Wednesday, January 24, 2024

My Ins and Outs for 2024

It seems this year that everyone has jumped on board the “Ins and Outs” trend on social media, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick blog post on my Ins and Outs for the year ahead.  I do set goals each year (you may have seen this post here), so this list incorporates some of those, but it also includes some other random things.




-       Reading God’s Word every day and knowing/actually believing that only He is where true peace and happiness is found

-       Gratitude

-       Stretching my body

-       Strength training

-       Disco balls

-       Protein

-       Sending “this reminded me of you” or “thinking of you” texts

-       Lipstick

-       Twinkle lights (I mean, when are those never not in for me?!)

-       Turmeric (IYKYK)

-       Complimenting/lifting up others daily

-       Fresh air

-       Sunsets

-       Journaling

-       Being present and intentional, and focusing on one thing at a time

-       Deepening connections with others

-       Truth

-       Spontaneity

-       Romanticizing everyday life

-       Confidence



-       Gluten (not totally, of course, but as much as I can)

-       Stressing over things I can’t control

-       Overfilling my daily to-do lists and being too busy

-       Dwelling on past mistakes/happenings, especially anything that was out of my control

-       Vertigo (I have zero control over this, but a girl can dream, right?!  Haha.)

-       Endless doctor visits

-       Negative thinking

-       Writing and finishing blog posts the day before they have to go live

-       Complaining

-       Saying yes to things that I know are going to add too much to my plate

-       Unintentional spending/impulse purchases

-       Mindless scrolling

-       Being too tuned in to the news (gotta take a break since it’s an election year)

-       Multi-tasking all.the.time.

-       Unflattering, flowy tops (already donated a bunch of them!)

-       Having high expectations

-       Clutter

-       Beauty products high in chemicals

-       People pleasing/caring too much about what other people think

-       Highly processed foods


Those are my top 20 for each!  What are some of your ins and outs for 2024?  Do we have anything in common?


  1. This is fun. This election year is already stressful!

  2. I agree that the election year is going to be crazy! I'm with you on many of these and hope to do my own in/out list on the blog soon.

  3. I just heard about "ins & outs" on another bloggers list; it's a fun way to look at the year. I agree with so many of your outs!

    1. Isn't it fun? And yes, we have to toss out those toxic things this year!

  4. I hope you do overcome the vertigo this year and very soon, friend! I think to do lists just stress me out more at times...and I was 2 weeks ahead on blog posts, but then we had a very long Christmas break this year, so many snow/ice days and Brian got Covid, etc. that this month has gotten away from me! I need a reset! Ha, ha!


    1. Yes, y'all have had definitely had an unexpected start to the new year! You could definitely use a reset!

  5. I need to do away with gluten again! Went I went GF a few years ago I felt great!

  6. LOVE your in's and the news especially during an election year is a definite out. I don't believe most of the garbage in the news anyway, and it's so freeing to not tune in or listen to any of it. Excellent for the soul <3

    1. YES! I, of course, want to be aware of what's going on around me, but there's no need to take in too much of it. And you're so right... most of it is garbage anyway!

  7. I love your ins and outs list, Lindsay! Praying that awful vertigo stays far away from you this year! Also, I agree with you on The Bible Recap, it is so good and glad I started it this year. I am also trying to stay away from the mindless scrolling. It's hard because it's a habit, but I've noticed when I limit the time I scroll, I feel better than when I get sucked down the rabbit hole for an hour, haha!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, friend! :)

    Make Life Marvelous


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