Monday, September 4, 2023

What I Ordered from Amazon in August 2023

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August was a pretty light month for Amazon orders… I only purchased one “fun” item for myself (and that was only because it went on the biggest sale ever) and the rest was purchased out of necessity or for others for various reasons.  Let’s see what I bought…


Sweater Dress

I have been a huge fan of sweater dresses for 20 years, and they have always been a staple in my closet.  When I worked at my corporate job, I lived in them during the winter, and I still love them for church and other events.  I’ve had this dress on my wish list for a while, so when I was alerted that it was on a lightning deal the other day, I couldn’t grab it fast enough.  I ended up getting THE BEST DEAL EVER on it and I still can’t believe it.  The list price on Amazon is $66.99 and it went on a lightning deal for $25.79, plus there was a coupon to clip for an additional 30% off, so I ended up getting it for just $14.39!!!!  Can y’all believe that?!  And the quality is ahhhh-mazing.  It’s thick and soft, and it looks even better in person than it does on the website.  It’s just beautiful in person and I can’t wait to wear it.  It comes in tons of colors, and I wish I could have them all!


Pajama Set

I purchased these pajamas to try since I’ve been on the hunt for PJs for a while, and I ended up liking them and keeping them.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very picky about pajamas, so the fact that these made the cut is really saying something.  Both the top and the shorts are super soft, they’re thin and lightweight, and both are somewhat fitted without being too tight.  One thing I don’t love is that the shorts hit a little higher on the waist than I would like, but considering the fact that they check all of my other boxes, I decided that they’re keepers.  One thing I will say about them is that the quality is just okay.  The fabric is a little on the thin side (which I actually like for pajamas), and the stitching isn’t perfect, but none of that really matters to me since they’re just pajamas.  These come in tons of different colors and patterns, so there are many options available.


Can Opener

Brian and I have had this electric can opener since we got married in 2007… it was a wedding gift!  It finally bit the dust the other day after almost 16 years, and since it was such a great can opener, we replaced it with the exact same one.  It’s sleek and simplistic so it looks great on the countertop, and it’s easy to use.  It’s hands-free, too.  You just put the can on there, push down the lever, and then you can go do other things while it opens the can. 


Silicone Spatula Set

Our best spatula broke recently, so I needed to replace it, and while I was at it, I decided to replace the others, too.  The ones we used previously were the old-fashioned ones that had a plastic head and a separate plastic dowel that fit into the head, and gunk constantly got trapped in the head where the two met.  It was really gross.  I found this set, and each spatula is one solid piece, so we’ll never have to worry about the gunk again.  I love the different size and head options on this set, too.  We’ve been using them, and they have been fabulous so far!


Student Planner Option #1

Our school provides student planners to all of the students in the lower grades, but once you get to middle school, you’re responsible for providing your own.  I just ordered two different ones this past week for Jacob to look at and then we’ll return whichever one he doesn’t use.  If it were me, personally, I’d probably prefer this one as the days are set up in columns, and there is room for seven different subjects in each day.  It also has a snap-in bookmark that can be moved from week to week to hold your place.  This one also has stickers!!  And who wouldn’t want that?  ;o)


Student Planner Option #2

This planner has a totally different weekly spread than the other one and it’s a little more simplistic than the other.  I have a feeling Jacob will choose the other planner, but I wanted him to have this less colorful option in case he thought the other one was too colorful.


Racing Tee

This tee was a purchase for my dad for his birthday.  He loves all types of racing – Formula One, drag racing, Indy car racing, Nascar, etc. – so I knew he’d like this tee.  Now that he’s retired, he pretty much lives in t-shirts, so he can never have too many!  He also pretty much always wears black, so naturally, I got it in black.  It does come in many other colors, though.


The River by Gary Paulsen

Jacob just finished Hatchet this summer, and he wants to continue reading the other books in the series, but unfortunately, our city library system nor his school library has this one.  Therefore, we purchased it, and we’ll donate it when we’re done.  Jacob’s school always does a book swap, and sometimes a book donation drive, so it’ll get passed along to someone else who needs it eventually.


Tap Shoes

Olivia needed new tap shoes for dance, and this year, we opted for this style that slides on and covers the whole foot rather than the style with the straps that she’s always had in the past.  This style was soooo hard to find for girls her age, but this one ended up being perfect.  The quality of these is excellent, the leather is soft and supple, and Olivia said they’re very comfortable.  For sizing, I used their sizing chart and directions right there on Amazon, and the fit ended up being perfect.


Disposable Masks

We’ve had two remaining disposable masks from the Covid era sitting in my purse unused for months now, but we finally had to use them a couple of weeks ago when we took Olivia to acute care.  The place was packed, and the germs are flying here in our city since the kids went back to school, so even though we weren’t required to wear masks, Olivia and I opted to anyway.  Pretty much everyone else in there had them on, too, so I thought it would be nice to cover our germs, too.  Since we used the last two, I went ahead and ordered a new box because I’ll probably always wear a mask at a packed acute care place during sick season from now on, so I like to keep them on hand.


Flonase Sensimist

I use Flonase Sensimist every day for my allergies, and it was time for a refill!  As I’ve mentioned before, I started using this stuff about five years ago after I had horrendous congestion due to allergies, and I haven’t had so much as a stuffy nose ever since then… not even when I get sick!  This stuff keeps my nose clear all day every day (and all night) no matter what’s going on in the rest of my body.


Plackers Ortho-Picks

My orthodontist recommended the Platypus flossers when I got my braces and they are, hands down, the best flossers for people with braces.  However, I’ve only been able to find them on Amazon and they are suuuuper pricey, so I have been looking for other options.  Before I purchased the Platypus flossers for the first time, I searched around to see if there was anything comparable for a lower price, and there wasn’t.  However, earlier this week when I went to purchase more, I came across these Plackers Ortho-Picks.  They’re every bit as good as the Platypus flossers, but for a fraction of the price.  To compare, the Platypus flossers come out to $0.20 each, but these Plackers are only $0.08 each!  That is a price that I can get on board with, and I’m so happy to have found them. 


Funny Birthday Cards

I bought this three-pack of birthday cards on Amazon so I could give one to my dad for his birthday.  I typically purchase cards in-store, but since I couldn’t drive at the time from my vertigo, I had no choice but to order everything online.  My dad thought this card was a hoot, and he cracked up, so it was definitely a win.  And since this was a three-pack, I still have two more that I can give to other people.


Amazon Gift Card

Pretty much every month, you can count on me to have purchased some kind of Amazon gift card, and this month is no exception.  This was a purchase for my dad for his birthday, too.  Isn’t the little Amazon box just the cutest thing you ever did see?  I love that they have tons of cute options to gift them in, and they don’t charge extra for them.


Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. I grew up having an electric can opener but haven't owned my own after getting married! That brought back memories.

  2. That sweater dress is fabulous and what a steal! We have an under the counter mounted can opener and I honestly have no idea how old it is but it's got to well over 20 years old. It's starting to act up too and not cut that well so I know we'll need to replace it real soon but I have been dragging my feet on that.

  3. The sweater dress was such a! Those amazon gift cards are always packaged so cute! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. The sweater dress is lovely and what a deal! I love Amazon's gift card options, so many cute ways to send a little $$ love to someone.

    1. Yes! They really do have so many fun options! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I had to take Flonase for the first time this summer, because we were traveling and close to where all the fire smoke was from Canada and it REALLY aggravated my allergies. It helped SO, so much! I don't need it anymore, but I am glad to know it will help me if I need it again. Oh, I just love that sweater dress! Those tap shoes are nice! I miss Autumn not taking tap anymore this year.



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