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What I Ordered from Amazon in October 2023

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Y’all, October was a HEAVY month for Amazon orders.  I took full advantage of Prime Day and started loading up on goodies for the holidays, and I also grabbed a few items that have been on my wish list that went on super sale.  There were several items that I ended up returning, and I’ll include those in my post today so you can see what worked and what didn’t.  Y’all ready to see what I bought?  And FYI, many of these items are on super sale right now…


Women’s Top 

This top has been sitting on my wish list for months, so when I got the alert that it was on super sale on Prime Day, I snatched one up in navy blue.  Y’all, I LOVE this shirt.  It’s very similar to my beloved polka dot sleeve tops that I have in an array of colors, but the sleeves on this top are slightly thicker with a different patten in the lace.  It runs true-to-size, it looks great with a variety of bottoms (jeans, skirts, etc.), and you can dress it up or down.  It comes in tons of colors, and I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s perfect for fall when you want to feel fall-ish, but you don’t want to die from a heatstroke.  Haha.


Black Booties

Since I’ve had this vertigo, I have been avoiding wearing heels most days for obvious reasons, so I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of black booties with a low heel.  My black booties are 10-ish years old so they’re looking rough anyway, and they’re currently too high for my liking since I’ve been a bit unstable.  I loved everything about these, but they just weren’t comfortable across the tops of my toes when I walked.  I have a feeling they might have been fine after a break-in period, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I sent them back. 


Flat Wedges

Since I can’t wear heels, I haven’t been able to wear my beloved Spanx jeans (as they are far too long to wear with flats), so I wanted to find some wedges that gave me some height, but had a nice, flat, sturdy base.  These were on super sale for Prime Day (and aren’t that expensive to begin with), and y’all, THESE ARE THE BEST SHOES EVER.  They are SO comfortable, they don’t rub anywhere on my feet, the quality is excellent, and the reviews are fantastic.  They also come in a ton of colors (seriously, so many!), and they are just the best shoes.  I know we’re heading into fall and winter now, so I won’t be wearing them much in the next few months, but I guarantee these will be on my feet every day next spring and summer!  They fit true-to-size. 


Red Tunic Sweater

I’ve mentioned this tunic 500 times on the blog and heeeere it is again!  I already owned it in two colors and I’ve been wearing them for a couple of years.  It’s my favorite tunic of all-time, and my favorite sweater purchase on Amazon of all-time.  It’s SUPER soft, thick, and luxurious, and it’s baffling to me that it’s from Amazon because the quality is just so nice.  When it went on crazy sale during Prime Day, I grabbed it in red to wear to Georgia games (and all the time, of course).  All of mine have held up over many washes, and I just can’t recommend this one enough.  It also comes in tons of colors.  Oh, and it runs a little large.  I typically wear a small, but I wear an XS in this one.


Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are my favorite thing, and they’ve been a staple in my closet since my early 20’s.  I have some that are nearly 20 years old that I still wear today because they never go out of style.  I’ve had my eye on this one forever, so when it went on sale, I grabbed it in this dark blue/green color.  Y’all, this is the GOAT of Amazon sweater dresses!  It’s thick and soft, and the fabric is very forgiving (it doesn’t show lumps, panty lines, etc.), and the fit is so flattering.  Also – the sleeves!  It’s true-to-size (I bought a small), and it comes in tons of colors, and I can’t recommend this one enough either!


Belt Bags

My beloved belt bag that’s nearly identical to the Lulu bag went on sale on Prime Day, so I grabbed this one in light pink for Olivia and in silver grey for myself.  I use my black one all the time, but I’ve been wanting one in a lighter color for all of my lighter outfits.  This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases of all-time, and it would make a great gift for pretty much anyone, especially tweens and teens.  They’re so affordable you could fill it with a few fun items and gift it for birthdays and holiday gifts.  It comes in 45 colors, so there is literally every color you could want. 


Hocus Pocus Halloween Tee

This shirt has also been on my wish list forever, so when it went on sale for a mere $7 on Amazon Prime Day, I snatched it up.  Halloween tees are always a great investment for me because I’ll wear them year after year, so I’ll definitely get my money’s worth!  This one is soft, it doesn’t shrink in the wash, and the graphic on the front has held up nicely in the washer and dryer.


Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers

Okay, y’all, I have been on the hunt for a new pillow for years.  I’ve talked about it way too much on the blog, I’ve stressed about it for years, I’ve asked for advice from y’all several times, and after all of that… I think I finally found the one.  YES.  This pillow is perfectly shaped for back and side sleepers, and its contouring is perfection for my weird neck issues.  It has two different sides – one is lower for smaller framed people, and one is higher for larger framed people – so you can find the perfect fit.  It also comes with a silk pillowcase that’s removeable for washing.  I’ve tried several of these orthopedic pillows, and I’ve hated every single one because they’re so hard or so oddly shaped, but this one is all rounded on the edges and it’s like laying on a cloud.  It’s pricey, but I was able to save a lot of money on Amazon Prime Day, and I’m so glad I grabbed it.  If you’re a back or side sleeper and you have neck and/or shoulder issues, I highly recommend this pillow.


Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers, Option 2

This one was recommended by a friend, and while I loved the way it contoured to fit my neck and shoulders (seriously, so comfy), it was just a little harder than the other pillow so I returned it.  I wanted to love this one because it was less expensive than the other one, but the other one is way softer on my head and neck.


Office Chair Cushion

Well, this post has quickly turned into a grandma post.  Haha.  I have a standup work station that I use sometimes, but it adds a couple of inches in height to an already-taller-than-average desk.  Therefore, my posture when sitting and typing has been pretty bad for a while, and I’m currently trying to do everything I can to correct these neck issues that I think could be causing my vertigo, so I bought this cushion to give me a lift in my seat.  It has corrected my posture, so my shoulders aren’t being scrunched up anymore when I type, and as an added bonus, the cushion is SUPER comfortable, so my butt hurts a lot less now, too.


Office Chair Cushion Option #2

I purchased this option to try as well, but I ended up liking the other one better, so I sent this one back.  This one is actually more expensive than the other one, so it was nice that the less expensive option was the better option for once.  I did like this one a lot, too, though, and it’s slightly less tall if you don’t need as much of a lift.



I bought these smiley face slippers for Olivia for Christmas as she’s in need of some new ones, and these are just fantastic, y’all!  They are so warm and snuggly, and the quality is surprisingly good.  However, I ended up coming across a Taylor Swift themed pair of slippers that I knew she’d love even more, so I sent these back.  It pained me to send them back, though.  They are SO GOOD.  I wouldn’t mind having a pair for myself!


Slippers Option #2

This is the Taylor Swift themed pair of slippers that I ended up keeping for Olivia.  They are nearly identical to the smiley face slippers just with the different design, and they are so freaking cute.  She is going to love them.  I highly recommend these for the Taylor Swift lover.


Christmas Ornament

Each year, I purchase a new ornament for myself to put on my “favorite things” Christmas tree that I put up in my office.  Books are one of my favorite things, and I’ve been looking for the perfect books ornament, and I loved this Hallmark version.  I ended up purchasing this before I came across all of those cute Taylor Swift ornaments, though, so I may purchase one of those for myself and save this one for next year.


Fleece Lined Beanie

These fleece-lined beanies are SO warm, they’re beautiful, and the quality is excellent.  When they dropped to just $7.99 on Prime Day I bought a couple of them – one for myself, and one to give as a gift.  The everyday price is $9.99 and I’d totally pay that price for these, too, as they’re truly excellent quality.  And I love that the insides are lined with fleece, because sometimes when the wind blows, it goes straight through a cable-knit beanie, but the fleece inside of these prevents that, keeping your head and ears nice and warm!


Neon Yellow Hoop Earrings

Olivia wanted big neon yellow hoop earrings to wear with her Skating Barbie costume, so I bought these for just $5.99.  They’re actually super cute and they come in lots of colors and shapes, including stars, that I absolutely LOVE. 


People Magazine Special Edition, Taylor Swift

I bought a copy of this magazine for Olivia to give to her for Christmas.  She is obsessed with Taylor, and she’s at the perfect age for magazines.  It was around her age that I started reading all of the teen magazines and I remember loving them so much.  As a fellow Swiftie, I also bought a copy for myself as I collect special edition magazines from certain events (9/11, the Friends series ending, UGA winning the National Championship… twice, etc.), and I can’t think of a bigger event that I attended in 2023 than the Eras Tour!!  Everyone keeps saying this one is going to make record books, so maybe this magazine will eventually be worth something?  Who knows.  Also, this is less expensive on Amazon than it is in stores.


Taylor Swift Eras Pencil/Makeup Bag

This canvas bag dropped massively in price on Prime Day, so I grabbed it for Olivia for Christmas.  The quality is good, and it’s larger than I thought it was going to be, so that was a bonus. 


Travel Pill Box

We are heading to New York City in a few short weeks, so I wanted a travel pill box that I could use to store my daily supplements that I take.  I take four supplements now, so traveling with that many bottles is out of the question, and this little pill box is the perfect size to store a week’s worth of supplements.  It even comes with little labels (days of the week, numbers, and blank ones that you can customize), and it comes with a little pick that rests inside to allow for easy opening of each of the compartments.


Bead Kit

I purchased two of these bead kits in the Prime Day sale – one for our church Christmas gift program, and one for future birthday parties – and it is a great set.  It contains 6,000 pieces – including 24 different colors of clay beads, letter beads, various other beads, clasps, string, and all tools you need to create various types of jewelry.  It’s highly rated at 4.6 / 5 stars with 8K+ reviews, and it’s still on super sale – 57% off with an additional 10% off coupon that you can clip.  It’s perfect for holiday gifting.


Storage Bean Bag Chair

Oh, y’all, I am THRILLED for this one… this is definitely my favorite purchase that we made for the kids.  These giant bean bags arrive at your home empty, and then you fill them with your kids’ stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, extra blankets/sheets, etc. to turn them into bean bag chairs that your kids can use.  Both of our kids have MASSIVE stuffed animal collections (and Olivia also has a massive blanket collection) – and despite the fact that they’re getting older, they both continue to add to their collections.  They both LOVE their stuffed animals, and they use them all the time, so I don’t see us getting rid of any of them any time soon, and therefore, we need a place to store them.  These bean bags are not only going to be fun gifts for Christmas, but they are going to solve a major problem in our household, and for that, I’m thrilled.  We bought the grey and white striped one for Jacob, and the pink and white striped one for Olivia, and they will sit perfectly in the playroom and provide a fun spot for them to sit while they play video games!  These are highly rated at 4.8 / 5 stars with 11K+ reviews so I’m hoping they’re as good as everyone says.  They’re currently on sale for 23% off, and there’s also a 5% off coupon that you can clip to save additional money.


Pilot Precise Pens

These are the only pens I have used since college – they are the GOAT.  I use them for everything, including my planner, and I love this rainbow pack because I color code my calendar in my planner – each family member has their own color.  These went on sale on Prime Day, so I grabbed a pack because I needed a refill.


Acrylic Organizer

We finally cleaned out the kids’ bathroom last month, and we got Olivia’s nail polish organized.  And by getting her nail polish organized, I mean she stole my organizer.  Haha.  Prior to using my large organizer, she had about 50 polishes thrown in a gallon Ziploc bag, and every time she wanted to paint her nails, she would dump the bag out on the carpet which always drove me crazy – we’re honestly so lucky that we never had a spill! – so I gave her my nice tiered nail polish organizer.  I didn’t need one that large anymore anyway because I have paired down my nail polish collection drastically.  I really only ever wear white, black, taupe, and the occasional pink or red, so I just needed a very small organizer.  This acrylic organizer was the perfect size to hold all of mine, and now I have so much extra room in my bathroom cabinet from removing the larger organizer.  Worked out perfectly!


Glasses Case

Can you believe that when Olivia received her new eyeglasses, her eye doctor gave her a soft case?!  If that wasn’t an accident waiting to happen then I don’t know what was!  We asked them if they had a hard case instead and they told us they didn’t, so naturally, I turned to Amazon to purchase one.  After paying that much for glasses, the last thing we needed was to have them hanging out in a soft case and getting crushed.  Well, let me tell you, if you are looking for a hard glasses case on Amazon, they have HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of choices.  You can find every single color, pattern, and theme that you could ever want, and Olivia selected this sparkly pink one.  It also came with a reuseable wipe that she can clean the lenses with. 


Clear Belt Bag

Olivia has been carrying a belt bag everywhere lately, and she was bummed when she couldn’t bring hers in the Georgia game, so she asked for a clear one.  This one was on sale on Prime Day, so I snatched it up and we’ll give it to her for Christmas.


Taylor Swift Stickers

This set of 100 Taylor Swift themed stickers was a stocking stuffer for Olivia.  These are vinyl and waterproof so they can be added to tumblers and laptops and pretty much anything else.  They’re only $6.99 for the pack and they’re really great quality!


Kuromi Stickers

Olivia’s friend is really into Kuromi, one of the Hello Kitty characters, and now Olivia loves her, too, so I also bought this pack of vinyl stickers for her stocking.  These are also sturdy and waterproof so they can be used on tumblers and laptops and everything else.


Toshiba External Hard Drive

I keep all of our pictures and videos backed up in three ways – one external hard drive that we keep in a fireproof safe, one external hard drive that I keep at my desk (for easy access since I don’t store any on my laptop), and then we also have them all backed up on our Amazon Drive (cloud storage) that we pay for annually.  I guess you can say that I’m paranoid about losing all of our pictures and videos.  Haha.  We hit two terabytes of data several months ago, and I haven’t been able to fit anymore files on our two terabyte drive, so it was time to purchase a larger one.  I grabbed this 4TB drive, so I can finally finish getting all of the last few months’ worth of files off of my laptop and stored safely, freeing up a bunch of space on my laptop.  This task has been hanging over my head for so long, and I’m just ready to get it done!


Matching Girl and Doll Nightgown

Olivia loves to twin with her favorite stuffy, Sheepie, and she loves getting matching PJs each Christmas.  She also loves cats, so I thought this set was darling, and I wanted to love it so much, but I ended up sending this one back because the fabric was SO CHEAP.  It was awful.  Olivia does love a thin nightgown, and we’ve always had good luck with our Amazon nightgown purchases for her, but this one was just awful.  Do not recommend.


Rainbow Hair Extension Clip-Ins

The rainbow hair trend is so much fun, and I know Olivia will love it, so I bought this pack of extensions to put in her stocking.  The pack contains an array of colors, and they are easy to clip in anywhere.  Each extension is SUPER long, so it can go in the longest of hair, and then you just cut the ends off to match the length of your child’s hair.


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Shirt

One of the items on Jacob’s Christmas list is a Zelda TOTK shirt.  It’s his favorite video game of all-time and he has been working his way through it for months.  This shirt on Amazon comes in an array of colors, and we went with this heather gray version.  The shirt is super soft and excellent quality, so this was a check on our Christmas list for him.


Mad Libs

Another request from Jacob is another Mad Libs book.  This book is super-sized – it’s 8 x 10.5 rather than the smaller size that most Mad Libs books are – and it contains 240 pages.  The best part?  This giant Mad Libs book is only $6.28!!


Claw Machine

This claw machine was another item on both kids’ Christmas lists, and while I’m worried it’ll end up sitting unused most of the time, we went ahead and bought one on Prime Day since they wanted one so bad.  They actually saw it at a friend’s house, and they ended up playing with it all. night. long. and they’ve been begging for one ever since.  You load it with your own prizes, and then use the fake coins to play the game and grab the toys.  Our kids do love a claw machine… it’s always the first thing they gravitate towards at an arcade (much to my dismay – haha), so I’m hoping they’ll actually use this.


Sailor Moon Dress

My niece is obsessed with Sailor Moon, so this was a birthday gift for her.  The fabric isn’t all that great in my opinion, but this is the fabric that Olivia always loves for her nightgowns, so I’m hoping Chyler loves it, too.


Sailor Moon Nightgown

This was another purchase for my niece, and again, it has that same thin fabric, but I’m hoping she likes it since Olivia likes it so much. 


Sharpie Highlighters

I use highlighters all the time – in my planner, in my devotionals, etc. – and I needed a refill, so I grabbed these.


Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder

I’ve seen this silicone toilet brush all over social media, and it’s highly rated on Amazon with nearly 30K reviews, so it’s been on my wish list for a while.  When it went on sale for Prime Day, I grabbed one.  The kids have had a stain in their toilet where the water exits, but it’s in a spot that our standard toilet brush can’t reach, nor can my beloved pumice stone toilet cleaner.  This silicone brush has a flexible head so you can get in all of the hard-to-reach places, so I’m hoping I can get it down in that hole and remove that stain that’s been driving me crazy for a year.  Plus, it’s silicone, so I’m assuming it should last forever.  Maybe I’ll never have to replace another toilet brush?


Popsicle Sticks

Jacob needed a large amount of popsicle sticks to build nine bridges for his science project, so I bought this pack.  All of the sticks are in great condition, and the price was excellent, so I highly recommend these if you need them in bulk.


Wood Glue

The project also required wood glue to build the bridges, so we bought this Gorilla Wood Glue as it’s a brand that I know and trust.


Smarty Pants Womens Multi-Vitamins

This is one of the supplements I take daily, and it was time for a refill!


Children’s Claritin

Olivia has seasonal allergies, so we keep this on hand at all times as it really helps with her sneezing and sniffling.  We were in need of a refill, and Amazon always has the best price.



You can read this post here for all of the unbelievable benefits that this turmeric has provided for me (it is seriously AMAZING), and it was time for a refill, so I grabbed it on Amazon since they have the best price.


Whew.  This might have been my longest Amazon post of all-time.  Are y’all still with me?  My hope is that you are, and that you got some ideas for yourselves or others for the holidays!

Happy Monday, y’all!              

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. You definitely found a lot of great gifts, especially for Olivia! I wonder if my niece might like some of the same ideas! Also Gabbie mentioned she wants a new winter hat, and the one you got looks great too.

  2. Great gift ideas! Some of the TS, I am adding to Ella's list!!

  3. I have been seeing those smiley face slippers EVERYWHERE and I think I'm going to go with your recommendation and get those for Autumn for Christmas!



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