Tuesday, August 7, 2018

30A Beach Trip - Days 4 & 5

Remember when we went on a beach trip at the beginning of June and I started recapping it and then stopped?  Well, the day has finally come to get the final post up on the blog!  In case you need a refresher before you begin this post, you can see our By the Numbers post here, Day 1 here, Day 2 here, and Day 3 here.

Okay, let’s get to days four and five, shall we?

Day four started out pretty much the same as all of the others.  The kids ate the other halves of their cinnamon rolls that were leftover from the previous day, and B and I each had half of the donut that was leftover along with a Larabar.  After breakfast, we hit the beach! 

This was our last day to enjoy the beach and we had yet another perfect day weather-wise, so we wanted to squeeze in as many hours there as we possibly could.  We did a little bit of sand castle making, we hunted for shells, I read my book, and the kids splashed around in the ocean all morning.  We went up to the room briefly for a quick lunch, and then it was straight back down to the water for more of the same.  We even tried to get some “jumping on the beach pictures” and they turned out hilarious.  It is impossible to get everyone to jump at the same time when you have two tiny kids. 

And now I’m going to bore you with a million pictures because this is my family scrapbook and I want to remember every single detail!


You still here?

We went back up to the room a little after three and then it was time for showers and a few minutes of down time before heading out for our last night.  The kids counted shells while I got ready – all 185 of them!  How’s that for some math homework this summer?

We left for dinner around 4:45 beach time because it was already 5:45 back home, and we ended up at a little Mexican place in Rosemary Beach called La Cocina.  The cheese dip was hot, the food was delicious, and the margs were some of the best I’ve ever had.  For those of you who have ever had a margarita at Bartaco, these were almost as good as those.  Mmmm hmmmm… I told you they were good!

After dinner, we did a little bit of shopping in the gift shops nearby.  I buy a souvenir frame from every single vacation to put on our souvenir frame wall in the playroom, and I was still in need of one.  I found the perfect frame, grabbed a 30A t-shirt for myself, and the kids picked up some new sunglasses as well as a shark-tooth necklace for Jacob and a bobble head turtle for Olivia.  That she promptly broke within a day or two of getting home.  Sigh.

Anywaaaay.  Haha.  We decided to go for a little stroll after that and we ended up in Alys Beach.  The architecture there is just gorgeous!  And the evening was gorgeous!  And the weather was gorgeous!  Y’all, this was probably my favorite beach trip of ours ever. 

The kids tired pretty quickly of walking because they had played so hard in the sun all day and Olivia stubbed her toe, so we turned around and headed back to Rosemary Beach for dessert at The Sugar Shak.  If you’re ever in the area it’s a must-see!  It is the quaintest little old-fashioned candy shop/ice creamery and I swear they have every single candy bar and candy ever invented in there.  I saw so many candies that I hadn’t seen or thought of since I was little!

Our whole crew got ice cream with the exception of Olivia.  She opted for Fun Dip.  That girl loves her candy! 

Once we were done with dessert we strolled around Rosemary Beach a little bit longer and we walked down to take one last peek at the beach as the sun was setting.  We were all pretty exhausted, so we called it a night after that.

Day five we were up bright and early, we got ready and said goodbye to the ocean from our condo, and we headed straight to Big Bad Breakfast in Rosemary Beach for a… big bad breakfast.  Haha. 

Their food was HEAVEN ON A PLATE!  I had a sausage cheese biscuit and their biscuits were so light and fluffy and HUGE.  They were divine.  B opted for the French toast and I had to take a picture of it because it was just so darn pretty.

After breakfast we loaded up the car and headed for home… but not before making one last stop at Fonville Press in Alys Beach for Momma to grab a coffee for the road!  Fonville Press was the cutest little place with an outdoor courtyard and we will definitely be going back to eat there for a full meal the next time we’re there!

Just as we were leaving the storms rolled in and it was a complete wash out all day… looks like our timing was impeccable this year!

Until next year, 30A! 


  1. I love all the pictures! And girl, I have a post scheduled for this week to wrap up our beach vacation from LAST August. I hope to be more timely this year...haha!

  2. Oh my goodness! It looks like you all had a blast! So glad you enjoyed yourselves before the weather changed!

  3. Love all the pictures. What a great trip! Is it to early to start counting down to next summer break?;)

  4. That jumping pictures are hilarious! I love them! And how tan are you?! Definitely can check that one of your summer list.

  5. Leaving the beach when it's rainy (or a total wash out!) is the BEST way to leave the beach, IMO! I love that you all take a trip like this just the four of you every year. We value this too and this it's so important and beneficial in so many ways. <3

  6. Alys beach looks amazing- that first picture is so beautiful! Your kids will love the memories you created here, stubbed toes and all. 💜

  7. These are wonderful memories of your beach vacation. Girl, you were rockin' that bikini! Great pics!

  8. Just making a list of places for my trip there in less than a month! Wahoo!

  9. I love how beautiful the beaches are there. And that ice cream and Mexican food looks sooo yummy!!!

  10. Your pictures are stunning! I love the pom pom shoes you got last year for your birthday (right?). I want to go there now, it just looks beautiful and quant and everything I want in a beach town!

  11. I'm so glad you had such a great trip and left just at the right time when the clouds rolled in. I love all the beach pics and the fun ones of you guys jumping up and down. Such sweet memories! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. I miss the 30A and love reading your recaps! It’s such a beautiful and fun area. I love that first picture of you!! So cute. These are all such great pictures. And now I am sitting here wishing I was sitting on a beach somewhere. Rosemary Beach is one of my favorites, but we’ve never been to La Cocina. I guess I need to go back! Ha.

  13. I love all the photos! Sounds like a perfect trip.

    1. Thank you! It was my favorite beach trip yet as a family of four!

  14. You took so many amazing photos! I just love beach pictures. You are rocking that bikini too momma! And I'm so jealous you found a sand dollar...they are my favorite! So jealous...we haven't made it to the coast and that makes me sad. Just doesn't feel like summer without the beach!


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