Monday, May 4, 2015

Cheers To The Weekend!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as we did!  The weather this weekend could not have been any prettier – sunny, highs in the 70’s, and low humidity with a slight breeze – I am soaking up every single second of it before the oppressive 95 degree temps + 100% humidity set in for the summer.  

Friday evening we went to one of our favorite restaurants downtown where I had my very favorite salad in the entire universe – grilled steak tips on a bed of crisp spinach tossed with juicy red strawberries, goat cheese, pecans, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  Believe me when I say it’s to die for!   

In the spring and fall on Friday nights, our city shuts down a couple of streets downtown, sets up a stage, and has free live music for everyone.  Since the weather was so lovely we figured it was the perfect evening to partake.  There was a clown making balloon animals for the kids, so Jacob requested a fishing pole so he could “fish” in the fountain.  We listened to the band for a little bit and let the kids dance around, and then we walked down to get some frozen yogurt – Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel for Brian, Triple Chocolate with sprinkles for Jacob, and Nutella, I repeat, Nutella for me.  It was slap-your-grandma-down good.  

Saturday we hung around the house most of the day, and I laid out in the sun while the kids napped.  It wasn’t quite the same as the beach, but it was some good relaxation time, which is something I rarely partake in. 

Saturday evening we went to church followed by dinner with 21 of my family members at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate two birthdays in the family.  Jacob was so excited when they brought out the sombrero… of course he had to try it on! 

Mommy & Olivia getting ready for church!

The back of her dress... so sweet!

Sunday morning I worked on our downstairs guest bathroom makeover.  It still has the original builder paint color and I’ve been wanting to repaint it ever since we moved in.  I’m excited to show it to you all when it’s completed.  Although, I’m still working on finishing up the kids’ playroom and my office, so who knows when that will be!  So many projects, so little time! 

Sunday afternoon we had lunch with Brian’s family and we turned the kids loose in the back yard to burn some energy and get some more fresh air.  Jacob got his first frisbee at the beach, so we brought it with us and taught him how to throw it.  He had a blast, but he could still use a little more practice. ;o)  Jacob also helped his Nana pick some carrots and strawberries from her garden.  He was so amazed when he pulled his first carrot out of the ground!  “LOOK MOMMY!  I pulled thwee cawwots out of the gwound!”  (I just adore how he still pronounces his R’s like W’s.  It’s gonna be a sad day when he doesn’t do that anymore, and I know it’s going to happen all too soon.) 

I love this kid... he was dancing all around so much I could barely get the picture, hence, the crazy hair!

After lunch and playtime, we took the kids home for naps, and I used that time to work on getting the kids’ baby books up-to-date.  Jacob’s is caught up for the most part, but I’m still a little behind on Olivia’s (#SecondChildProbs).  Olivia was a little cranky all morning and very restless during her nap… she kept whimpering and fussing, which usually means she’s coming down with something.  That would be unreal since she was just sick last weekend!  Strep and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease have been going around her classroom, so we’ve been ultra paranoid that she was going to end up sick.  However, she awoke from her nap as happy as can be and she charmed the pants off of my family (as usual) when we went to their house for Sunday dinner.  Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe it was just the full moon?  Who knows!    

Man, weekends like this make it even harder to go back to work on Monday and this week is my first full week back after having two short work weeks in a row.  I guess I made it through Monday, though, so it’s all gravy now, right? 

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first of my One Dish Meals so check back for some quick, easy, and hardly-any-clean-up deliciousness!  

Hope you all have a great evening!  XO


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