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How to Create an Infant Keepsake Box

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I recently went through our entire house, cleaning out and decluttering, and I got rid of loads and loads of stuff.  Clothes and toys were cleaned out and sold/donated, cabinets were purged and organized, and old school papers were recycled, only saving a few special pieces from each year to organize in one box for each person in the house. 

It felt great to simplify, but there were a few things that weren’t part of my decluttering journey for sentimental reasons.  One of those items were our kids’ newborn keepsake boxes.  I created a box for each child right after they were born and they hold some of the most precious items in our entire house.

Today I’m going to share a little peek into our boxes so you can make one for each of your own children if you’re so inclined.  You will need the following for each child:

A Keepsake Box
Tiny Hair and Teeth Keepsake Boxes
Ultrasound DVD Keepsake Case

The exact boxes we use were purchased on Amazon, but they have both been discontinued by the manufacturer.  I did, however, find a bunch of different options on Amazon and a couple are very similar to the ones we have.  The boy version is here and the girl version is here.  I also found this gender neutral box as well and I love how it has all of the different labeled compartments.  These would also make great baby shower gifts!

As you can see, our boxes have two spots on the outside for photos, handprints, or footprints.  I chose to put a picture from each child’s newborn photo shoot on the left and a footprint on the right.  Just look at those itty bitty baby feet!!   

Our box opens from the top.  Upon opening, there’s a wide shallow space for paperwork and that’s where I keep a few of the larger mementos:

1.      Ultrasound photos and DVDs from their pregnancies (DVDs are in those metal cases)
2.      A copy of the local newspaper from the day they were born
3.      The very first sheet where we recorded their eating, sleeping, and pooping from their first few days of life (y’all parents know what I’m talking about!)
4.      A copy of the book endowment that my father-in-law donated in each of their names when they were born
5.      The “report card” of their activity that came home with them on their first day of daycare when they were just a couple of months old
6.      Baptism mementos – baptismal bib, baptismal candle, cards from family (they were both baptized at just a few months old)

There is a divider that separates the top from the bottom, and when you pull that out it opens up to a few different compartments.  In those compartments on the lower level I labeled and saved the following for each child:

1.      Top left compartment – caps and shirts that the hospital dressed them in right after they were born
2.      Top middle compartment – a tiny box that holds a lock of hair from their first haircuts and a tiny box that holds their first tooth.  These boxes are very similar to the ones we have.  I also have their umbilical cord stumps in this compartment as well.  (Yes, I saved them… that is what connected my babies to me for nine months!!  Don’t judge – LOL)
3.      Bottom left compartment – their very first pacis as well as their very last pacis (the Paci Fairy took these, but shhhh)  And yes, our kids were both obsessed with their pacifiers.
4.      Bottom middle compartment – their coming home from the hospital outfits
5.      Big right compartment – shoes they wore when taking their first steps (some may choose to save their first pair of shoes ever, but I preferred to save these), their first brushes and combs, a few dried flowers that were delivered to our hospital rooms after they were born

And that’s it!  All of the extra special items from their pregnancies / births / infancies are right there in one place. If there is ever a house fire and I have time to grab a few material possessions, those will be one of the first things I grab!  Because who could ever let anything happen to these precious items?

In addition to these boxes, I do also have a baby book for each child as another memento from their births/infancy.  :o) 

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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What an awesome keepsake box for your babies. Precious memories

  2. Those boxes really pack it in - so many sweet memories! I need to ask my mom next time I am home if she kept any of these goodies - I know I have a baby book (which is barely filled - second child problems), but I would love to see if she has any little momentos!

  3. well these are just the sweetest boxes ever! All 4 of my kids special outfits/shoes are in one let's hope I will still remember what belonged to which one!

  4. Love this! I haven't made my boxes yet, but I've been setting a few baby things aside for a long time now. Your post came just in time to motivate me to make their keepsake boxes. Yay!

  5. Oh I just adore this! I also need to go back and find your post about having a place for all of the school artwork thats brought home!

  6. This is so sweet! I have a little keepsake box for Ella with some things from her birth, and her baptism certificate and candle in it. I need to add a few things to it.

  7. This is absolutely precious and such a good idea! I have momentos just floating around the house -- not a good plan. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are so beautiful - hoping to do one for Sophia! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  9. This is such a wonderful idea! I'm like Shelly above...both my kids' things are all in one box. This would make a great project for me during the school year. And probably bring some happy tears as I look at all their baby things!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. That's a great idea. I have all memories in big boxes, rather than a small one for the newborn memories. And I still need to reorganize all of're very inspirational!

  11. Scheduling this to pin!! I love this idea and maybe I can do this in the future!

  12. Such a great idea! We have things tucked away for the boys but nothing this organized. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  13. This is such a great idea! Sending this to my sisters, they will love this.

  14. What a precious little keepsake! I love how organized it is!

  15. Oh my goodness, how darling are these boxes?! I need something like this for the few items I can't bare to let go of <3
    Green Fashionista


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