Monday, November 20, 2023

A Modern Christmas Playlist for When You’re Feeling Melancholy

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I know Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time of year that’s full of happiness and light, but for many, Christmastime can be difficult for a variety of reasons.  Most Christmas songs tend to be upbeat and jolly, and they invoke feelings of warmth and delight, but sometimes you just need music that’s not upbeat or jolly.

There are plenty of Christmas songs that are perfect to listen to when you’re feeling a little melancholy, and today I’m going to share my melancholy Christmas play list.  I love music – I couldn’t live without it – and I listen to it pretty much every minute of the day, so, naturally, I have a playlist for every occasion and every mood, including this one. 

Some of the songs have been recorded by many other artists, but the versions I’ve selected below are the best (in my opinion) for this particular mood.  You’ll notice that this playlist is very Pentatonix heavy because, y’all, they have some great stuff.  Also, most of these songs are modern rather than classics… I have a whole different playlist of the classics by the OGs like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, etc., and those aren’t included on this playlist simply because they’ll always be joyful to me since I grew up listening to them and they remind me of my happy childhood.

Without further ado, the playlist…


  1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Coldplay (the best version of this song ever)


  1. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles


  1. My Heart with You by Pentatonix (not technically a Christmas song, but it’s on their Christmas album so I always associate it with Christmas)


  1. Glasgow Love Theme by Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (the theme from Love Actually, my favorite movie of all-time… and it’s a Christmas movie)


  1. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Brian McKnight (my favorite version of this song ever)


  1. That’s Christmas to Me by Pentatonix (this one makes me cry every single time)


  1. Mistletoe by Colbie Caillat


  1. Thank You by Pentatonix


  1. Miss You Most at Christmas Time by Mariah Carey


  1. Hallelujah by Carrie Underwood and John Legend (this song is just beautiful)


  1. The Prayer by Pentatonix (again, not technically a Christmas song, but it’s on their Christmas album, and it’s fitting)


  1. Every Year, Every Christmas by Luther Vandross


  1. White Christmas by Otis Redding (the best version of this song!)


  1. Coldest Winter by Pentatonix


  1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by 98 Degrees (the first time I heard this version back in the 90s, I thought it was a little odd, but now I absolutely love it)


  1. Amazing Grace by Pentatonix (not technically a Christmas song, but it’s on their Christmas album and it’s definitely fitting)


  1. Ave Maria by Leslie Odom, Jr.


You can shuffle this playlist any time you’re in the mood for Christmas tunes, and you’re not feeling particularly jolly… because we do all have those days.  Sometimes on those days, you just have to feel your feelings, and I truly believe that music is one of the best forms of therapy. 

And if you’re struggling with anything hard this Christmas season and you just can’t let your heart be light, please know that I’m thinking of you.  <3



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  1. This is such a great idea, I think it would be helpful for those that want a little holiday music, but not the real upbeat stuff. I love Pentatonix!



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