Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Unique Gift Ideas for Taylor Swift Fans AKA Swifties

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On Amazon Prime Day last week, I went down the rabbit hole that is Taylor Swift merch, and y’all, I found so many great things… my search continued on Etsy, and I have found so many cute gift ideas for Swifties that I just had to dedicate an entire post to it.  If you’re a Swiftie, or you’re shopping for one during the holidays, then this post is for you!

Some of the items are from Amazon, but most are from Etsy, and I always love giving small businesses a shoutout here on the blog since I do focus a lot on the larger retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart most of the time.

Eras Tour Bracelet Storage Keepsake Ornament

If you know anything about the ever-popular Eras Tour, then you know that everyone wore Taylor Swift themed bracelets and traded them at the concerts.  This ornament allows you to store your bracelets from the concert, turning them into a keepsake ornament that you can enjoy for years to come.  This is probably one of my favorite finds of all!  I might need this for my favorite things tree in my office!

Eras Tour Photo Keepsake Ornament

This ornament has the Eras Tour logo on one side, and the other side is customizable… you can have your picture added to it!  This would make another great keepsake, and it’s definitely another unique find.  We purchase one new ornament for each family member each year that has something to do with the year we’ve had, and this would be perfect for anyone who attended the concert and does a keepsake ornament each year, too.


Taylor Swift Albums Ornament

And for a non-customizable version, this ornament features books with all of her album names, and the artwork is just beautiful.


Album Insulated Mug

This insulated travel mug is perfect for the Swiftie who loves to drink anything hot.


Meet Me at Midnight Slippers

These slippers are just perfect for staying cozy all winter.  I bought these for Olivia for Christmas! 


In This House… Pencil/Makeup Bag

This would make a great stocking stuffer for any Swiftie, young or old.


Fleece Blanket

This blanket showcases the different albums and looks from all of Taylor’s eras.


It’s Me, Hi… Pencil/Makeup Bag

Another great choice for any Swiftie, old or young. 


100-Pack Vinyl Waterproof Stickers

This pack of stickers would be a perfect stocking stuffer… the stickers are waterproof vinyl so they’re great for water bottles, laptops, etc.


Eras Magnetic Clips

These magnetic clips make the cutest page markers, bookmarks, etc.  Another great stocking stuffer idea!


Pink Taylor Shirt

This Taylor Swift tee in various shades of pink is perfect for any Swiftie.


Taylor Shirt (Rainbow)

This tee is another great option for any Swiftie.


A Lot Going On… Mug

If you know you know!  This mug is going on my Christmas wish list because it’s true that I’m a Swiftie, and it’s also true that I pretty much always have a lot going on at any given moment.  Hahahaha.


Swiftea Customizeable Mug

Y’ALL, COULD I LOVE THIS MORE?!  I’m a tea drinker (I rarely drink coffee), and I feel like most of the cutesie mugs are directed at coffee drinkers, so I’m always super excited when I see one for specifically tea drinkers.  This mug would be perfect for any Swiftie tea-drinker.  I need this one, too.


Swiftea Mug

But I also LOVE this version as well… the artwork is just gorgeous.  I think I just need all of the mugs in this post.  Haha!


Taylor Watercolor Tee

Love the artwork on this tee!  Such a fun option!


Karma Tee

This one is the cutest, too.  IYKYK.


Taylor NFL Tee

This one made me LOL, y’all.  If I was a big NFL football fan then I would need this tee, but I’m more of a college football fan. 


Magnetic Bookmark of Albums

This magnetic bookmark clips to the side or top of any book to hold your place, and it would be a great stocking stuffer for any Taylor fan.


Taylor Eras Paper Clips

I also thought these paper clips were super cute and unique, and they would also make a great stocking stuffer.


Taylor Eras Bracelets

Yes, the concerts may be over for 2023, but the movie just started in the theater, and all of the bracelet-trading is happening there, too!  Plus, they’re just cute.  I love this particular stack because they’re so unique compared to all of the other options out there.


F the Patriarchy Keychain

Please excuse the language, but if you know you know… and if you don’t know, these are lyrics (and the fact that they're on a keychain is significant, too) from one of her all-time best songs ever… the 10-minute version.  ;o)


Custom Eras Tour Tickets

It saddens me that we no longer use paper tickets as I used to collect all of my concert tickets, so I thought that this was a really cool idea… this Etsy shop makes custom Eras concert tickets.  You give them all of the info from the show you attended (city, state, arena, section, seat number, etc.) and they’ll make a custom ticket for you to have as a keepsake.  LOVE.


Champagne Problems Tee

More song lyrics on this tee!


Taylor Swift Stanley Straw Topper

Y’all, I am convinced that you can find literally anything on the internet.   Haha.  This Stanley straw topper might be one of the cutest, most unique things I’ve seen so far.


Go Taylor’s Boyfriend Sweatshirt

KC Chiefs fans, this one’s for you!  If I was a KC fan, you better believe I’d be owning this sweatshirt!


Albums Journal

Love this journal with all of Tay’s albums on it.  This would make a great gift for pretty much any fan.  Who doesn’t love a good notebook?!


Lyrics Pencils

And another great stocking stuffer… these pencils with lyrics on them.  You can choose from lots of different ones!  I might have to get some of these for Olivia for Christmas!


Eras Blanket

Here’s another fun blanket option that I found on Etsy.  So snuggly and so cute!


Temporary Tattoos

Tay’s favorite number is 13 (which all of you fellow Swifties know), so these tattoos would be the perfect addition to any Taylor Swift costume or outfit for the Eras movie and/or the Eras tour continuation next year!


And there you have it… a heap of fun things for all of the Swifties fans out there!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. I always like when her albums are shown as books - is that a thing? So many seem to have that! Gabbie was looking at the ticket to order since she wanted a ticket for her scrapbook. She also got a set of heart hands to keep her bracelets on.

  2. So many great ideas for the Swiftie. I bet this post will go viral!

  3. These are some great ideas. I wish I had the list before my daughters birthday but will also be good for Christmas ideas

  4. Fun! I am adding some of these to my list for Ella! She is a huge TS fan!


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