Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Our 2023 Fall Break by the Numbers

We usually take a trip to the mountains for fall break, but this year, we decided to stay home and have friends sleep over + attend our school’s big rivalry football game + attend the Georgia vs. Kentucky game in Athens + hang out in Atlanta for a day + have a play date with friends, and it ended up being the best break!  We may not have gotten a lot of sleep, but we sure had fun!

We ended up doing so much during our time off that I thought it would be fun to share our break by the numbers today just like I do when we take a trip…

5.5 – Days on break

1 – Night spent away

2 – Friends that slept over (one for Jacob and one for Olivia)

6 – Hours of sleep Jacob and his friend got the night his friend slept over.  That might not sound too bad to some of you, but keep in mind that he usually averages about 10 hours per night.  Lol.  He told me they stayed up until 2:15 AM.  EEK.  I used to do the same thing at his age, so I’m just letting our kids do their thing, too! 

? – Hours of sleep Olivia and her friend got the night her friend slept over.  They didn’t even look at the clock before they went to bed, and her friend is known to wake at 3 or 4 AM FOR THE DAY, so they weren’t even sure how much sleep they got, but I’m betting it was less than 4-5 hours.  Face palm.

? – Hours of video games that Jacob and his friend played while he was over.  We usually have a time limit on screen time, but we’re pretty lax when they have friends over (although, we do monitor what they’re doing on the screens), and they opted to play Minecraft foreverrrr.

1 – Halloween treat made.  Olivia and her friend, Cami, couldn’t have cared less about video games, and all they wanted to do was make Halloween crafts and bake Halloween treats.  We made a batch of rice crispy treats that they turned into ghosts and monsters, and they turned out so cute!

2 – Football games attended (one high school game and one college)

1 – Overtime watched… our high school game was a nail biter!

24 – Points that our high school scored to our rival’s 17.  Woop woop!

2 – Times that the kids (ahem, OLIVIA) asked for snacks in the car on the way to Athens and back.

1.72 – Miles walked to the stadium and back in Athens at the Georgia game.

4 – Beers consumed at the tailgate by Brian and me together.

22 – People who hung out at our tailgate (or at least we think that’s how many there were.  I forgot to count that day, so B and I made a list in our heads the next day and that’s what we came up with.).

4 – Football games watched at the tailgate.  We flipped back-and-forth among all of them because they were all so good and close!

Way too much – food consumed at the tailgate.

5 – Snacks eaten at the game (two Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, one hot dog, and one box of Sour Patch Kids and one box of Skittles).

51 – Points that Georgia scored to Kentucky’s 13.  Woop woop!!

53 – The lowest temperature it reached while we were at the game.  That might not sound all that cold, but considering we were all bare-legged and it was CRAZY WINDY, it was FREEEEZING.

48 – The temp outside when we woke up the next morning.  Fall is here for real, y’all!

50-ish – Fancy cars seen outside our hotel at Chateau Elan.  They were having some sort of car show and there were Lamborghinis and McLarens and all kinds of other crazy expensive cars that you don’t normally see every day.  I had never even heard of a McLaren until Sunday.  Shows how much I know about cars.  Haha.

1 – Trader Joe’s stop made.  When in Atlanta…

24 – Bottles of wine purchased at said Trader Joe’s.  IYKYK.

2 – Gluten free items purchased at Trader Joe’s (pumpkin muffins and cinnamon coffee cake muffins)

2 – Burgers consumed at Shake Shack

10 – Chicken nuggets consumed at Shake Shack.

0 – Shakes consumed at Shake Shack.  Lol.

9 – Holes played at Puttshack in Atlanta.

1 – Beatdown that I put on everyone at Puttshack.  Just kidding, I was losing the whole time, but I ended up getting the bonus on the last hole that nobody else got and it bumped me to the top!

374 – My final score. (At this place, the higher your score, the better.)

367 – My cousin, Shelby’s, final score.

362 – Jacob’s final score.

351 – Brian’s final score.

316 – Olivia’s final score.

2 – Beers consumed at Puttshack.

1 – Sunday dinner sandwiched in between Atlanta and bedtime.

10 – People around the table at Sunday dinner

1 – Birthday celebrated at Sunday dinner (for my brother’s roommate)

3 – Friends that the kids had a playdate with on Monday (Mack, Buckley, and Noah)

2 – Hours spent picnicking and playing on the playground

1 – Great convo I got to have with my friend, Khristina, while the kids hung out

Countless – Memories made! 

After a super crappy end to our summer break because of my vertigo, I feel like this fall break sort of redeemed things a little.  The kids were able to spend tons of time with friends, and we were able to get out and about and do lots of fun things.  It was a great long weekend, and I’ll be recapping the whole thing tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my post from yesterday if you’re shopping the Amazon Prime Day sale today, and come follow along with me on Instagram, too!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. I laughed at the amount of TJ's wine you bought! Sounds like a fun break!

  2. I loved following along on y'all's adventures in Athens and ATL! So so fun! Also I need to get to TJ and get those gf treats....did you like them?

  3. Y'all really packed the fun in for fall break!


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