Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Mother's Day Weekend

Monday, Monday… again.  Where does the time go?!  Sigh… I donned all black at work today to mourn the loss of the weekend and one of my co-workers asked me if I was channeling my inner Johnny Cash.  Lol.  I hope y’all enjoyed your Mother’s Day weekends!  We had a fantastic weekend full of fun and lots of family time.  I was sad to see it go by so quickly as it always does… 

Friday, Jacob’s school had a Muffins with Mom breakfast to celebrate all of the mommies for Mother’s Day, so I got to go spend some time with my sweet boy at school.  He made a little candle holder from clay and decorated it with beads, and he also made a card for me that he painted himself.  I seriously eat up all of the little crafty things that he brings home, and when they’re made especially for me, I pretty much melt into a puddle.   

 Friday afternoon Olivia had a re-check for her ear that’s been infected for over a month, and after three rounds of antibiotics, hallelujah, we finally got good news that it has totally cleared up!  We also learned that apparently Jacob can write his full name all by himself?!?!  That was totally out of left field!  I’ve been working with him for months and months, trying to teach him to write his letters, and while he adores reading the letters and watching me write them, he doesn’t really love trying to write them himself.  We haven’t really been practicing his writing at home for a good month or two, so when he started going to town on the chalkboard in the doctor’s office, Brian and I were both in total shock.  His teacher has obviously been working very diligently with him.  He did write it right to left, but we’ll just overlook that minute detail for now.  ;o)  I’m just so proud of him! 

Friday evening, we met some friends and their little ones downtown for some live music.  This week’s concert was on a massive lawn down by the river, so it was nice because we were able to lay out a big blanket for the babies (which they all largely ignored since they all just started walking) and some lawn chairs for the adults.  We had some drinks, listened to music, and chased after babies all night.  It was the perfect ending to the work week. 

Saturday I swear there was a full moon and it was just masquerading as a third quarter moon because our kids were crazy!   It was mostly Olivia acting up, but Jacob had a few moments, too.  I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that Saturday night I was positively exhausted, mentally and physically.  We did, however, make it to church, and I was able to snap a few pictures of them in their Sunday (erm, Saturday) best.

She wouldn't let me put her down practically all day!  I was trying to get ready for church and she wasn't having it!

Sunday, I awoke at 8:30, rolled over to see Brian still asleep at my side, and almost went into panic mode since the kids hadn’t yet awakened us.  The baby monitors showed that all was well (yes, we still have one in Jacob’s room), so we both got to laze around for a little bit.  Olivia didn’t awake until almost 9:30 which is just unheard of, so she had obviously worn herself out from all of her antics on Saturday. 

After a much later than usual start, Jacob and I made two Chocolate Éclair Cakes – one for Brian’s Mom, and one for mine, and Brian and the kids gave me their gifts. 

Brian said that Jacob wrote this all by himself... aaaand the envelope from Jacob's card is now my favorite gift, ever! ;o)

Yep.  They know me so well.

After that, we got ready and headed out to celebrate the mommas.  We did our typical lunch at Brian’s Mom’s house and then we spent some time out in her (thankfully) shaded back yard.  It was a hot one yesterday!  Jacob played ball with his cousins and then got to pick some more carrots from Nana’s garden.  

After lunch, we came home for some naptime (for the kids) and productive time (for me) and then it was off to my parents’ house to celebrate my Momma.  She had prepared one of my very favorites of her meals – big, juicy hamburgers on the grill, homemade mac n cheese (to die for!), baked beans, potato chips, and a big ol’ bowl of crisp, sweet watermelon.  Brian and I whipped up some homemade margaritas to add to the smorgasbord of gluttony, and we had ourselves a party!  I ate two helpings of everything and then celebrated that accomplishment with a big ol’ piece of Chocolate Éclair Cake that Jacob and I had made earlier in the morning.  And tonight, I’m going to eat a cracker for dinner and do 2,000 crunches to make up for it.  Haha, just kidding, of course I'll be eating leftover mac n cheese.  Duh.  We don't let that stuff go to waste!

By the end of the day my tummy was full, but my heart was even fuller.  (Every time I hear that word I automatically think, “Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi!!”  And if you have to Google that reference to find out where it's from then I don't think we can be friends.)  It was a wonderful day celebrating all of the women in our lives.  I am so blessed to have such a good role model in my Momma.  She has taught me so much, and she has been there for me during every single second of my journey through motherhood.   

I don't know what I did to deserve this life, but I am so incredibly thankful for it every single day.  I am especially thankful that God blessed me with my two sweet babies here and one sweet angel baby in heaven.  There was a very brief time where I was scared that I might never get to be a mother, and now I have two babies.  They are both healthy, bright, hilarious, and oh-so-sweet, and I am so appreciative for the opportunity to be their Mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies who are missing their grown babies because they are far from home, to all of the mommies who have blinked and watched their babies grow into toddlers, into teenagers, and into young adults, to all of the mommies who are cradling tiny new babies in their arms and breathing in their newborn scents, to all of the mommies who are waiting to meet the sweet babies growing in their bellies, to all of the mommies who are waiting to meet their angel babies in heaven someday, and to all of the mommies at heart who are longing to have babies of their own.  This world is a much more nurturing place because of all of you.


  1. Such a sweet post, but that last paragraph got me! Way to make a pregnant lady cry at work ;) -neen

  2. Your weekend looks fabulous and yay for Jacob writing his name! That is so exciting! And Olivia's thighs, don't take this the wrong way, but I want to eat them :)

    1. No worries, I munch on them pretty much every day! I love those chunks!


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