Friday, December 1, 2023

Sixteen Years

I’m interrupting my Five on Friday posts to say HAPPY SIXTEEN YEARS to Brian today!!  

I’m a bad wife, and I left to go on my girls’ trip with my Momma, my aunt, and my cousin yesterday, so I’m not going to be home to celebrate my anniversary with B for the first time ever, but this was the only weekend that worked for everyone, so we just decided to roll with it.

So, a HUGE thanks is in order to Brian for holding down the fort back at home while I’m off gallivanting with my girls and doing all of the Christmasy things in New York City.  And thank you for being so understanding with me ditching you this weekend since it was the only weekend that everyone else could go.  ;o)

I love you very much and I appreciate everything you do for me and for the kids.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you when I get home.

Have fun with the kids this weekend! 


And don’t forget to move the elf while I’m gone.  ;o)

* * *

And in case you weren’t a reader when I recapped all of our wedding festivities, you can see them all below.




Happy Friday! 


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