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Five on Friday - My Top Five Favorite Purchases from Amazon Prime Day

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Happy Friday, y’all!  I know y’all are probably getting sick of hearing about Prime Day, but this should be my last post about it… I think.  Haha.  I made quite a lot of purchases in the Amazon Prime Day sale last week, many of which were gifts for Christmas, but I also bought a few items that have been on my wish list that I’ve been wanting / needing for some time, and today I’m going to share the top five items that I’m most excited about!

Keep in mind that I set all of our Prime Day items to ship on the “no-rush” shipping, because by doing that, Amazon rewarded us with credits that we can use for digital purchases in the future.  Might as well make a little extra money when you can, right?  So, with that in mind, please note that all of the items I’m posting about today just delivered yesterday, which means I haven’t been able to spend enough time with them to give a proper review just yet.

O N E – New Pillow

I’ve been mentioning for years that I’ve been on the hunt for a new pillow.  I’ve done tons of research on pillows, I’ve polled the Instagram community to ask for recommendations, and I’ve even tried a couple that I didn’t love.  I’ve had neck problems for years as that’s where I hold all of my anxiety/stress and my neck is constantly tense.  I have been using the same pillow for 16 years (it was one that B and I purchased right around the time we got married), so I am LONG overdue for a new one.

After finding out that my neck is most likely the cause of my vertigo that I’ve been experiencing for the last three months, I have been doing every single thing I can to alleviate my neck pain/tension.  I know my pillow is likely one of the main culprits, so my search for a new one has been in full force for the last month or so.

I came across this pillow a few weeks ago, put it in my wish list, and crossed my fingers for it to go on sale on Prime Day, and it did, so I snatched it right up! 

This pillow is called the “deep sleep pillow” and it’s designed specifically for back and side sleepers like me!!  It has sculpted sides to provide optimal neck support when sleeping on your side, yet it’s also designed to provide a seamless fit for back sleepers.  The memory foam inside contains zero pressure cloud support cushioning, and it comes with a special pillowcase that won’t cause skin wrinkles and hair frizz.

It has great reviews, many from people who have neck issues like I do, and I absolutely cannot wait to try it.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is finally the one.


T W O – Pressure Relief Posture Seat Cushion

While I do have a stand-up work station at my desk, and therefore, I do stand a lot while I work, I also sit a lot.  I have been paying very close attention to my posture when sitting and working per my doctor’s instructions, and I have noticed that my posture is likely also contributing to my neck issues. 

Since I have a stand-up work station on my desktop, my chair doesn’t sit quite as high as it should, and therefore, my arms and shoulders stay crunched up the whole time I type. 

I bought this seat cushion on Prime Day while it was deeply discounted, and I’m hoping it will give me the lift that I need to help me sit ergonomically correct, so that in turn, my posture, neck, and shoulders will improve. 

This seat cushion is highly rated at 4.3 / 5 stars, and it has 9K+ reviews, so I’m hoping it’s as good as everyone says.  It's supposed to be great for tailbone, sciatica, and hip pain, too.


T H R E E – Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Oh, y’all, I am THRILLED for this one… this is definitely my favorite purchase that we made for the kids.  These giant bean bag chairs arrive at your home empty, and then you fill them with your kids’ stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, extra blankets/sheets, etc. to turn them into bean bag chairs that your kids can use.

Both of our kids have MASSIVE stuffed animal collections (and Olivia also has a massive blanket collection) – and despite the fact that they’re getting older, they both continue to add to their collections.  They both LOVE their stuffed animals, and they use them all the time, so I don’t see us getting rid of any of them any time soon, and therefore, we need a place to store them.  They are currently all over the place. 

These bean bags are not only going to be fun gifts for Christmas, but they are going to solve a major problem in our household, and for that, I’m thrilled.  We bought the grey and white striped one for Jacob, and the pink and white striped one for Olivia, and they will sit perfectly in the play room and provide a fun spot for them to sit while they play video games!

These are highly rated at 4.8 / 5 stars with 11K+ reviews so I’m hoping they’re as good as everyone says.  They’re currently on sale for 23% off, and there’s also a 5% off coupon that you can clip to save additional money.


F O U R – Tunic Sweater

I’ve mentioned this tunic sweater on the blog about 84 million times, and here it is again because I’m so excited to finally have one in red!  If you ever only buy one winter apparel item from Amazon, let it be this tunic!  It is soft and luxurious, the quality is top-notch (think, high-end department store quality), and the fit is so flattering on all body types.  It’s long enough to wear with leggings, and it’s so comfy… it feels like PJs.  I now have it in three colors – my most recent purchase being this red one for Georgia games – and I couldn’t love them more.  I got mine for a STEAL on Prime Day (less than $30), and while it’s not that inexpensive right now, there is currently a coupon you can clip for 10% off.  These run large, so I always recommend that you size down in this one.  The XS is perfect for me.


F I V E – 4TB External Hard Drive

And finally, this 4TB external hard drive rounds out my top five.  I keep all of our pictures and videos backed up in three ways – one external hard drive that we keep in a fireproof safe, one external hard drive that I keep at my desk (for easy access since I don’t store any on my laptop), and then we also have them all backed up on our Amazon Drive (cloud storage) that we pay for annually.  I guess you can say that I’m paranoid about losing all of our pictures and videos.  Haha.

We hit two terabytes of data several months ago, and I haven’t been able to fit anymore files on our two terabyte drive, so it was time to purchase a larger one.  I grabbed this 4TB drive, so I can finally finish getting all of the last few months’ worth of files off of my laptop and stored safely, freeing up a bunch of space on my laptop.  This task has been hanging over my head for so long, and I’m just ready to get it done!

And that rounds out my top five!  I’ll be sure to report back about the pillow and seat cushion once I get a chance to use them.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Looks like some great finds. Backing up your photos like that is so smart.

  2. How "warm" would you say that sweater is? It's so cute, but it doesn't get very cold here. Have a wonderful weekend!


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