Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Eight Years

Eight years… eight years.  I’m still not sure how it’s possible that it’s been eight years since my very favorite day of my entire life.  It really does seem like just yesterday, and I remember each and every little detail about it. 

Fortunately, someone had told me a few days before our wedding to be sure to stop and reflect throughout the day, to soak in every little ounce of everything, to be as present as possible on that day, because I would blink, and it would be over. 

Never have truer words been spoken. 

Even though it did fly by, I still hold the best, most vivid memories from our wedding day and someday I will be sharing it with all of you here on the blog... tiny, insignificant details that would have been long forgotten are still locked in my mind and I’m forever grateful for that little nugget of advice that someone gifted me. 

And I don’t even remember who to thank for it.

Today Brian and I celebrate eight years of marriage, and I can honestly say that it’s been the best eight years of my entire life.  Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs like everyone else, but my love for him has never wavered.  Not even for a second.  He’s kind, he’s hard-working, he’s an amazing daddy, and he still makes me laugh every single day. 

My advice to all of those still looking for that special someone?  Please find someone who turns out to also be your best friend.  Life is crazy and it will be so much easier and so much more fun when you’re in it with your best friend.

Thanks for a happy, hilarious, and definitely-never-dull eight years, Babe… and here’s to eighty more, because in the words of T-Swizzle, we never go out of style! 
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  1. Love this! Happy happy anniversary! I would most definitely agree about soaking up each moment of the day because it FLEW by for me too! Hope y'all get to soak up today as well!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. This is such a sweet tribute and you were a gorgeous bride! Happy Annoversary. So true about being with your best friend. I can't imagine it any other way!

  3. oh how sweet is this! you were a stunning bride, happy anniversary!

  4. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Your wedding pictures are beautiful. Happy Anniversary! Not to mention, I love that you can quote Taylor Swift in an anniversary post. That is awesome! Thank you for linking up with us today!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE that first picture so much! It's pretty obvious you two are meant to be, and you're right, having your spouse be your best friend is so important!


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