Monday, March 27, 2023

Easter Basket Stuffers for Tweens

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Kids seem to get a bit harder to shop for as they get older, so today I thought I’d share some Easter basket ideas for all of the kiddos in the “in-between” years – those who are starting to outgrow toys but aren’t quite fully into all of the teenager things just yet. 

Both of our kiddos fall into this range – Jacob on the older side, and Olivia on the younger side – so a few of these items have already been purchased for their baskets.

Cute Sunglasses

Our kiddos both wear sunglasses, and they are constantly getting misplaced/broken, so they always make for a great Easter basket stuffer.  These heart sunnies are absolutely darling, and very inexpensive, and these sunglasses come in several different colors, and they have excellent reviews.



PJs also make a great Easter basket stuffer, and they’re not only fun, they’re also practical.  This set is the cutest, and it comes with a pair of PJs for your child’s stuffy or doll.  And this set is fun, but not overly baby-ish, and I love that it comes with shorts and pants since springtime weather is so unpredictable.


Mini Squishmallows

While stuffed animals may seem baby-ish, Squishmallows are all the rage right now for young kids and older kids alike.  Amazon has several options that are Easter themed like this purple bunny, this blue bunny, and this Easter egg. 


Activity Books

This Curious Minds book is perfect for the inquisitive child who loves to learn about all sorts of random things, and this Bluey Imagine Ink book is fun for anyone!  It’s Easter themed, too!  And Bluey may be a show for the littles, but our entire family loves it, including Brian and me!  It might be my favorite kids show of all-time.  Mad Libs is also fun for everyone, and there is an Easter-themed one of those, too.  ;o)


Flip Flops

Another great Easter basket stuffer that can be fun, but also practical, is new flip flops!  Easter is the perfect time to gift spring and summer apparel since warm weather is just around the corner!  Jacob loves these flip flops – we get him a new pair every year – and Olivia loves these… they are comfy, they go with pretty much any casual summer outfit, and they’re perfect for the beach.  Oh, and they’re plastic so they can be hosed off if they get dirty!  I have the adult version and they are the best things ever!  All of these come in an array of colors, too!  



And speaking of spring and summer, Easter is the perfect time to grab new swimsuits for the kiddos for summertime.  Our go-to place for swimsuits is Target, and Amazon also has some great options.  My favorite picks from Target this year are this seersucker option for boys, and this ruffled one-piece for girls.



Both of our kiddos love music, and they are both loving listening to music in their rooms lately.  Since neither of them have phones yet, we are doing things the old-school way, and they have been listening to CDs.  I think it’s really fun for them to have that independence to listen to their own music, and it makes me nostalgic to see them hanging out in their rooms flipping through the CD books.  Olivia is currently obsessing over Taylor Swift, and Jacob has always loved Ed Sheeran.  We just make sure to purchase the edited versions (if the originals are explicit) so they have the “clean,” kid-friendly versions.


Fidget Toys

There are a gazillion fidget toys these days, and our kiddos love pretty much all of them.  Jacob’s favorite is this one, and Olivia adores pop toys.  This set is Easter themed, so it’s perfect for an Easter basket stuffer!


In addition to any of these items, a few other suggestions of items to include are candy, jewelry, fun Chapstick, lip gloss, nail polish, and gift cards.  How cute is this one from Amazon?!

Easter is right around the corner, y'all, so if you haven't gotten started yet, it's time!  Happy shopping!


  1. These are great ideas! I always try to include an activity book, and haven't picked one up yet this year. Thanks for the reminder <3

  2. It does get harder as they get older! This year I'm just doing some candy and a gift card inside a jumbo egg. I did find a few small gifts for them too (like Nike socks, beauty stuff for Autumn), but I miss the days when I could get a lot of it from the Target Dollar Spot! Ha ha! The PJ's are a good idea as I love functional gifts!


  3. Love these ideas, those suits are super cute from Target!

  4. Such a fun age to shop for! We love Squish mellows here!


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