Thursday, October 18, 2018

Girl Chat - DIY Craft

Hey, hey!  It’s time for another Girl Chat and today we’re sharing a DIY craft.  Since the holiday season is near I thought I would a few of my favorites that I’ve posted on the blog in year’s past.  I looked back through the ol’ blog archives to see what might be fitting for this time of year, and I came up with three of my favorites ever!

O N E – Seasonal Book Crate

With two small kids, we have collected a lot of books throughout the years.  Some of our favorites to purchase are books for the different holidays.  Because we have so many, it’s easy for them to get lost in the shuffle, so a couple of years ago I made our seasonal book crate to keep them all in one place.

The crate stays in one spot in our living room right by the fireplace and I switch out the books for each season – books about love during February, Easter books in March and April, Halloween books in September and October, Thanksgiving books in November, Christmas books in December, and so on.  I also throw the kids’ birthday books in there during their birthday months. 

This allows all of our themed books to be at our fingertips at the appropriate times and it also encourages the kids to read more often.  I know our time is numbered with this as they are getting older, but this sweet little crate will remain there until they’ve completely outgrown it!  To see more details, click here to see my original post and to see how I dress it up for each of the holidays.

T W O – DIY Wine Cork Ornament

Two years ago, our wine cork collection was overflowing so I decided to try my hand at a DIY ornament.  It was so easy to make, it turned out even better than I expected, and it was so much fun to do!  You can see the original post and tutorial here.

T H R E E – DIY Christmas Card Holder

I have always struggled to find an ideal way to display our Christmas cards, so last year I set out to make something of my own.  This Christmas card holder that I made turned out to be exactly what I needed.  It holds a ton of cards and it’s super cute.  Win win!  You can see the original post and tutorial here.

If you’re feeling crafty, dig right in!  Only a couple more months until Christmas!

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  1. Love all of those crafts. The grapes are so cute!

  2. The book craft is such a great idea! And I love a good DIY ornament!

  3. Ok, seasonal book crate is happening in our house!

  4. I need to make a book crate like that! I have a crate to use. We love seasonal books around here!

  5. Do you ever see something and think "Duh! That is so easy! Why haven't I been doing that?!" Because these are my exact thoughts after seeing your seasonal book crate!! Love love love this. The idea of setting this aside throughout a season and reading those more often is fabulous. I am putting this on my to-do this for tomorrow. Thank you my friend!

  6. I make so many wine cork crafts because of my wine habit! I love he ornament. I found a place here that takes gently used corks but I'll have to set some aside. I love the Christmas card holder!

  7. I love putting my books out by themes... that crate is cute. LOVE the Christmas card holder, Lindsay!

  8. I still love that wine cork ornament and the holiday card holder.

  9. I love the seasonal book crate! Such a cute idea and picking some favorite books for the season are so fun. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  10. The wine cork ornament is a great idea! Our collection is starting to get out of hand as well so I may have to make some of these for this year!

    1. Thank you! You totally should! They would make great gifts, too!


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