Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Bucket List 2017

It’s almost December so you know what that means… it’s time for a new bucket list!  And this happens to be my favorite bucket list of the entire year because it’s our Christmas bucket list!

We have lots of Christmas traditions so some of these you may have seen before, but as always, I like to add a few new things to do, too.

O N E – Decorate

Y’all know I go all out with the Christmas decorating each year so I start early.  As a matter of fact, I start so early that I’m already done.  I can’t wait to share our home tour with you soon… I had a great time decorating the bar cart this year!

T W O – Select Kids from the Giving Tree at Church

Our church puts up a tree each year with loads of people on it who are in need of items for Christmas.  Every year we select a couple and go shopping for them.  We love to give to those in need, especially this time of year!

T H R E E – Celebrate 10 Years

I can’t even believe that B and I will have been married for ten years in December.  INSANE.  Each year around this time we like to have a Brian and Lindsay’s Day O Fun where we take the kids to school and then spend the rest of the day together.  This year I think we are going to do that in conjunction with our anniversary because it happens to fall on a Friday!  Fun fun!

F O U R – North Pole Breakfast

I have been wanting to do one of these for years, so this year is finally the year!

F I V E – Christmas Tree Lighting for Brian’s Company

B works for a huge company here in town and they do a big Christmas tree lighting each year complete with hot chocolate and treats, horse and buggy rides, and, of course, Santa.  They ask all of the employees to bring a gift for a child in need, so it’s another great opportunity to give back. 

S I X – Christmas Tree Lighting Downtown

This Christmas tree lighting is always my favorite… B and I have been attending since before we even had kids!  They have a parade, carolers, and “snow.”  You just can’t beat that!

S E V E N – Breakfast with Santa

We attended this for the first time last year and the kids have been talking about it ever since.  It’s on the calendar for this Saturday morning and we are so excited!

E I G H T – Watch Georgia Play in the SEC Championship Game

This one isn’t technically a Christmas thing to do, but I can’t post this bucket list without mentioning – watch our Georgia Bulldogs play in the SEC Championship game!  We have had such an amazing season this year and it would be incredible to get a win!

N I N E – Annual Girls’ Scarf & Ornament Exchange

My girlfriends and I have been doing this for years and this year is no exception.  We are hoping that in addition to our scarf & ornament exchange and dinner that we are going to try to go see Bad Moms Christmas, too!    

T E N – Aaaallll the Christmas movies!

Love Actually, Home Alone, Serendipity, The Santa Clause, Elf, Polar Express… Oh my goodness, none of these ever get old.  I’m all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it! 

E L E V E N – Ramp Up Our Elf on the Shelf Game

Our beloved elf, Cheek, has returned, and I’m hoping to be a little more creative with him this year since I’ll have more free time SINCE I DON’T WORK ANYMORE!  What?  It is still so weird saying that.

T W E L V E – Fantasy in Lights

There is a place called Fantasy in Lights in Pine Mountain, GA and we have been making the trip almost every year since I was little to look at their amazing lights.  It’s a five mile strip that is covered in lights and it’s pretty incredible.  We always ride the tram to make it even more festive and our kids love it. 

T H I R T E E N – Drive Around and Look at Lights

We pack up the babies, and drive through the very best neighborhoods in town while listening to Christmas carols.  One of my very favorite things to do!

F O U R T E E N – Visit With the Mall Santa

The kids have already asked when we’ll go, so I’m thinking the sooner the better!

F I F T E E N – Indulge in at Least One Peppermint Mocha

We are obviously on a tighter budget now since I no longer bring home any money, so I’m cutting out Starbucks.  I do want to indulge at least once, though.  I can’t not get a Peppermint Mocha at least once.

S I X T E E N – New Ornaments for Each of the Kids

Each year we add new ornaments to our big Christmas tree – one for Jacob, and one for Olivia.  I like to get one of their favorite things from the year so we can look back and remember what they were obsessed with any given year.

S E V E N T E E N – Send Out Christmas Cards

Another thing that we do every year… I need to hurry up and get started!

E I G H T E E N – Atlanta Botanical Gardens Christmas Lights

I’ve heard that this is amazing, but since it would likely require an overnight stay I’m not sure that we’ll manage to get there this year since our weekends are already filling up.  If we don’t make it to this one, then I’m hoping to make it to our local botanical garden’s Christmas lights.

N I N E T E E N – Christmas Eve Childrens’ Mass

Celebrate baby Jesus at my favorite mass of the entire year!  So magical.

T W E N T Y – Host Christmas

My aunt and uncle who usually host Christmas will be out of town this year, so we will be having my entire extended family (around 30 people) over to our house on Christmas evening.  I LOVE to host, so I can’t WAIT!

T W E N T Y – O N E – Serve a Signature Christmas Cocktail

Since we’re hosting Christmas this year I want to come up with some kind of festive cocktail to serve Christmas evening.  I have some ideas of what I want, but I need to narrow it down to one and perfect it first.  Anybody wanna come be a taste tester?  ;o)

T W E N T Y – T W O – Snow Mountain in Atlanta

Stone Mountain in Atlanta has Snow Mountain every year during the winter.  They create snow and they have sledding and other fun snow activities.  I am DYING to get the kids there because we just never get snow here and I know they would love it.  Jacob has seen snow once because it snowed when I was eight months preggo with Olivia, but Olivia has never seen it.  I don’t even think she would know what to do!  Haha.

I am thrilled to be off during this time of year so I can soak every last bit of this up with Brian and the babies!   

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  1. Girl, you are going to have a FULL season!!! I love it! So many fun things and great traditions. You definitely need to get the Keurig so you can make peppermint mochas at home...they have the little K cup and packets for those and they are goooood!

  2. That is a list full of fun!! Lots of fun things to do over the coming weeks! We are doing our north pole breakfast on Friday! I can't wait to see how Jack reacts this year!

  3. Such a great list!! I need to get my bucket list made up soon.... I love the North Pole Breakfast, and want to do something like that too! :)

  4. I never did share our list, but I feel like I could just reshare last years and it would all be the same, lol. I need to take a peek at that. So many fun things to do this time of the year.

  5. OMG is that your home in the first pic? The napkins and placemats are so pretty where did you get those from?!
    This is a great bucket list!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. So much fun this season!! We have breakfast with Santa this Saturday too!

  7. What a FUN Christmas Bucket List! Lots of memories to be made!

  8. You will definitely have a ton of fun checking all of this off your list!

  9. Love this list!! You're inspiring me to create my own bucket list!!

  10. Love this!! I just put together my Christmas/Winter bucket list yesterday so I'll be sharing that soon. I hope you can cross off every single one of these - or at least most of them. :)


  11. Such a fun list! Our North Pole Breakfast is this weekend! Lily is counting down the days!

  12. Happy upcoming anniversary! My hubby and I were married in December too, just after Christmas. It's a busy season but there are so many good things to celebrate! Enjoy that Starbucks for me!

  13. This is a great list and my bucket list is on my to do list today since December 1 is JUST around the corner...eek! I love all the fun you will have and I love Christmas cards ALOT! I just ordered mine yesterday... xoxo ERIN

  14. Hi I really love your blog. Just wanted to add a thought, if you are a member of e-rewards.com you can take surveys and redeem them for Starbucks gift cards (lots of magazine subscriptions, and other gift cards too, I just redeemed them for macy's and express recently). It's invitation only, but if you are a member of a ff program or hotel rewards you will often get an invitation that way. It helps me still be able to splurge, but not really spend money.

    1. Girl, I totally used to be an e-rewards member!! I gave it up because I didn't have time to take the surveys anymore, but now I totally need to rejoin!! Thank you for reminding me!

  15. These festive goals make me happy just thinking about it! 10 years...yay, you cuties!! Have a great day!

  16. Love this bucket list. We have many of the same items on our list too.

  17. Girlfriend, you are going to be busy busy busy and have such an incredibly fun december!! Your kids are so lucky to have a mom and dad who love soaking up the season so much!

  18. So many fun things! We have so many similar items and I can't wait to do all the kid stuff this year - decorating early is the best, we did earlier than usual this year because I knew it would take me a while to get it done and I'm so glad we did - the more time to enjoy it, the better!

  19. That sounds like a wonderful list! We're all decorated here too and we're slowly making our list of crafts, treats and movies to make the most of the next month.

  20. It's been a hot minute since we've done snow mountain but we used to have so much fun. Girl, I am so excited for the SEC Championship. To be honest, I'm nervous, but I think it's going to be a good game. Also so happy that it's not Alabama we're playing after all these years! Was the Breakfast with Santa at The Vines? I haven't heard of the lights in Pine Mtn. We'll have to look into that. I'm ready for the Christmas season. The tree was up before Thanksgiving and we just finished decorating a couple of days ago.

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  21. I am working on our bucket list now and you have some great things you plan to do this season! It's the most magical time of the year and I hope this year is just as fun as years past.

  22. What a great list! You guys are going to have a super fun month and 10 years is BIG...hope you plan something special

  23. What a great list. I could basically just copy this down and call it a day. Can't wait to see all of your Christmas decor. So how is being a stay at home mom? I think this is week two now?

  24. This is such a special time of year and I am so happy you will be able to fully enjoy it! This is one of my favorites months even though it is extremely busy for us, it's also filled with so much fun. Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid


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