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Five on Friday - My Birthday Wish List

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My birthday is right around the corner, so I’m sharing a few things I’ve had my eye on this spring…

O N E – For the Home

Flush Mount Ceiling Light (Color – Black) – I’ve been wanting a new light fixture for the laundry room for years, and this one is perfect.


Greeting Card Organizer – I keep greeting cards on hand at all times, and I’ve been wanting a new organizer for them.  This one is highly rated, and it has adjustable dividers which I love!


Swiftea Mug (Size – 11 oz., Color – White/Black) – I collect coffee mugs since I use them at least twice a day.  This one has been on my list forever because I love TS so much, and also, I drink tea (not coffee) 99.9% of the time.  :o)  (This one is currently on sale for 60% off until March 20, too!)


A Lot Going on at the Moment Mug (Color – Black) – Loving this TS mug, too… I do always have a lot going on!  ;o)


Dave Matthews Band Mug – I’m a diehard DMB fan, and I don’t have a DMB mug.  How is that possible?!  This one might just be my favorite one on the internet.


Newlife TheraPoint Trigger Point Massager – As most of you know from reading regularly, I suffer from horrendous neck and upper back pain that radiates into my scalp, face, and jaw and into my shoulders and sometimes my arms.  This thing specifically targets neck muscles and it has has insane reviews, and it sounds like exactly what I need.  I will try absolutely anything to get relief and this looks to be the most promising thing I've seen so far as it unlocks all of the trigger points that cause the pain.  Supposedly it helps with stiff neck (which I have), general neck pain (which I have every single day), tension headaches (which I have most days), TMJ issues (which I have every single day), migraines (which I rarely get but do have on occasion), upper back pain (which I have every day), arthritis (which, thankfully, I don't have), and neck hump (which I don't have yet, thank goodness).  


T W O – Clothes

White Jeans (Color – White, Size 24) – I have been looking for a good pair of white jeans for years, and these are the same brand as my beloved blue jeans that I’ve been wearing all winter.  Seriously the best jeans ever!!  I want these for spring so bad!


AE Next Level White Jean Shorts (Color – White, Size 2) – I’ve also been dying to get my hands on a pair of good white jean shorts.  I already have these in black and two shades of blue because they are fantastic, so I’m hoping the white ones are just as good!


Ruffled Tank (Color – Baby Yellow, Size – Small) – I have this top in blue and I love wearing it with my high waisted skirts and jeans.  I’d love to have it in yellow!


Ruffled Tank (Color – Sky Blue, Size – Small) – I have this top in lavender, and it is such a cute alternative to an otherwise basic tank!

Ruffled Tank (Color – Blue, Size – Small) – I want it in blue, too!  I actually think I like this color the best!


Ruffled Tank (Color – Light Green, Size – Small) – I want it in green, too!  It’s that good!


Target Basic Tee (Color – Black, Size – XS) – I love these basic tees from Target, and I wouldn’t mind having them in several colors!


Target Basic Tee (Color – Yellow, Size – XS) – In yellow, too!


Target Basic V-Neck Tee (Color – Red, Size – XS) – It’s rare to find basic tees in red, and it’s so important for me to grab them when I can since I’m a huge Georgia fan and I live in red from September – December!


CRZ Yoga Women’s Athletic Shorts 4” (Color – Black, Size – XS) – These are my favorite workout shorts and I need some new ones.


CRZ Yoga Women’s Athletic Shorts 4” (Color – White, Size – XS) – These are my favorite workout shorts and I need some new ones.


T H R E E – Accessories

Silpada “Balancing Act” Drop Earrings in Hammered Sterling Silver – I don’t change my earrings often, but I would love this pair of simple drop earrings for when I want to change things up.


ODODOS Mini Belt Bag (Color – Light Pink) – I have this bag in two colors, and I use them all the time.  I’d love to have it in pink, too, since it’s my favorite color!


Gold Shoes (Color – Gold/2 Inch, Size 7) – I’ve had these on my wish list for years, and I think they would be so fun to pair with all kinds of dresses during the summer.


F O U R – Books

Divine Direction by Craig Groeschel – This was recommended to me by a friend, and I immediately added it to my list because I read another one of his books last year and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read.


Heal. Grow. Love. by Pierre Alex Jeanty – I don’t remember where I saw this book, but I added it to my wish list a few months ago.  It’s a beautiful book of poetry that I’d love to have. 


Outlive The Science and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia – I have seen this book so much on blogs and social media and everyone has been raving about it, so it piqued my interest and now I want a copy for myself!


F I V E – Gift Cards

Amazon – My Amazon wish list is always bursting at the seams, so these are always wanted.  And sometimes, when there’s a non-Amazon item that I want more, I just use my Amazon gift cards for necessities and then spend the gift card money on the thing that I want from somewhere else.  ;o)


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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