Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Thanks for your sweet comments and emails on yesterday's post.  Today was a much better day and I’m also feeling a bit better… only a tinge of sore throat left, so let’s hope it continues to go away since we have a long weekend coming up!

What We’re Eating This Week

These last two weeks have been a bit crazy so we’re eating a bunch of quick and easy meals that are in our usual rotation… no time to try anything new this week.  You can check out my One Dish Chicken, Red Potatoes, and Broccoli recipe here.  It’s a lifesaver on busy evenings.

What I’m Reminiscing About

We’re gearing up to go to the beach later this summer so I’ve been reminiscing about our trip from last year.  Look at those sweet little faces!  My, how they’ve grown this last year.

What I’m Loving

Summer clothes at Old Navy.  They just have the cutest stuff all the time now!  This pom-pom top is likely going to make an appearance in my closet and I wouldn't mind having one of these jersey swing dresses.  They look so light and comfy... almost like a maternity dress!  This sheer flutter-sleeve dress takes the cake, though.  I bought it a couple of months ago and it is gorgeous.  I received more compliments in the few short hours that I wore it!  I was also excited to see that they have a new version of the trapeze dresses that they had last year.  I had the plaid one in blue last summer, but I am loving this new dark wash denim version.  Perfect for July 4th cookouts.

What We’ve Been Up To

Last week Jacob graduated from pre-k, so we’ve been closing out the school year and getting him ready for summer camp.

What I’m Dreading

And speaking of summer camp…

Jacob is a creature of habit.  He thrives on schedules and he likes to know what to expect pretty much every second of his day.  Therefore, he always goes through a rough adjustment period when he has a big change in his life, and he is going through a big one as we speak.  School is officially out for the summer, and since I work full time, he is attending summer camp.  Fortunately the camp is at his current school so he will be in familiar surroundings, he will know some of the teachers, and he will know some of the students, but in his little world, everything is now different.  This means extra irritability and more tears than usual, which means more stress for mommy and daddy for the next few weeks (or months if it’s really bad).

What I’m Working On

I’m still cleaning out our entire house.  Right now I’m working on my office, which has proven to be the most difficult of all of the rooms so far.  I hoard keepsakes, and it’s really hard for me to part with anything of sentimental value, but I’ve gotten a lot better about it these last few months, and my office feels a million pounds lighter.  Now to finish it up!

What I’m Excited About

Beaching it!  Just a few more weeks until our trip!  I can’t wait for sun, sand, relaxation, and most of all, making memories with my favorite people.

What I’m Watching/Reading

Watching – Most of our TV is over for the summer, but my very favorite guilty pleasure just cranked up again this week… The Bachelorette!  I can’t wait to follow along with Jojo on her journey!

Reading – Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella.  During the summer, I turn to chick-lit for some lighter reading… perfect for the beach!  I’m about four chapters in so far, and I’m liking it.  I’ve read all of the other Shopaholic books, so it was inevitable that I would read this one, too.     

What I’m Listening To

The Lumineers new album… our kids are completely obsessed with it (as am I).  Every time we get in the car Olivia shouts, “Wisten to O-Opheeeelia turned up reawwy woud, Mommy!”   

It’s so cute!

Although, we are starting to tire of that one…

But it’s better than Frozen.

What I’m Wearing

Summa summa summa time!  Shorts, flowy tanks, and sandals on the weekends, and pencil skirts, sleeveless blouses, and dresses for work.  It always seems so much easier getting ready during the warmer months!  You can see my monthly recaps below:

What I’m Doing This Weekend

We are heading to Atlanta for the Dave Matthews Band concert and then we’re going to soak up every second of the three day weekend.  This will be the 20th time that I’ve seen them and I’m still every bit as excited as I was the very first time!  And just for fun, here is the car trip from last year's concert...

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month Year

Oh my goodness, you guys, have you seen the new trailer that was just released for the live action Beauty and the Beast?!  It’s based on the Disney version and it looks amazing!!!!  I watched the trailer the other night and I got the chills.  CHILLS!!  That will be one that I will trek to the theater to see!

What Else Is New

See this beauty?  It sure is gorgeous in pictures but it’s even more gorgeous in person.  Stay tuned because tomorrow I’m hosting an amazing giveaway and you will have the chance to get one for yourself!  

Happy hump day, errrrybody!

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  1. I've seen those Jord watches all over lately. They are so cool!

    Have so much fun this weekend! I know you aren't excited at all. ;)

  2. I hope Jacobs transition to summer camp goes well. I understand hoe that goes. Cam is going to a week long camp with a friend but since his buddy will be going I think he'll be fine. Have so much fun this weekend!!

  3. I'm dreaming of the beach too! We're headed Friday and I can't wait. I'm definitely going to pick up thAt shopaholic book. I've loved all the other ones!

  4. Ahh have so much fun at DMB, I'm so jealous! Hope Jacob adapts easily to his new schedule!

  5. Oh the beach!! That will be so fun!! We are heading to the beach in a few weeks too, but not going too far so I'm hoping we get some nice weather! What a fun giveaway! That watch looks awesome!

  6. What a fun weekend you are gonna have. Have a great time at the beach.

  7. So many things to comment on - I don't know where to start. I definitely have to check out your recipe. Quick meals are always nice, especially when you have a crazier day than expected. Your beach pictures from last year are so cute - it will be so nice to go again!

  8. Ahhh bring on the beach!! LOVE that dress you're wearing and those beach pics get me pumped for new family photos! Hope you're feeling better!

  9. You have so much to look forward to, the beach and a concert! Yay! I had NO idea they were making a Beauty and the Beast! I'm so behind!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  10. Yes, yes and yes to these. First off, I hope the beach trip is a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it. Where do you go? Love that photo of you and Olivia! Second, I love the Lumineers and the new music too. Third, I am SO excited for the Beauty and the Beast. I got chills too!

  11. Loving that wood watch. Beautiful. I can't wait to hear all about your beach trip. Those are the best. Sounds like a great weekend ahead and loving all your shopping finds.

  12. I love the watch you chose! It was SO hard for me to pick one!
    Love that picture of you and Jacob, too. SO sweet. I can't believe our kiddos are going to Kindergarten!

  13. Omgosh I'm loving everything at old navy except their maternity stuff and it's what I need haha

    Schools out! Yay! Hope he adjusts in camp!

  14. Austin thrives on schedules too.. he got REALLY thrown off since the last two weeks involved a lot of time at home from being sick. He started throwing major fits when I tried to drop him off at daycare, and acted out a bit during the days there too. It's tough. remember to come see DMB at the Gorge when they are next here so we can go too!!!! xoxo

  15. Love that dress! I hope Jacob's transition isn't too tough on all of you!

  16. love that watch!! I've seen a few of them lately and love how unique they are.
    The beach pics are adorable, such a great momento.
    LOVE the Lumineers!! Sooo good

  17. Lucky that school is out for you! We still have 2 more long weeks!
    My husband and I have also seen DMB a lot of times! They never disappoint!!
    Beauty and the Beast is my all time fav Disney movie and I can't wait for it to come out!
    Enjoy the long weekend
    We'd love to have you join our Tuesday Fashion Party link Up
    Betsy and Katey

  18. So much to love in this post! Love the beach photos and the watch! I'm excited (and jealous) of your upcoming trip. And hopefully summer camp won't be nearly as dramatic as you expect. I had the same worries when my son went to camp (also at his school) and he did great!


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