Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Favorite Things Christmas Tree

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A few years ago, I decided to start putting up a full-size (skinny) Christmas tree in my office because that’s where I spend the majority of my time while the kids are at school.  I love all things rainbow, so for the first few years, I decorated it in rainbow colors.  You may remember this post here?

Last year, I decided it needed a little something more, so I brainstormed other themes, and I ultimately decided to make it a tree of all of my favorite things since it’s in my office.  The favorite things ornaments will be added to the tree in addition to the rainbow ornaments… I’m still obsessed with the rainbow ornaments, so they won’t be going anywhere.  ;o)

I already had a few ornaments of some of my favorite things, so I moved those from our main tree downstairs to my office tree (a good thing since our tree downstairs is LOADED with ornaments), and I also plan to purchase a new ornament each year to add to it. 

Some of my favorite things that I already have ornaments for (in no particular order)…



Georgia Bulldogs

Hot Cinnamon Tea (I actually made this one from the lid on my tea tin)

Starbucks coffee

My blog

Friends (the show)

Dave Matthews Band

Jesus/my spirituality


And a few ornaments that I’m looking forward to buying for it…

Tropicalia (my favorite beer of all-time… I’m hoping one day they will sell a little ornament of the can!)

Watermelon (this one is so cute!)

Pink heart

Gold star

Book (or a stack of books)

A planner (Emily Ley needs to put out mini planner ornaments… how cute would those be?!)

A pack of rainbow pens


String lights (aren’t those already on the tree?!  Haha)

Disco ball

A to-do list

Mac n cheese

Charcuterie board (this one is darling)

Peppermint gum

Avocado toast (I am OBSESSED with this one)

Ice cream (I love this one so much!)

Margarita (I found the perfect one at Target this year, but mine broke in transit. Waahh!!)

Cinnamon (totally going to turn one of my old oil bottles into an ornament for this)

Lime (going to use an oil bottle for this, too)

NYC (my favorite city at Christmastime)

Vegas (my favorite city not at Christmastime)

A few other musicians/bands


It’s so festive to have a tree full of the things that I love, and I think it’s going to be so much fun to hunt for the perfect ornament each year to add to it!   

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. What a fun idea! You have some great ideas for more ornaments too.

  2. Such a fun idea! And of course loving all the Friends ornaments. I've been wanting to do a travel tree, as we collect ornaments from each destination. My mom even got me a passport ornament to go with them. Next year for sure <3

  3. Love your favorite things tree. It inspired me to put a skinny tree in my office, with the British theme!

  4. I love your favorite things tree so much, Lindsay!

  5. I remember doing a similar link up years ago. I love your tree!

  6. That is such a fun idea and you have so many cute ornaments to start off your collection! You have so many neat ideas (and links!) to cute ornaments I would never have even thought to look for. I just might want to steal this idea now!

  7. I love this tree idea, it's adorable! And love your office too!


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