Wednesday, March 29, 2023

House Cleanout - End of March Update

I clean out our whole house at the beginning of each year, and I try to have the whole thing done by the end of the first quarter.  If you missed my first update at the end of January, you can see it here.   Since the end of January, here’s what else I’ve been working on…



-       Cleaned out the coat closet

Said Goodbye To:

-       Some old hats and gloves that no longer fit the kids

-       Several old bubble containers that were empty


Stuff we got rid of from the coat closet

Dining Room


-       Cleaned out the buffet table

Said Goodbye To:

-       Several old serving trays

-       Two large drink dispensers that were taking up tons of room

-       Organized all of the serving dishes/utensils by holiday


Master Bathroom


-       Cleaned out all of the cabinets

-       Cleaned out all expired medicine

-       Restocked with new medicine

Said Goodbye To:

-       3 old washcloths

-       All expired medication

-       Various other soaps, lotions, and sprays that were no longer being used

-       Several pieces of trash

Bathroom cabinet before

Bathroom cabinet after (I know the difference doesn't look drastic, but trust me, it's worlds better)

Stuff we got rid of from the bathroom cabinet

Olivia’s Bedroom


-       Cleaned out the dresser

-       Cleaned out the bookshelf

-       Cleaned out the night stand

-       Cleaned out under the bed

-       Cleaned out the desk

-       Cleaned out the closet

-       Organized the whole room

-       Found lots of items that had gone missing

-       You can now see her bedroom floor ;o)

Said Goodbye To:

-       Tons of old clothes that no longer fit

-       Tons of old dress up clothes that she no longer wears

-       Several pieces of costume jewelry that she never wears

-       Various toys, stuffies, storage bins, and other items she no longer uses

-       A giant box of recycling

-       A full shopping bag of trash

Olivia's bedroom before

Olivia's bedroom after (we didn't make the bed, though.  Haha.)

All the stuff we got rid of from Olivia's bedroom


Storage Closet in Brian’s Office


-       Cleaned out the closet

-       Got Christmas décor reorganized as the stack of boxes fell over earlier this month.  Eek!  Thankfully, nothing broke.

-       Sold several items that were taking up space

-       Sold the kids’ old high chair which was taking up tons of space

-       Moved some boxes into the free space so everything isn’t quite as crammed together anymore

-       Organized the gift wrap shelf

-       Organized all of the clothes that have been listed on Poshmark

-       Organized all other items to list and sell on our local Facebook page

Said Goodbye To:

-       The kids’ old high chair

-       Some holiday décor

-       Two old 3-foot Christmas trees


Downstairs Bathroom


-       Cleaned out the cabinet

-       Restocked the cabinet with toilet paper, tissues, and soap

Said Goodbye To:

-       Nothing.  There wasn’t anything to get rid of.


Laundry Room


-       Organized cabinets

-       Stocked cabinets with cleaning supplies to use upstairs

Said Goodbye To:

-       Nothing.  There wasn’t anything to get rid of in there.




-       Hung more shelves in the outdoor utility closet (B did this… I cannot take credit.  Haha.)

-       Organized some of our outdoor holiday décor on the new shelves which freed up space on the floor since we had just tossed them in there.

Said Goodbye To:

-       Nothing



-       Listed and sold lots of clothes on Poshmark

-       Sold a large old toy that was taking up lots of room


And that’s it for now, y’all.  We didn’t quite finish the entire list, but there’s not much left at all, so we’re calling it a win!  

All that’s left now is to tackle Jacob’s room (which really isn’t bad at all anyway), the kids’ bathroom, the closet under our stairs, and a few other minor things, and we’ll be all done with our house cleanout for 2023!


  1. Love that you do this every year. I really have to do it again too.

  2. Wow! Lindsay you are amazing with cleaning up and organizing you house. I need to do a little spring cleaning and organizing too.

  3. I do love organizing. I've been working on rotating the closets this week and weeding out clothes. My younger daughter has so many stuffed animals! I'm purging some of them slowly and hoping she won't notice. :)

    1. That's awesome! Good luck to you!! And yes, I feel you on that. I'm always trying to sneak things out of the kids' rooms. Haha.

  4. This is amazing! It's so good to do this every year - I always wonder "Why did I keep this?" when I do a clean out.

  5. Wow Lindsay, I love how organized your list is here and I'm sure that makes it easier to follow and keep track of what needs to get done! You've got SO much accomplished and loved seeing all the photos! Awesome job!

    Hope you're having a great week so far! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  6. OH. MY. GOSH. I loved this post so much and may have to do something similar! Getting rid of stuff is my favorite!!! Buying stuff is my second favorite! Facepalm! But for real, loved this!


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