Monday, December 19, 2022

Christmas Home Tour 2022

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Hey, y’all!  Welcome to our Christmas home tour for 2022!  Honestly, not a lot has changed since last year, but I couldn’t not document the décor for 2022 as it’s one of my most favorite posts of the whole year… so cozy!  As with any of my home tour posts, I’ll let most of the pictures do the talking!

Come in, come in! 

This year’s front porch does have some new additions – those cute little mini entryway trees as well as a festive new door mat. 

Heading inside, the formal dining room is on the right with the same decorations as usual…

And into the living room!!  Pretty sure it’s identical to last year, but it is absolute perfection, and there’s no need to change perfection.  ;o)  Oh wait, except, I did add my beloved battery-operated candlesticks to the mantle this year.  I guess you can improve perfection after all.  ;o)

Moving on into the kitchen… the bar cart, tablescape, and other random decorations are similar to last year’s…

And the bathroom is the same as well.

Moving on upstairs to the master bedroom… the tree is the same as last year, and as always, it holds all of Brian’s and my leftover wedding ornaments.

Jacob’s tree holds all of his handmade ornaments throughout the years…

And Olivia’s does, too.  Look at all of those precious treasures…

And finally, my office!  It’s the same as last year, and I did my rainbow favorite things tree yet again.  I’m enjoying adding a new favorite thing ornament to it each year!  So much fun to hunt for the perfect thing!



  1. So lovely; like always!! I really love all the wreaths on the windows outside.

  2. I love how every room has a little touch of Christmas!

  3. So warm and inviting, my favorite is the mantle I still love the rainbow tree but I just love the white and red!

  4. Everything looks perfect, Lindsay! I love your family Christmas card on display on your kitchen island! What a fantastic idea!

  5. As usual, everything looks great and is really an inspiration for decorating! I might try our nativity on the coffee table like that next year!

  6. Your house looks so pretty decorated for Christmas. I love all of the trees and especially the one in your office. Lindsay, I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  7. I love it all! I really love your Home Alone house! Is it the Lego set or is it something else? I really need it for my decorations too :)

  8. The garland on the banister is so festive!

  9. Beautiful! And still loving the Home Alone house <3


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