Monday, November 27, 2023

Unique Accessories for Stanley Cup Lovers

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Stanley Cups are everywhere these days – I know I love mine! – and it turns out that there are loads of accessories for them.  I came across some cute straw toppers recently, and then I fell down the rabbit hole of aaaallll things Stanley accessories.  I thought I’d share a few of them today since the holidays are right around the corner… many of these would make great stocking stuffers, gifts for loved ones, and even gifts for people who have everything.  And if you don't already have a Stanley Cup, you can buy them here in an array of colors and sizes!

Since today is Cyber Monday, nearly all of these items are on super sale, too! 


This Stanley carrier bag holds a 40 oz. Stanley tumbler, and it has a removeable strap that converts your Stanley Cup to a cross-body bag.  It has an external pocket that will hold a phone, credit cards, and other essentials, and it even has a hook for your keys.  It comes in five different colors and it’s highly rated.


This pouch is the perfect accessory for someone who doesn’t like to carry a bag!  The pouch attaches to any sized Stanley cup, and it’s large enough to hold cash, ID, credit cards, a cell phone, and any other necessities.  It comes in several colors, and it’s currently marked down 38% for Cyber Monday making it just $7.99!


If you don’t want something as bulky as the first option, this silicone handle straps onto any sized Stanley cup, making it easier to carry.  It’s also on sale for Cyber Monday.


This set of straw covers not only spruce up your Stanley Cup, but they protect the straws from getting anything inside, and they also prevent spills.  And if you don't like these designs, you can find practically anything on Amazon or Etsy.  


And if you’re not into the cutesy designs, this set of four is perfect.  The set comes with four basic colors and they prevent anything from getting in the straw as well as prevent any water from leaking out.


This silicone boot sleeve slides onto the bottom of your Stanley Cup to provide anti-slip protection.  It comes in many different colors and it’s on sale for Cyber Monday.


This is another option for a boot sleeve, and these really add some flair to any Stanley Cup.  They’re highly rated, they come in tons of different colors and patterns, and they are just $9.59 today for a set of two.


This Stanley Cup snack tray might just be the most brilliant thing everrrr.  It sits atop your Stanley cup, and it has five compartments that hold a variety of snacks.  It comes in four different colors, it’s made of BPA free silicone, and it sits perfectly atop the cup so it won’t wobble or fall off.  It’s on SUPER sale today for Cyber Monday – 47% off!


This set comes with replacement straws that fit a Stanley Cup, and it comes with a special cleaning brush that’s designed specifically for cleaning Stanley Cup straws.  It’s currently only $4.99 for Cyber Monday!


And finally, my personal favorite, and an item that’s on my Christmas wish list – these personalized nameplates.  These sit atop your Stanley Cup so you never lose track of which cup is yours.  ;o)

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. So Fun! I have the nameplate! It's so cute but I didn't love how much it "slide" around so I may need to put a glue dot under it!

  2. This is such a cute idea for a post! I love the carrier bag!! I need to use my Stanley, I've been so bad!



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