keep in mind that these are fitted, so if you prefer a little bit of extra room, size up one size.  It comes in black, too, and you’ll be seeing it on my birthday wish list soon.  ;o)


Girls Colonial Dress

Olivia had to dress up like Betsy Ross for a wax museum that they did at school, so we bought this dress for her to wear as her costume.  The dress is a bit on the thin side, but it’s super soft and not itchy at all, and Olivia absolutely loves it.  She has been wearing it around the house for fun.  Haha.


Taylor Swift Midnights CD

Olivia loves music and she loves listening to it in her room.  She has a clock radio that has a CD player, and she has a few kid CDs that she listens to on repeat, so I thought she’d love having some of her favorite music on CD so she can listen to it whenever she wants.  This Midnights album by Taylor Swift is her absolute favorite right now, so we bought her the clean version of the CD so she can listen to it whenever she wants to now.


Taylor Swift Lover CD

This CD was another gift for Olivia for her birthday.  We basically bought half of Taylor Swift’s albums for her.  Haha.


Taylor Swift Reputation CD

This CD was another birthday gift for Olivia.  Taylor Swift is her absolute favorite, and she already knows this album inside and out, so she was so excited to receive her own copy of it for her birthday.


Taylor Swift 1989 CD

This album actually came out the year that Olivia was born, and I used to sing Wildest Dreams to her when she was a baby because it was popular that year and it was always stuck in my head.  She absolutely loved that song, and she would always laugh her sweet little baby laugh when I would sing the chorus, so I have the fondest memories of that song.  I can’t believe I’m now buying my nine-year old a copy of the CD.  Where oh where has the time gone, y’all?


Star CD Holder

I wanted to get a cute CD holder for Olivia to put all of her new CDs in, and I looooved this acrylic star CD holder.  However, it ended up being much larger than I’d anticipated (my fault for not looking at the dimensions) so we sent this back.  It’s really, really cute, though.


Plastic CD Containers

Instead, I purchased a two-pack of these plastic bins that perfectly fit CD’s.  That way we can just store them in a drawer since she doesn’t have much surface space in her room to display them.  And if we ever find something cuter that we like better, I can use these for organizing various areas in the house.  I love these things.


Bath & Body Works Crushed Candy Cane Foaming Soap

We have moved to clean soap products in every room of our house, except for Brian’s and my bathroom.  I like the Bath & Body Works foaming soap because it cuts through the foundation on my hands after application better than any other soaps.  I’ve become really sensitive to some of the B&B Works scents since I’ve started using cleaner products, but I still really love the scent of this Crushed Candy Cane.  They obviously don’t sell it at the store right now since it’s seasonal, but good ol’ Amazon had it for about the same price that you’d pay for it in the store.  As I’m linking it, though, the price appears to have gone up a bit since I purchased mine.


Easter Lego Set

Our kiddos love Lego products, so I went ahead and bought the new Lego Easter set for 2023 while they’re still in stock.  These always sell out each year, so I’ve started grabbing them pretty early on to ensure I don’t miss out.  They make great Easter basket stuffers!


Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Loreal discontinued my beloved Pro-Glow Foundation, so I’m going to give this Pro-Matte Foundation a whirl.  I’m thinking the pro-matte version may be better for summer anyway since my face tends to get shiny when it’s hot and humid.


Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder

It was time for a refill of my favorite powder… just a small dusting of this over my foundation is all I put on my face each day.


Maybelline Eye Shadow

As mentioned in my recent beauty post, I use this eye shadow as eye liner for my undereye.  It was time for a refill, so I got it from Amazon because they always have the best price.  Although, as I'm linking this, the price has gone sky-high!  EEK!  I did not pay $10 for it.  I only paid around $5 for it.


Platypus Flossers

These flossers are made especially for people with braces, and y’all, they are ahhhh-mazing.  They have been my saving grace these last few weeks since I got my braces.  They have one flat side that fits easily between the wire and your teeth, so it makes it easy to slide it in, floss, and slide it out.  They have made flossing crazy easy for me… it’s just as easy as when I didn’t have braces!


Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash

This Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash is made specifically for people with mouth sores.  I had many in the first two weeks after getting my braces because the brackets were cutting into my lips so badly.  After just 48 hours of using this, my mouth sores had healed completely, and after an additional 24 hours of using it, I was able to stop putting wax over the brackets because the sores in my mouth healed completely and toughened up.  This stuff is amazing!


Nature Made Kids Multi Vitamin with Omega-3

The kids have been taking these vitamins for years, and it was time for a refill.  I typically buy them at Target because Amazon didn’t have them for a long time, but they have recently started carrying them, and they have the best price, BY FAR.


Alfred’s Basic Piano Course: Lesson Book – Level 3

Jacob is rolling right along in his piano lessons and his teacher asked me to order this book as he just finished his second one.  I can’t wait to see how he progresses!


And that’s it, y’all!  Whew!  It was a lot!

Happy Tuesday!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. That star CD holder is so cool! I had no idea you could get bath and body products on Amazon!

  2. Olivia got some great gifts! So cute that she wants all the Taylor Swift CDs. I noticed the same thing about the eye shadow - Walmart had it for cheaper when I linked it on my post!

  3. I love that Olivia is such a Taylor Swift Fan. Grace loved her at that age too, and we have a special memory of seeing her in concert in London when she was about 11. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases.

  4. That is a lot but you got so many cute tops for Olivia!

  5. Nathan loves all of my old cd's, etc. He also got into records over the summer. That white top looks almost identical to a bodysuit/leotard I bought LATE last summer that I haven't even gotten to wear yet. I love the fun sleeves on it.



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