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How to Throw the Perfect Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party

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For Olivia’s 10th birthday party, she had only two requests – she wanted to have a sleepover, and she wanted it to be Taylor Swift themed.  I took that and ran with it, and today, I’m sharing all of the details from the party including all of the links in case you want to throw together something similar.  This party was so easy to put together, and it was also very affordable, and it ended up being the party of Olivia’s Wildest Dreams!  ;o)  She actually declared it her favorite birthday party ever – she even cried tears of joy at one point during the evening because she was just so happy, y’all – so it was a HUGE success.

We didn’t do formal invites… she only invited her four besties, so I just texted their moms with the details to keep it simple.  If you do decide to do formal invitations, though, these could not be cuter!  And these, too!

We invited the girls to come over at 5 PM on a Friday night, and pickup was at 11 AM Saturday morning.  That is quite a long stretch of time to have five girls in the house, and I wanted to make sure that we had some activities to keep them busy so they weren’t just running wild all evening.  ;o) 

Here's what we planned… 


The Décor

We kept the décor simple… I bought this banner to hang on the mantle to dress up the living room a bit since I knew the girls would be spending most of their time in there.  For just $13.99 it packs such a PUNCH.  It’s well-made and lightweight, and it was super easy to hang… I just taped it up on the mantle using painter’s tape.  And I always have those mirror balls sitting by the basket, so that just went right along with the theme.  ;o)  Oh, and the banner comes in different colors!

For the dining room table where they ate and enjoyed birthday dessert, I put out my white table runner, covered it in mirror ball lights that I already had on hand, and I put Olivia’s birthday dessert on our cake stand with ribbon holes and gold glitter ribbon (this was actually leftover from her famous Pink and Gold First Birthday Party that went viral years ago) as the centerpiece.  I also included the party favors for the girls on the table because they made such a cute addition to the décor.  More on the birthday dessert and party favors later…

I bought these mirror ball plates and these mirror ball napkins for the table settings.  Both are excellent quality, and they couldn’t have been cuter.  We had larger plates for dinner and smaller plates for the dessert.

Per usual, I had made a birthday chalkboard for Olivia, and it hung in the kitchen by the friendship-bracelet making station (more on that later).  And I already had the lyrics “Meet Me at Midnight” from the song Lavender Haze on our letter board, which I thought was fitting since it was a slumber party.  ;o)

And that was it for the décor!  Simple and oh-so-sweet!  I considered doing a balloon arch/backdrop somewhere, but this ended up being enough.  If you are looking for the perfect Taylor Swift balloon arch, though, this one is amazing, but expensive.  This one would also be cute, and wouldn't break the bank.  ;o)


The Party Favors

Olivia invited four girls over for her party, so we put together party favors for each of them that included the following:


-       These cute Eras clear zipper pouches (They are excellent quality, affordable, spacious, and have soooo many uses – makeup, friendship bracelets, school supplies, etc.)  This pouch comes in black, too, if you're going for the Reputation look.  ;o)

-       13 Taylor Swift stickers… because 13 is TS’s favorite number ;o)  (And these are the sturdy ones that can be used on laptops and water bottles.)

-       Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Candies… because sour watermelon candy is TS’s favorite candy (These fit right in that zipper pouch, too, to give you an idea of how much it can hold.)

-       An 8-inch mirror ball (Our Walmart had these for only $5 each, y’all!  And actually, at Christmas, they were marked down to just $2 each!  If your Walmart doesn’t have them, you can get them here on Amazon.)

The girls also made friendship bracelets that they were able to take home… more on that in the activities / entertainment section below.

The candy and stickers fit in the bags, and the disco balls sat next to them, making such a cute addition to the tablescape.  And the girls were thrilled when they realized that those were theirs for the taking, and not just for decoration.  “YOU MEAN WE CAN TAKE THESE?!”  Haha.

The Food

We had planned to do a whole menu of Taylor’s favorite foods for dinner.  Chicken fingers are her favorite food, but since we are Catholic, we abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent, so we opted for cheese pizza instead.  ;o)  I kept it simple, and this is what our menu looked like:

Cheese pizza

Assorted fruit tray (strawberries, grapes, pineapple, honeydew, and cantaloupe)

Assorted bags of chips

Capri Suns

Bottled Water

Olivia doesn’t like cake, so she asked for birthday donuts for dessert instead.  We have a local donut shop that will customize donuts, so they did glazed donuts with lavender frosting (because purple is Taylor’s favorite color) and pink sprinkles.  I took the donuts and stacked them into a donut tower on my cake stand, and then we topped it off with this cake topper and these mirror ball picks.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Seriously the cutest birthday dessert ever, and it’s so much easier to deal with because you don’t have to worry about cutting and serving and silverware… the girls could just grab one and go!  Also, it was worlds cheaper than a custom cake from a bakery.  Aaaand we had leftovers for breakfast the next morning.  #Winning

The Outfit

I bought this tee for Olivia to wear, and she LOVES it.  The quality is great, and it comes in tons of colors.


We also bought this black sequin skirt for her to wear with it, and it was just the cutest little combo.  The quality is so fantastic, and it’s soft… not itchy at all.  And the waistband has a very generous stretch to it, so she’ll be able to wear it for years.  It also washes and dries beautifully.  And it comes in tons of colors!


She also wore her white cowboy boots that she already had from the Daddy / Daughter dance, and it turned out to be the cutest little TS-themed outfit ever.  And the boots?  BEST.EVER.  Olivia has sensory issues when it comes to clothes and shoes, and she is notorious for thinking that everything is uncomfortable.  Well, these boots are super soft and padded and she has worn them nonstop since she got them, so not only are they cute, they are comfortable, too!  And the quality?  Fantastic.


She ended up wearing her TS outfit for, like, an hour, and then she wanted PJs for the rest of the evening, so sadly, she wasn’t wearing her outfit in most of the party pictures, but she has already worn all of the pieces multiple times since then, so we’ll definitely get our money’s worth. 


The Schedule/Activities/Entertainment

As I said before, the girls came over at 5, so we had a lot of hours to fill, so this is how the evening flowed…

First up, the girls arrived and spent an hour or so settling in and hanging out.

Around 6, we served dinner, and then we all sang Happy Birthday and had birthday donuts. 

Once that was done, she opened her gifts. 

And then it was time for the fun stuff… friendship bracelet-making and the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert!!!!

I had set up a friendship bracelet-making station at the kitchen table.  We had thousands of beads of all kinds from pastel pony beads to glittery pony beads to gold letter beads to an assortment of random beads, a ton of elastic, and scissors so they could make bracelets all night.

Then, we purchased the Eras Tour Concert and played that for the rest of the night.  We cranked the sound up super loud to give it that authentic concert feel, and the girls had the best time. 

Since the friendship bracelet-making station was right there in the kitchen, overlooking the TV, they were able to go back and forth between making bracelets and dancing and singing to the concert all night long.  That way, all of the girls could be together whether they were making bracelets or focusing on the concert. 

They danced and sang at the top of their lungs all night, they made 84 gazillion friendship bracelets, and they traded bracelets and their TS stickers all night, and it was just the best night celebrating our girl.

Bonus – since the girls danced for 3.5 hours straight, they were actually tired at the end of the night, and they went to bed at a decent time rather than staying up all night.  ;o)  So it was a win-win!

But first, they did grab leftover pizza and fruit (and various other things from the pantry) for bedtime snacks.  ;o)

The next morning, we had leftover birthday donuts and fruit for breakfast, and then the girls were picked up around 11, taking home their fun party favors!


And that was "the best party ever" according to Olivia, my friends!  

Again, this whole thing was simple and easy to put together and it didn’t cost a small fortune, and it ended up being Olivia’s favorite birthday ever.  So, if you’re looking to do an easy, budget-friendly party for your little Swiftie, I highly recommend buying the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert and letting the kids dance all night long.  I think I enjoyed it just as much as they did!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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