Thursday, December 7, 2023

Our 2023 New York City Trip by the Numbers

I just got home from a trip to New York City with my Momma, my Aunt Joy (Momma’s sister), and my cousin, Shelby (Aunt Joy’s daughter).  We had such a wonderful time, and today I’m going to recap the trip by the numbers as I always do…


2,830 – Miles flown

2178 – Our flight number from ATL to EWR.

2130 – Our flight number from EWR to ATL.

-60 – The coldest temperature we reached up in the sky on the flight.

58 – The highest temperature while we were there.

36 – The lowest temperature while we were there.

11,134 – Steps walked on Thursday, Day 1.  We were sitting in a car, sitting at the airport, and sitting on a plane for half of the day, so steps weren’t as high that day.

4.49 – Miles walked on Thursday, Day 1.

18,823 – Steps walked on Friday, Day 2. 

7.73 – Miles walked on Friday, Day 2.

16,173 – Steps walked on Saturday, Day 3.  We Ubered a lot that day because the distances we were covering were too far to walk, and we wanted to save time.

6.35 – Miles walked on Saturday, Day 3.

4,879 – Steps walked on Sunday, Day 4.  That was a travel day, so we were sitting most of the day again.

1.92 – Miles walked on Sunday, Day 4.

21 – Floor that our hotel room was on.

7 – Times that our elevator was deferred.  They have a fancy new elevator system at our hotel, and it was a hot mess cluster during peak times, y’all.  Haha.  (More to come on that!)

24 – Adult beverages consumed.

4 – Famous people who we saw in person while we were there (Al Roker on the Today Show and three cast members from the show FBI – Missy Peregrym who plays Maggie on the show, Katherine Renee Kane who plays Tiffany on the show, and John Boyd who plays Stuart on the show).

1 – TV show that we saw being filmed on the streets (FBI on CBS).

1 – Person that we randomly saw on the street that we know from back home.  (My cousin Shelby saw one of her sorority sisters randomly right in the middle of the street by Radio City Music Hall.)

9 – Ubers taken.

0 – Taxis taken.

0 – Times we took the Subway.  Hard pass.  Lol.

1 – Time somebody saw my hat and yelled, “GO DAWGS!” in the middle of New York City.  I only wore it one day, so it might have been higher if I’d worn it the other days, too.

2 – Times we saw people with Georgia stuff on and we yelled, “GO DAWGS!” at them!  They, of course, yelled back!  ;o)

1 – Time somebody saw my sweatshirt on the plane ride home and yelled, “GO DAWGS!”

1 – University of Georgia themed bar that we got to hang out at while we were there.  So.  Cool.

Hundreds – (maybe more than a thousand?) Georgia fans that were in the bar… SO COOL to see that many Georgia fans right there in Manhattan.  The place was packed.

22 – Times we heard Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You blasting from one of the rickshaws riding around Manhattan.  I swear, they all play that song on repeat.  Lol.

20 – Minute carriage ride that we took through Central Park.

0 – Minutes we had to wait to get in for brunch at Serendipity.  We lucked out and got the last available table in the whole place.  And that was the first time I’ve ever been there when they didn’t have a line down the sidewalk to get in.

1 – Protest we saw in Times Square.  It seemed to be a peaceful one.

1 – Weirdo who kept hanging around us one night outside of a bar… thankfully, the huge bouncer at the bar handled him for us.

1 – Couple we saw taking wedding pictures in the streets in their wedding dress and tux.

$181.34 – Our bill from the hotel bar one evening after a couple of rounds of cocktails.  Lol.  (This does include a generous tip, though.)

6 – Missed Facetimes with Mama Cass.  We tried to Facetime her six times one evening and she didn’t answer.  Lol.

2 – Missed phone calls with Mama Cass.  We tried calling her when she didn’t answer our Facetimes, and she didn’t answer those either.  We thought she was ignoring us (Lol) but we finally got to Facetime with her a few minutes later… she had been getting ready for bed and hadn’t heard her phone. 

1 – Time the fire alarms started going off in the hotel.  They spoke over the intercom system and said that they were investigating, and then a few minutes later they gave us the all-clear.  Whew.

2 – Times the fire alarms started going off at the Newark airport while we were waiting for our flight home.  They made an announcement telling everyone there was an emergency in the airport and to stay exactly where we were, but thankfully, both of those were cleared, too.

1 – Crazy girl at the Newark airport who was yelling at one of the employees to get her on the flight that she’d missed after they’d already closed the door.  She yelled at him for 10 minutes straight and she kept trying to go behind the counter, and I couldn’t believe he let it go on that long.  They did not let her on the plane, by the way.  Haha.

2 – Souvenirs brought home for the kids, one for each of them.

0 – Gas stations seen on the entire trip yet again.  WHERE OH WHERE DO ALL OF THOSE THOUSANDS OF VEHICLES GET GAS?!  Haha.

222 – Pictures taken on the trip (and that total is after I deleted the duplicates/bad ones).

62 – Videos taken on the trip (again, that was after I deleted the bad ones).

61 – Stories uploaded to Instagram.  Follow along in the story highlight in my bio.

I’m hoping to start recapping the trip soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. Some of these are really funny and very NYC.

  2. This was so fun! I guess everyone gets their gas in New Jersey! ha, ha!

  3. Yes! I have never seen a gas station IN the city; just on the outskirts. Come to think of it I don't know that I've seen any in Boston either...

    1. It's crazy that they have to drive that far to get gas!

  4. How fun to all go the NYC and I can't wait to hear more about your trip!


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