Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas Home Tour 2023

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Hey, y’all!  It’s a great day for a Christmas home tour!  Not much has changed since last year, but I always enjoy welcoming y’all into our home to see all of the coziness anyway.

Come on in!

We actually do have one big difference this year… we finally took the plunge and got an artificial Christmas tree, and it’s the very best thing we’ve done this Christmas season!  No more pine needles everywhere, no more dead tree before Christmas, and no more horrible cleanup after Christmas… I am already so excited for how easy the cleanup is going to be this year!  We bought this tree, and it is seriously stunning in person… you can’t even tell that it’s artificial.  And the best part is – it looks identical to all of our live trees from years past! 


Moving on into the kitchen… the bar cart, tablescape, and other random decorations are similar to last year’s…


And so are the trees in the kids’ bedrooms.  Per usual, Jacob’s tree holds all of his handmade ornaments from years past, and Olivia’s tree holds all of hers, too. 

The tree in our bedroom is the same as always, too... it houses all of the ornaments we gave out as wedding favors that were leftover from our wedding back in 2007.

My rainbow favorite things tree is still going strong this year, and I added a couple of new ornaments this year, too… a stack of books, and some macarons.  I’ve really been enjoying finding the perfect ornaments of my favorite things to add to my tree each year.



  1. I like the hooks for the stockings and that's so funny that you have a picture of Buzz's girlfriend!

  2. I like how you put the nativity on the coffee table...I might give that a try next year! Everything is stunning, especially the new tree.

  3. It all looks so lovely, as always.


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