Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew, I feel like I need a weekend to recover from our weekend!  We were constantly on the go this weekend so it went by in a blur (as always).  It is wonderful to know that we have a short work-week this week, though!   

Friday night we took the kids and met my parents and some friends downtown for the outdoor concert.  Jacob was thrilled because a couple of fire trucks were parked down there.  We went over to look at one, and one of the firemen came walking over and asked Jacob if he wanted to get in it!  (In case you didn’t already guess, the answer to that question is yes, it’s always yes.)  The fireman lifted him up in the truck and then put a fire hat on him.  The hat was so heavy that Jacob couldn’t even hold his head up! 

Later, we stopped for frozen yogurt like we always do after these outdoor concerts, and Jacob made friends with a horse. 

We didn’t get home until almost ten so the babies were worn slap out.   

Saturday Brian started cleaning out his office to prepare for the addition that is supposed to start this week.  I am so, so excited for that to be done so we can move everything out of the garage and into its final destination.  Ever since we’ve been married, I’ve felt like we’ve been in a constant state of transition – moving from our first house to an apartment while our house was being built, moving into our current house, and then shuffling stuff from bedroom to bedroom, closet to closet, and finally to wherever we could fit it as we had kids and filled each room.  Once the addition is done, we will be able to get everything settled into its final resting place, and the game of musical rooms will be over for good!   

We also squeezed in some playtime during all of our cleaning… Olivia went for her first laundry basket ride and she loved it!  Ah, life’s little thrills… 

Saturday evening we went to church and then out for Mexican food and margaritas, and Saturday night after the kiddos went to bed Brian and I actually had time to watch a movie!!  Say whaaaat?!  Shut your mouth!  These days we’re either on the go or we’re catching up on our TiVoed shows, so we just don’t have time to watch movies like we used to.  We often have Netflix movies sitting in our house for months before we finally watch them.  We watched Maleficent, by the way, and it was really good!  

Helping Daddy water the plants... his new favorite thing to do!

Sunday we spent the early afternoon at Brian’s mom and stepdad’s house for lunch and we spent a lot of time outside since the weather was so nice.  

Then Sunday evening we went to my parents’ for dinner and after dinner we all walked to the playground by their house to let Mommy and Daddy the kids play.  We They had a great time swinging, and Olivia went down the slide all by herself for the first time! 

Monday we got up and headed out for some errands – Lowe’s for a couple of things, Best Buy to recycle some old electronics that Brian had cleaned out of the black hole that is his office, and then we took the kids to brunch downtown where Olivia amazed us with her fork-using skills that we didn’t even know existed.   

After brunch, we took the kids to the splash pad… Olivia toddled right over to it, but the first time she got soaked, she was done.  And Jacob, our timid first child, wouldn’t even go near it.  I swear, I don’t know where our kids got their fear of water… B and I have both been swimming like a fish since we were little!  I used to live in the pool during the summer when I was growing up, and Brian is a mean water skier and knee boarder.  Seriously, our kids need to get with the program!  Since they weren’t interested in the splash pad, we let them run amok in the grass down by the river until it was time to go home for naps.  

Oh no you di-in't make me get wet!

Monday for dinner we grabbed some Chick-fil-a and then we headed to watch our nephew’s little league game.  Unfortunately it rained for most of the game, so I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures… it’s hard chasing after a tiny little monkey while holding an umbrella (to try) to keep us both dry.

All in all it was a great weekend… lots of time with the ones we love.  And we are forever grateful for all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might have the freedom to enjoy these wonderful moments!  

Hope y'all enjoy your evenings!


  1. Such cute pictures! It looks like you had a great weekend!

    1. We did! I live for these sweet weekends with my babies! :o)


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