Friday, September 22, 2023

Five on Friday - $5 Halloween Mugs, Simplified Planner, Christmas Ornament Idea, and More

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Hey, y’all!  It’s been another busy-ish week, although not quite as busy as last week.  Tonight is the homecoming alumni cocktail hour and social plus the football game at the kids’ school (and my alma mater), so we’re looking forward to a super fun evening!  But first, some favorites from the week!

O N E – The Cutest $5 Halloween Mugs

Target currently has a huge selection of Halloween mugs for just $5, and every single one of them is just darling!  I picked up the ghost mug because I couldn’t resist that cute little face, but they also have lots of others – a skull, a mummy, a cat, a cauldron, a pumpkin, and a few others with words and/or pictures on them.  I scoped out each of them in person at my local store, and they are all excellent quality – especially for that $5 price tag – and they’re dishwasher and microwave safe.  I’ve been drinking from my little ghost mug for a couple of weeks now, and it just makes me so happy!  You can purchase them online, too, if you don’t have a Target in your area.


T W O – New Simplified Planner

My new Simplified Planner arrived last weekend, and y’all, I. AM. IN. LOVE.  I know I say this every single year – they are truly the best planners on the market – but this year’s planner is just beyond.  I chose the Blushing Magnolia cover, and it is, hands down, the most beautiful cover yet.  It is stunning.  All of the gold foil accents just put it over the top.  I also love the stickers inside more than ever this year, and I think I’m going to love the change that they made to the Saturday and Sunday pages.  Prior to this, there was no hourly section, and while we don’t usually have a lot on our schedule for Saturdays and Sundays, it is always awkward logging something in my planner on Saturday and Sunday when we have somewhere to be at a particular time.  If you are in need of a new planner for 2024, I can’t recommend these enough.  I am absolutely giddy, and I cannot wait to start filling mine in for next year.


T H R E E – Christmas Ornament for Olivia

Every year, each family member in our household gets a new Christmas ornament.  Most of the time I try to find something that has to do with that particular year – a sport the kids participated in, a big trip we went on, one of the kids’ favorite things from that year, etc.  Well, as most of you know, Olivia started voice lessons last year, and she has continued them this year.  This year she sang in her first recital ever (and she hated every minute of it – bless), but since she took that brave step and she still loves singing, I thought it would be nice to commemorate her courage. 

I found this ornament on Etsy, and it is absolutely the cutest thing.  You couldn’t ask for better quality, and I love that we were able to support a small business in the process.  This shop on Etsy has a variety of other ornaments for different themes, and the lady who runs it is wonderful, so I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for ornaments for your own family.  She has the cutest stuff!!  (And this isn’t sponsored… I just had a great experience with the shop, and I love her products, so I wanted to support her small business!)


F O U R – Pill Cutter

I know, I know, my old lady is showing with this one.  Hahahaha.  But seriously, why have I never owned a pill cutter?!  This thing is amazing.  I recently started taking medication for my vertigo, and my doctor prescribed double the dose that I’ve been used to taking, so for now, I’m cutting the pills in half and taking half the dose until I decide to work my way up to the bigger dose.  This pill cutter is so easy to use, and it cuts pills of all sizes LIKE A BOSS.  Each pill cuts perfectly every single time.  It also comes with a little brush to clean the pill cutter after each use, and it came with a little stainless steel pill container that has a keychain so you can take pills on the go. 


F I V E – New Mrs. Meyers Fall Scent

Y’all know that I’m a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers soaps – they’re all I use in my kitchen – and there is a new fall scent out this year at Target!!  It’s called Fall Leaves, and it smells so good.  I haven't seen this scent at my local store, so I just wanted to put that out there for all of you Mrs. Meyers fans in case you haven't seen it either!


Friday Funnies


Not me doing this every single time I cook.  Haha.  NEVER touch the utensil to the counter... even if it's clean


Please don't ever say this to someone with anxiety... that's not how it works.  Lol.

That Atlanta traffic though

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I think I need a pill holder for travel! Now I'm going to look for that. lol.

  2. Loved this post, Lindsay! :) Those fall mugs at Target are so cute, I would definitely buy the cat one. Etsy has the most unique, fun things and that Christmas ornament looks perfect!! I'm so glad you love the Simplified Planner - I've heard great things and am such a planner at heart, but never have tried that one! Yours is beautiful!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Thank you! I do love my Simplified Planner! I've tried lots of different ones and this one works the best for me!


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