Thursday, August 9, 2018

Confessions {8.9.2018}

It’s been a loooong time since I did a confessions post.  So long that I haven’t even done one in 2018.  I can’t even believe that!  Are y’all ready for a whole mess of random thoughts?  Here they are!

I confess…

… that this first week with the kids back in school has kicked. my. butt.  And it’s only Thursday.  I got so used to waking up around 7 AM all summer that it has been positively awful dragging myself out of bed at 6 AM.  #IsItBedtimeYet

… that this first week with the kids back in school has also kicked their butts.  They were wonderful Monday evening, but after the novelty of the first day wore off they’ve been whiny, exhausted messes every evening since.  #CanYouBlameThem

… that this Friday evening, instead of staying in to let the kids recover after their long week, B and I are leaving them with my parents so we can go to a concert in Atlanta.  Sorry kids, I know you’re exhausted from your first week back at school, but Mommy needs to go see Taylor Swift!  #Priorities  ;o)

… that I snooze for 45 minutes every single morning.  If I have to be out of the bed at 6 AM, I set my alarm for 5:15 AM so I can snooze five times before getting up.  I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.  #NoSnoozeyNoWakey

… that I wish I was a morning person.  I’ve only said this a thousand times here on the blog.  #YallKnow

… that I’m soooo thankful that Olivia is now in uniforms.  No more struggle in the morning on what she’s going to wear!  Yet.  I’m sure she’ll eventually come up with something.  #SheAlwaysDoes

… that even after three whole days at home without the kids, I still feel like I’m drowning in “Things to Do.”  Most of my things that need to be done are important, but a lot of them are also projects and things that I WANT to do, rather than NEED to do.  But sometimes those are just as important to me as the things that I HAVE to do.  I mean, we all NEED an organized command center in our kitchens, don’t we?!  #YesWeDo

… that giving up on growing my Instagram has been the best thing that I’ve done this past year.  Last year I spent several months studying and analyzing the ‘Gram and trying to grow my following naturally, and it was very successful.  It was also exhausting.  However, Instagram made some changes mid last year that has made it very difficult to grow naturally ever since.  A lot of people resorted to buying followers, doing tons of hidden loop giveaways, following and unfollowing people, as well as many other questionable methods, but I refused to participate in anything like that.  Instead of joining everyone, I started putting all of my effort into my Instagram content (especially my stories), and I also continued channeling my creativity into producing quality blog content (because Confessions posts are quality content.  LOL).  Well, I’m happy to report, the followers are rolling in (albeit slowly – but steadily) and I didn’t have to compromise my authenticity to do it.  #StopTryingSoHardAndTheyWillCome

… that I’m addicted to watching other people’s Instagram Stories.  Some evenings before bed I will lay there and watch people’s stories for 20-30 minutes straight!  #TheNewReadingBeforeBed

… that I’m still in awe over my blog post that is viral on Pinterest.  The pageviews per day continue to increase and it’s rolling along so quickly now that I think it’s going to actually surpass Olivia’s Pink and Gold First Birthday post!  That birthday post has been out for over three years, but I think that this new viral post is going to pass it in overall pageviews within the next few months.  #Baffled

… that my summer tan is starting to fade and it’s making me feel like I look unhealthy.  Why do I always feel healthier with a tan?!  #IMissTheTanningBed

… that I am so ready for fall I could just burst.  I seriously considered going ahead and putting up the fall décor, but I’m staying strong and holding off until September 1.  #Maybe

… that I have already started Christmas shopping.  #FALALALALALALALALA

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Hahahah I love all of these! SO jealous you are going to Taylor Swift this weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. I love these posts so much!! Oh man, the snooze thing would drive me nuts! ;) Matt is a snoozer. Once that alarm goes off I'm up. And some of my post popular posts are ones that are ones that are old as well.

  3. Taylor Swift was amazing. AMAZING. I wish I could go again. Have fun!

  4. I totally was going to do a confessions post today, too. But then I wasn't feeling well yesterday and well that just fell to the wayside. Your to do lists seems like you are doing all the things - I think you are doing great! And I am ready for fall too. I even asked my mom if we could work on that this weekend when she is in town...she shot me down real quick, haha!

  5. I miss confessions, I say we bring them back maybe on a monthly basis. you in? and man I love being a morning person but it took me some time to get there. Now Pinterest is something I need to grow. I just do not have enough time. And I agree with you in Instagram. I have just focused on being me and followers have flocked. A lot of people that do BB like me to the follow unfollow and I just can't. I only unfollow people if I do not like their content. I am telling you go into the organizing business lady. And last but not least, so jealous you get to see Taylor Swift!!

  6. Well I'm not surprised that your organization boxes post went viral--I've already started one for Alice!

    1. That's awesome!! I hope you love it! It really has made my life so much easier since I started using this method!

  7. For school uniforms, we can wear any type of leggings underneath, so that's how Gabbie has always expressed her individuality! Instagram...I'm trying still. I do follow for follow groups. I get invited to hidden giveaways but I don't even know what they are and they cost so much!

  8. Oh these are so fun! I haven’t done one of these in a while, either. Question – what is the name of the font in your confessions graphic? Love it! I love brushed fonts. I’m so dreading those earlier wake up times! Eeeek! Hope you get in a nice routine soon. I’m a big time snoozer as well. Nate hates it! Ha. I’m so over all of the Instagram stuff. (insert eye roll) Bring on fall!!!!

  9. I forwarded on that growing on Pinterest post to so many people! It was such a good post! I am not ready for school starting next week, traffic and school zones are my nemesis, hee hee! Happy Thursday!

  10. I loved that post and it was so helpful. I have one more full week of summer and I am trying to savor it. I am craving the routine of the school year though. Have fun at Taylor Swift!

  11. Have so much fun at Taylor Swift!! I can't wait for you to share!
    This week has kicked our butts,too!
    I am obsessed with IG stories, as well! I could watch them all DAY!

  12. So jelly over T-Swift! I've seen her twice but not for YEARS now. She's the best. I second you on uniforms (hooray) and still not having enough time in the day to do #allthethings :)

  13. I need to be a morning person too! This summer has kicked my butt and I've been sleeping in longer than ever before! I just can't get myself up in the morning anymore! Wohoo for TSwift!! We are seeing her next month and can't wait!


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