Monday, October 2, 2023

What I Ordered from Amazon in September 2023

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September was another light month for Amazon orders, but I have a feeling October, November, and December will be much heavier with the holidays coming.  Let’s see what I bought in September!


Plaid Skirt

I am L-O-V-I-N-G the 90’s plaid skirt trend this fall, and I have been looking for a cute one.  While I was absolutely head over heels for this one – the quality is great, it has a back zipper closure, it’s fully lined, and the fit is perfection – the plaid fabric didn’t line up right on the front, and it made the whole thing look asymmetrical which I didn’t love.  This one was sent back, but it hurt me to have to do it since it was otherwise great!


Barbie Halloween Costume

This costume was ordered for Olivia for Halloween.  She wants to be Barbie, but she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be roller skating Barbie or this outfit from the movie, so we ordered this one for her to try.  This costume is just DARLING, y’all, and it comes with all of the accessories.  The quality is on par with any other Halloween costume you’d find, and she loved it, but she loved the skating Barbie costume more, so we sent this one back.  I highly recommend it if your little one is looking for a Barbie costume, though!  Just note that it runs HUGE.  Olivia is nine years old and the size that fit her the best was the “Age 5-6” size. 


Art Caddy

I’m currently working my way through reading the entire Bible from start to finish.  While I’m reading, I’m also spending time taking notes, highlighting, and doodling in the columns of the Bible, so I’m using pens, highlighters, and colored pencils for all of it.  Since I’m working in my Bible nearly every day, it’s silly to keep putting everything up every day only to pull it back out the next day, so I’ve been leaving it out on my desk.  Well, leaving everything out on my desk every day was killing me because the desk is just too cluttered, so I decided to find something to wrangle all of the utensils.  I ended up grabbing this acrylic caddy, and it’s absolutely perfect.  It has six sections, so I’m able to organize all of the different utensils, and the best part is that now I can easily transport them if I want to do my Bible study in another room or outside.  The caddy is excellent quality, and I love that it rotates 360 degrees.  This ended up being the answer to a pain point, and I love it when I find things to make life a little easier and a little less cluttered.


Pill Cutter

I had to purchase a pill cutter for the medicine that I’m taking for my vertigo, and this thing is awesome.  It cuts pills of all sizes to precision, and the cut is clean and neat every single time.  I highly recommend this if you need to split a dose in half for your meds, and it’s also great for cutting large pills in half to make them easier to swallow.  It also came with a little pill holder keychain that you can take on the go with you.


Magnesium Glycinate

I’ve had so many people reach out to me to suggest that I look into taking magnesium glycinate since I’ve been struggling with this neck tension and anxiety.  Since so many people mentioned it, I started doing research, and I’m completely sold, so I’m going to give it a try.  The benefits of magnesium glycinate are endless – it supports bone density and muscle relaxation (ding! ding! ding!), it promotes healthy sleep, it helps keep your digestive system regular, it is critical to keep hormones balanced (pretty sure I’m having issues with this too, so ding! ding! ding! again), and it improves overall cardiovascular health among other things.  Because of its calming properties, it’s excellent for people who suffer from anxiety (ding! ding! ding!) and the reviews on Amazon from fellow anxiety sufferers are just unbelievable. 

After doing much research, I found that so many people are magnesium deficient, and they don’t even know it.  I went back and looked at my recent bloodwork, and that’s not even something that they check during a typical blood panel, so I’m now wondering if I’m one of the many who have that deficiency.  I also checked the multivitamin that I take assuming that it contains magnesium, and it does have one form of magnesium (not the right kind for my needs) but it only has 8 mg, whereas most people need around 400 mg per day.  Wow. 

I chose this particular brand because it’s “chelated” meaning that it’s absorbed by the body faster and easier… some forms aren’t easily absorbed, and the nutrients end up being wasted.  And I also chose it because of the incredible rating and reviews on Amazon.  It currently has 62,230 reviews and 4.6 / 5 stars, and the reviews are just beyond.  So many people specifically mentioned in their reviews that they were able to stop taking their anti-anxiety meds after they started taking this.  And since it also relaxes muscles, that sounds like exactly what I need!  I just started taking it this weekend, so I’ll report back once it gets in my system, and I’ll let y’all know if I notice a difference.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this solved my neck tension/anxiety issue and in turn solved my vertigo issue!  One can dream!  The best part about these is that they come in 100 mg tablets, so you can choose the dose that works best for you.  I’ll probably start with one tablet and work my way up until I find the perfect dosage for me.  And they’re very inexpensive, too… just $16.22 for the 240-count.


The Worry-Free Parent by Sissy Goff

One of my friends was telling me about this book recently, and I decided to grab a copy to read.  The basis of this book is that worry and anxiety are contagious, and worried, anxious parents often project their worries and anxiety on their children, which means that it’s passed on from generation to generation.  This book is all about learning to find confidence as a parent so your kids can live in confidence, too.  I know I am SO guilty of this, and the last thing I want is to burden my kids with future anxiety, so I’m excited to dig into this book.  It was just released a couple of months ago, so it doesn’t have many reviews yet, but of the 20 that it does have, it has a perfect 5 / 5 rating on Amazon.  I have literally never seen a perfect rating on Amazon before, so I’m hoping that means it’s good.  Again, I’ll report back once I read this.  I did choose CONFIDENCE as my word for 2023 after all, so I’m soaking up every single piece of advice on this subject.


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

You’re probably thinking this was a purchase for Jacob since it’s a book for middle school aged kids, but I actually purchased it for myself to read alongside Jacob.  His class is reading it together at school, so I thought it would be fun to read it, too, so we can discuss.  Jacob’s old piano teacher and I used to talk about books a lot since he’s a reader, too, and he told me last year that this is his favorite book of all-time.  He raved about it so much that I looked it up on Amazon immediately, and I added it to my wish list since it’s so highly rated.  I hadn’t gotten around to reading it since my reading list is so long, but when Jacob randomly mentioned the other day that he’s reading it in class, I took that as a sign to grab a copy and get started!  Plus, it’s spooky season, so I figured it would be a great read for October.  I haven’t started it yet, but I’ll let y’all know what I think when I’m done!


Smarty Pants Multi-Vitamins

These are the vitamins that I take daily, and I was in need of a refill, so I grabbed them from Amazon.  They seem to be the only place that has them. 


Nature Made Multi-Vitamin with Omega-3

These are the vitamins that the kids take daily, and they were in need of a refill, too.  Amazon always has the best price, so it’s a no-brainer to get them from there.


Amazon Birthday Card / Gift Card

This was purchased for a birthday gift.  As I’ve said plenty of times, Amazon has a great selection of gift card boxes and cards, and this card is just darling with the foil and the pom pom.  The quality is great, and Amazon doesn’t charge extra for the card since you’re purchasing the gift card inside.


Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. So much Amazon goodness here! That Barbie costume is everything I cannot wait to see Olivia in it!

  2. The Worry Free Parent sounds perfect! And the other book isn't your normal type of read and I hope you enjoy it. Also thanks for the further supplement info! I actually told a friend about the turmeric for swelling because her feet looked like yours in your before picture!

  3. I take magnesium to help me sleep. It works so much better than Melatonin and I just take it every night at 6 p.m. I've never slept better. I know there are so many other benefits to it too. I take the lowest I can (the bottle says 2 pills and just 1 pill works for me). I need to see if it is similar to what you're taking... mine is from Amazon too, but a different brand. Thanks for sharing!


  4. That skirt is so cute! I really like the sound of that Worry- Free parenting book. Evan and I are reading all bout anxiety and how it is both hereditary and learned (and he totally blames me for his!).

    1. It is definitely hereditary and learned, that's for sure! That's great that y'all are reading about it together. Hopefully that will help him in the future!

  5. Oh my goodness...lots of memories in 90's plaid skirts!! Love the Barbie costume!


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