Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What I Wore - September Recap

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As you’re reading this, we’re en route to the mountains and we could not be more excited for a break!  B has been working hard, the kids have been studying hard and practicing their sports hard, and I’ve been momming hard and we’re all ready for a much deserved break!  Maui’s sitter (also our house sitter while we’re away) arrived this morning just as B and I finished packing up the car, so B and I will be sitting promptly in the car line at 12 noon waiting for the kids to dismiss for fall break!  We’ll be heading straight from the car line to the mountains, only stopping for a quick bite to eat along the way.  Unfortunately, the weather is going to be misery the whole time we’re there.  And by misery I mean FREAKING HOT.  Ugh, will this heat ever go away?!?!  IT’S OCTOBER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. 



Here are my looks from September.  And don’t get too excited… it’s just the same ol’ crap I’ve been wearing since April.  Lol.

September 1 - Leggings

September 2 - 

September 3 - Tank (On Clearance for $7.99!)

September 4 - Leggings

September 5 - 

September 6 - Leggings // Native Shoes

September 7 - 

September 8 - 

September 9 - 

September 10 - 

September 11 - 

September 12 - 

September 13 - Leggings

September 14 - Native Shoes

September 15 - 

September 16 - Native Shoes

September 17 - Leggings

September 18 - Leggings

September 19 - Kimono // Gold Sandals

September 20 - Gold Sandals

September 20 (evening)

September 21 - Gold Sandals

September 22 - 

September 23 - Converse

September 24 - 

September 25 - Leggings

September 26 - Leggings

September 27 - Native Shoes

September 28 - 

September 29 - 

September 30 - 

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what we’re up to on our trip!  We have lots of fun things planned despite these stupid hot temperatures!  We won’t let them get us down!

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  1. You know I love all the red and black!!

  2. It's still stupid hot here, too. Come on mother nature! Hope you guys have the best trip - can't wait to follow along!

  3. I don't know why the weather cannot get it together!! You would think October would be the perfect time to go to the mountains but apparently you'll need to wait until December haha! Have fun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I hope that the weather changes its mind for you!!! Have such an amazing time!! I think it is so cool you get a fall break! Of course, we don't start school till late August, so a Fall break would be silly for us. ;)

  5. I'll trade weather with you! Here in MN it's been COLD!

    Have a great vacation!

    1. I'd love to trade with you right now!! I'd want to give your weather back to you in January, though. ;o)

  6. It's been unseasonably cool here, sorry we can't share! Have so much fun in the mountains and I think you always look fantastic :)

  7. I feel like I need a burgundy shirt to go with the kimono that I also have! I really like the look of your plaid shirts and shorts.

  8. I just love all of your outfits. We have been having some great cool weather here and I have been able to switch out my wardrobe a little bit which I am loving. I love the plaid with the shorts!

  9. These are the cutest tops! I have a hard time finding tops I like. Where do you find yours?

  10. Have a wonderful trip. Great outfits.

  11. Have the best time in the mountains and a safe drive! Loving all of your looks. Hoping it cools down a bit for you. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. "you had me at pumpkin spice" yesssss haha

  13. Love your outfit posts. Have a great time in the mountains!

  14. Loving all of the plaid and fall vibes.
    I hope you guys have a blast!

  15. Loving all the fun colorful tanks! Have an AMAZING time in the mountains with the fam <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. Yes it's still HOT and I was so hoping that it would cool down for the weekend as the hubby and I are headed to North Carolina for some couple time. With our busy schedules those are few and far between. Hope you and the family have a wonderful Fall Break.

    1. Thank you! We sure did! I hope your enjoyed your getaway, too!

  17. Loving all your looks - great ideas for transitioning from summer to fall!


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