Monday, September 11, 2023

Fall Home Tour 2023

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Happy Monday, y’all!  Today I’m sharing our fall home tour – one of my favorite posts of the whole year!  Per usual, we’ll have the fall décor up all September, and then I’ll add some Halloween touches in October. 

This year’s décor is quite similar to last year's, but I figured I’d go ahead and dedicate a post to it anyway since it’s tradition.  I had hoped to tweak a few things this year, but as most of you know, I’ve been dealing with vertigo and dizziness for a couple of months now, and when the day came to decorate, I just didn’t have the brain power to come up with anything different.  As a matter of fact, that particular day, I was barely able to walk, so it’s a miracle the house even got decorated in the first place. 

Alright y’all, grab your cup of hot tea or coffee and come on in! 

The porch is all ready for fall, and when Halloween rolls around, all I have to do is turn around that pumpkin tower (the other side is carved like a Jack O’ Lantern) and change out the wreath on the door, and I’ll be all set.

Stepping inside the house, there are lots of pumpkins, some fall leaves, and lots of twinkle lights and battery-operated candles to make things cozy.  These battery-operated taper candles have been one of my favorite purchases of this whole last year!

Most everything else is the same as last year, but I opted not to use all of the extra pumpkins to make a little pumpkin patch around the base of the ficus tree this year.  This dizziness has me doing a little less this year.

The kitchen is very similar to last year with the exception of a few little things here and there. 

My office is always the same… rainbow pumpkins on my desk and fall leaves on the file cabinet…

And Olivia stole some of my decorations to put around her room to make it festive as well.  Jacob has a spider candy dish in his room, but other than that, he wasn’t interested in having any fall décor.  I didn't photograph either of their rooms since Olivia's is too cluttered and Jacob only had the one decoration!

And that wraps up the tour!  As always, I’ll link as many items as I can below. 

On a completely different note, today is September 11.  This day has been a day of reflection for me every single year since 2001, and I will never, ever forget what happened that day.  If you want to read some of my thoughts about that day 22 years ago, you can read this post.

We will never forget.




  1. I'm amazed that you were able to get all that decor out with the dizziness you're feeling! It looks incredible!

  2. Looks great. I basically just threw my pumpkins onto my entry table, lol.

  3. I love that space where you have all of the b/w photos! I don't think I've noticed it before. I see your favorite tea out, it is a good one... esp in the fall! And, your bar cart is always the best!


  4. Your house looks so lovey all decorated for fall! I have yet to drag any of our bins out but it looks like a colder span of weather is heading our way and that usually motivates me; so maybe soon?

    1. Yes, soon! I'm sure that first chill in the air will be a good motivator! Plus, the actual start date of fall is right around the corner, too. Maybe that'll help?

  5. LOVE LOVE!! I love all the fall touches!


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