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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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Hey, y’all!  Happy Monday!  Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?  We don’t really do much for it, but I do always get the kids a card and a little something to celebrate the day. 

Today I thought I’d share a few ideas in case you’re already starting to shop, too!

For the Taylor Swift Lover

We love Taylor in this house, and Olivia has officially reached obsession level 10, so of course, I’m going to have some Taylor Swift ideas.  ;o) 

This stack of bracelets is perfect for Valentine’s Day… the colors are so cute!


Next up, are these earrings… a cute nod to her lover album.


And if you don’t want to go with earrings, this t-shirt is similar.


And then there’s this set of earrings and two necklaces.


This sweatshirt of candy hearts with all of Taylor’s album names is darling, and it comes in t-shirt form, too.  I bought this for Olivia because it was on sale for 50% off the other day!


And this Happy Valentine’s Tay shirt is darling, too.


Here’s another option for the candy hearts albums.


And this simple Lover sweatshirt is super cute and cozy.


This might be my favorite option in the whole bunch, and I think we’re going to try to find some Valentines like this for Olivia to hand out to her class.


I looooveeee this sweatshirt, too.  And it comes in lots of color options.


I bought this Stanley cup topper for Olivia’s birthday, and oh my word, is it so cute.  It’s even cuter in person!


For the Lego Lover

We are huge Lego lovers in this house, too, and they always have really great sets specifically for Valentine’s Day each year.  They also have so many adorable flower sets!

We got this love birds set for the kids last year.


And we bought this set of Valentine’s bears for them the year before last.


These Lego roses are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


And these sunflowers are darling, too.


The cherry blossoms are beautiful.


And these lotus flowers are, too.


And finally, they have this daffodil set.  It would be awesome to buy one of each of these and put them all together to make a bouquet!


For the Crafter

There are also some really cute crafty gifts that would be great for Valentine’s Day…

These Paint By Stickers books are awesome – our kids love them – and this Valentine’s Day themed one would make a great gift.


This gem art kit is perfect for Valentine’s Day because… all the hearts!


And this foam craft set, too… I love how they all look like donuts.


This Valentine’s Day bead kit is perfect for anyone who loves to make jewelry.


And this craft set is awesome because it doubles as room décor.  Olivia actually just bought this with her own money the other day, and she loves it.  It comes with a neon light-up heart, a light-up cloud that you make yourself, and a light-up strip that you can bend into any word.  The box shows the word “love” which, of course, is perfect for Valentine’s Day. 


And finally, this DIY string art heart light is great because you craft it yourself and then it also doubles as room décor.


For the Reader

Books always make a great gift, and they were my go-to gift for the kids when they were smaller.  Some great choices are…

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine (We love this whole series!  It is the best!)


Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar (We have this one and it is so cute!)


Love is My Favorite Thing


Harvey the Heart Had Too Many Farts (A silly one for all ages)


Valentine’s Day themed Mad Libs (This is another great choice for older kids… our kids LOVE Mad Libs and they still do them today.)


The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Joke Book for Kids (another great choice for older kids)


Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. These could not be any sweeter. I love them. So cute.

  2. Those are the coolest lego sets ever! Wish we had that when we were growing up <3

  3. Wow! They are really getting some cool Lego sets... cherry blossoms? I love it!


  4. So many cute finds! I can't believe it's around the corner.

  5. Lots of cute ideas! Now as teens/young adults I just get them each some chocolates and a card.


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