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What I Ordered from Amazon in December 2023

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December was yet another heavy month for Amazon orders because we wrapped up all of our Christmas shopping, and I also had to purchase items for the class basket for our school auction.


Heart Hands Taylor Swift Bracelet Holder

This was a purchase for Olivia for Christmas, and it was SUCH a success because she loves it!!  This sculpture is substantial, beautiful, and well-made, and it’s perfect for holding Olivia’s Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.  She is obsessed and so am I! 


Cheers Y’all Cocktail Napkins

These were purchased for the bar cart auction basket that I put together for seventh grade.  The words are gold foil, so they look extra fancy, and they’re so cute! 


Star Napkins

These were purchased for New Year’s Eve, and then I didn’t use them because I’d forgotten that I had a different style leftover from last year.  I’m keeping them on hand for future use, though… they’re gold foil as well, so they’re beautiful in person and they are the perfect addition to any bar cart, party, or gathering.


Flonase Sensimist

I use this every day because of my allergies, and it helps keep my nasal passages clear.  I haven’t had a stuffy nose since I started using this years ago.


String Light Replacement Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are slowly getting phased out and replaced with LED lights (which I hate), so I wanted to make sure that I have tons of replacements for my string lights before they’re phased out, too.


The Bartender’s Manifesto

This was another purchase for the bar cart auction basket, and I couldn’t love it more!  This book is beautiful, well done, well organized, and it is filled with great cocktail recipe ideas.  It looks beautiful with the bar cart and accessories I chose.


Gold Bartender Set

Ok, y’all, of all of the things I purchased last month, I think this was my favorite.  This was another purchase for the bar cart auction basket, and it. is. stunning.  If you’re looking for a bartender kit, look no further than this one!!  It has every single thing you could need to mix up any cocktail – it’s 19 pieces – and the gold finish is such a showstopper.  The stand that comes with it holds every single item, and it spins 360 degrees making it easy to access all items.  This would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to mix drinks.  And if you’re not into gold, it comes in a couple of other finishes as well.


Amazon Gift Card

This was another Christmas gift purchase, and I chose this cute little Christmas envelope design.



This Xyzal is something else that I take every single day for my allergies, and I’ve found that it works better than all of the other daily allergy medications.  I’ve been taking it for years, and it was time for a refill!


Musical Light-Up Dance Mat

This was a purchase for my niece for Christmas.  It has five interactive modes, and it plays three different songs, and kids can dance along to the music.  It comes in three different colors, and it has excellent ratings.


Smarty Pants Women’s Multi-Vitamins

I’ve talked about these for years – I take them every single day – and it was time for a refill!  These are in my Amazon recaps pretty much every month since I take them daily!


Sussed Card Game

This was a last-minute purchase to put in Jacob’s stocking.  It’s a “What would I do?” card game for kids that’s thought-provoking and funny, and you can play it in just 15 minutes.  There are 110 cards, 200 questions, and 650 answers in each pack, and there are several different packs with different themes.  We chose the “hilarious everyday events” pack and I’ll have to get back to y’all after we’ve played it to let you know what we think.  The reviews are great, so I have high hopes!


Car Cleaning Gel

I had to buy this car cleaning gel for Brian’s stocking since everyone was raving about it so much these last few months.  We haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m hoping to soon… my Telluride needs a good cleaning inside and out!


Men’s Depends

My friend has been helping an elderly gentleman out recently since she found out he wasn’t receiving the care that he needed at the nursing home where he was living.  She asked if anyone was willing to provide some necessities to help him out, so I grabbed a pack of Depends and some jeans for him.


Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Socks

This was a purchase for Jacob’s stocking, and he thought they were cool! 


Men’s Jeans

These are the jeans that I purchased for the elderly gentleman that my friend has been helping.  They are really good quality and extremely affordable. 


Women’s No-Show Socks

I’ve been in desperate need for some white no-show socks as all of mine are black.  I love my black ones from Amazon soooo much, but unfortunately, they are no longer listed, so I had to search for some new ones.  I purchased these and I’m hoping they’re as good as my other ones.  We’ll see soon!  They haven’t delivered yet because I chose the “slow shipping” option so I could get a $3 digital credit.  ;o)


One: Simple One-Pan Wonders by Jamie Oliver

This was a Christmas gift purchase for a friend who loves to cook and loves cookbooks.  This book provides over 120 recipes for tasty, easy, one-pan meals.  Each recipe has eight ingredients or fewer making cooking quick and easy, and since each meal only uses one pan, it makes cleanup a breeze.  I loved this book so much I’ve added it to my wish list, too!  It would make a great gift for a newly wedded couple or a busy family who needs quick and easy weeknight meals!


Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Socks

These were another purchase for Jacob’s stocking.  He wears socks most of the time at home during the winter, so I thought he could use a couple of new pairs.


Marble Run

This purchase was for my nephew for Christmas, and I’m hoping he loves it as much as our kids do.  This is one of the top five played with toys of all-time for our kids.  They’ve had theirs for years and they still pull it out and build and play with it to this day.


Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney

In 2024, I’m really delving into my faith, and a friend highly recommended this book.  From Amazon: “God commands Christians to actively be holy, but what does that look like in daily life?  Don Whitley’s convicting insight on spiritual disciplines will challenge you to grow in new ways as a Christian…regardless of where you are in your Christian walk, this anniversary edition provides refreshing and profound encouragement for your spirit.”  I will, of course, report back and let y’all know what I think after I read it, but I’m convinced it’s going to be great based on the reviews on Amazon alone!



I’ve been raving about the benefits of turmeric for months now and it was time for a refill.  I will legit never go a day without taking this ever again, y’all.  If you want to see why, you can see my post about it here.


Gold Glitter Watch Band

This is my favorite watch band I’ve ever had, and I wear it 80% of the year.  My original one is starting to show a little bit of wear after several years, so I bought a backup to have when this one bites the dust.  It’s so affordable, too… just $6.99!


A Mess Made of Magic by Jessica Garvin

I absolutely adore Jessica Garvin… she is the very first influencer I ever followed on Instagram, and that was technically before she was even an influencer… really, it was before influencers even existed.  She recently wrote this children’s book, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something made for Olivia more than this book is!  Olivia is our care-free, spontaneous child, and she doesn’t have an organized or tidy bone in her body.  But boy, is she joyful and whimsical and magical and all the other fun things that I am not.  Therefore, she and I are constantly butting heads about what is and is not acceptable when it comes to picking up after ourselves.  This book is about a little girl who has a messy room and a mom who is asking her to tidy up… literally Olivia’s and my life every. single. day.  And I’m hoping that this book will encourage her to learn to enjoy keeping her things a little more in order while also encouraging me to loosen up and find the magic in the mess.  <3   


Ed Sheeran Piano Sheet Music

This was another purchase for Jacob for Christmas, and he was so excited to receive it.  He sat down on Christmas day and learned the main chords for Shape of You almost immediately, and he also started tinkering with Supermarket Flowers.  *tear*  He and I both love Ed Sheeran so I’m looking forward to the day that he can play the songs in this book.


Happy Wednesday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. Looks like you got some smart things this month!

  2. Great purchases! I am adding that cookbook to my list!

  3. I got all 3 guys that car cleaning gel for Christmas; it was a perfect stocking stuffer and I have even heard my oldest say he used it yesterday!

  4. I just added some turmeric gummies to cart. I can't handle swallowing pills unless I have to! I know everyone is going to have a mega Prime Purchases post on Monday!

  5. Adding those no-show socks to my Amazon wishlist! I haven't found any that I really like and somehow, the ones I buy still seem to show a little bit, haha!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! :)

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