Friday, May 22, 2015

Five On Friday

Y’ALL.  It’s finally Friday.  I’ve been so thrown off all week... Wednesday I woke up thinking it was Thursday, and Thursday I woke up thinking it was Friday.  Definitely made the week feel super long. 

O N E 

This boy.   

A couple of nights ago, Brian was patting him to sleep and Jacob just randomly started talking about insects… “Insects have three body parts – a head, a forax (thorax), and a adomen (abdomen).  Ants are insects and flies are, too!  Spiders aren’t insects.  They only have two body parts and they have eight legs.”   

I mean, seriously.  Mind.  Blown.  He’s only three!  When stuff like that comes out of his mouth it makes me so incredibly proud.  This kid is like a sponge… he just soaks it all in and he retains it!!  This is one of the things that I love most about parenting… continuously being amazed by my children.  It never gets old.


Are y’all watching The Bachelorette??  I could not be any happier that Kaitlyn was chosen.  I don’t think that I could watch it if the guys had kept Britt.  (Yeah right, I could never tear myself away from it.)  She drives me up the wall with all of the drama!  Of course she’s drop dead gorgeous, but thank goodness those boys had sense enough to look past that.  Bye, Felicia.  We will not miss this...
T H R E E 

This has to be my favorite work out tank ever… I bought it last summer on for only $12!  I posted it on Instagram last night and I’ve had a few people ask me where it’s from, so here it isNow get you one and get that booty in shape!! 
F O U R  

In case you missed it, I finally made a decision on a gold handbag, and I am absolutely loving it.  You can see my reviews here. 

F I V E 

Everybody put your hands together for the three-day weekend!! 

Word to ya motha.  


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