Thursday, December 15, 2022

Our 2022 New York City Trip by the Numbers

We spent four days and three nights in New York City earlier this week, and it was one of my favorite trips of all time that we’ve ever taken as a family of four!  It was seriously magical.  I’m hoping to start recapping the trips next week (assuming I can shimmy around some other blog content), but if not next week, then the following week for sure.  In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek by the numbers…

821 – Miles flown there.

0733 – Our flight number from ATL to JFK.

760 – Miles flown back.

0433 – Our flight number from LGA to ATL.

35,001 – Max feet reached on the plane.

3 – Minutes of turbulence on the way there.  I was wide-eyed the whole time, but nobody else seemed bothered.  Lol.  I hate turbulence.  Thankfully, it didn’t scare the kids too much either.

25 – The lowest temperature while we were there.

39 – The highest temperature while we were there.  It was COLD AS MESS, y’all.  I was an ice block the whole trip.  Lol.

17,702 – Steps walked on Saturday, Day 1.  That is a LOT considering we were sitting in a car, sitting in an airport, and sitting on a plane for half of the day.

7.71 – Miles walked on Saturday, Day 1.

11,810 – Steps walked on Sunday, Day 2.  We took two Ubers that day because the places we went were so far apart, so we did a bit less walking that day.

5.04 – Miles walked on Sunday, Day 2.

7,966 – Steps walked on Monday, Day 3.  Again, we took a couple of Ubers because the places we went that day were too far apart to walk.  And we spent most of our day at One Vanderbilt Summit Observatory and on a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty, so those things didn’t require much walking.

3.49 – Miles walked on Monday, Day 3.

5,285 – Steps walked on Tuesday, Day 4.  That day was just a travel day, so most of the day was spent sitting in the Uber, in the airport, on the plane, and in the car on the way home.

2.28 – Miles walked on Tuesday, Day 4.

1 – Taxi ride taken (from JFK into Manhattan).

5 – Uber rides taken (we Ubered for all of the long distances and we Ubered back to the airport when we left.  Uber > Taxis).

0 – Subway rides taken.  B and I have ridden the subway in New York many times, but we didn’t want to take the kiddos on it… we’ve seen some creepy stuff on that NYC subway system.  Haha.

1,300-ish – Feet we went up in the air for One Vanderbilt Summit Obervatory.  (I couldn’t find a definitive height for this, so I just used this estimate that one website used.)

91-93 – Floors that we went up in on our visit to One Vanderbilt Summit Observatory.  It spans several floors.

11 – Slices of New York City pizza consumed.

12 – Garlic knots consumed.  Yes ma’am!

5 – Ice creams consumed.

1 – World famous Serendipity frozen hot chocolate consumed.

0 – Minutes that we had to wait to eat dinner at Serendipity.  We walked up just as a table of four had canceled their reservation.  That’s some serious luck!  The hostess told us she’d never seen such perfect timing.  Haha.  Otherwise we would have been waiting about an hour.

4 – Adult beverages consumed.

0 – Donuts consumed.  This might be the first trip ever that we didn’t have donuts?!?!

30-ish – Minutes we waited to get into Ellen’s Stardust Diner.  It was most definitely worth the wait!

7 – Times I tried calling Rolf’s while we were in New York City to try to get a lunch or dinner reservation. 

113 – Times I tried calling Rolf’s before our trip to try to get a lunch or dinner reservation.  And y’all, this is not an exaggeration.  Haha.  I looked at my call log and this is the actual number.  Lol. 

0 – Times that I was able to get through and talk to someone to make a reservation at Rolf’s.  Needless to say, we did NOT eat at Rolf’s on this trip.  Lol.

7 – Times somebody saw my hat and yelled, “GO DAWGS!” in the middle of New York City.  Georgia fans, unite!

2 – Times somebody saw my hat in the airport and said, “GO DAWGS!”  (I separated the two counts because the ones in the airport were from people who were on our flight back to Atlanta.  Haha.  So obviously there would be some Georgia fans on there.)

1 – Time somebody saw my hat and asked if I was a Green Bay fan.  Lol.  #NOPE

1 – Time we saw somebody get busted in the face on the street in Manhattan.  <cringe>  (Thankfully, the kids didn’t see it, and thankfully, there were police ALL OVER and they were handling it within 10 seconds of it happening.)

2 – Times that we saw sleet/light snowflakes. 

0 – Gas stations seen on the entire trip.  WHERE OH WHERE DO ALL OF THESE VEHICLES GET GAS?!  Haha.

$25.25 – What we paid for 1.29 lbs. of M&M’s at the M&M store in Times Square.  #Bless  #WontBeGoingThereAgain  Haha.

1 – Bottle of water that we accidentally forgot to remove from our carryon before going through security at the airport.  We definitely got the side eye, and we were definitely questioned.  Haha.  #Whoops

425 – Pictures taken on the trip (and that total is after I deleted some of the bad ones).

86 – Videos taken on the trip (again, that was after I deleted the bad ones).

100 – Stories uploaded to Instagram.  Follow along in the story highlight in my bio.

0 – Times we were asked if the kids were twins

84 Million – Honks, sirens, and shouts we heard.  Haha. 

Countless – Times we heard “All I Want for Christmas is You” blasting out of someone’s speakers.  The guys on all of the rickshaws were playing it.  It was everyyyywhere.  Haha.

Okay, y’all, that’s about it!  As I said before, I’m hoping to start recapping the trip soon so stay tuned!

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. That sounds like such a fun trip (but.. you did pick a cold week! LOL!). My son and I were just remarking that the start of December felt like fall then we got one snow storm and suddenly BAM! into winter. It's been freezing here. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

    1. Yes, we sure did! Man, it was freezing! So much fun, though!

  2. I'm sure you took more than 25 pictures so that must be a mistake! lol. We had turbulence on our way to NY this past trip. I hate that.

  3. I can't wait to see the rest of the recap. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time. Like I said Christmas in New York is on my bucket list.

    1. I sure hope you make it there one day! It is magical at Christmastime!

  4. Y'all really fit it all in! I can't believe how cold it was! And you definitely had a bit of Serendipidity when you went to Serendipidity!

  5. This was an amazing "By the Numbers" post! The 84 million honks and beeps, the amount paid for M&Ms, the amount of times you tried to call Rolf's! Geesh, they need to answer that dang phone!


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