Monday, May 17, 2021

Rainbow Love - The Best Rainbow Items for All Occasions

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My love for all things rainbow runs DEEP, y’all.  I’ve been drawn to colorful rainbow stuff for as long as I can remember – since I was tiny – and my love for rainbows has only grown as I’ve gotten older.  My best friend and I were completely obsessed with them in high school and we constantly doodled them on the notes that we passed back and forth to each other.  And now, as an adult, my Instagram feed is still a reflection of my love for all things bright and cheerful… no filters for me!  I just can’t quit ROYGBIV!

Rainbows are very in right now (I mean, do they ever really go out of style?), so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite rainbow items that the internet has to offer… many of which we own. 

1 – Rainbow Purse

This little rainbow purse with pom-pom clouds might just be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  It would be the perfect gift for any rainbow-loving kid.


2 – Rainbow Beaded Earrings

SWOON.  These statement earrings are stunning, and they are perfect for summer.  They’d pair so well with any bright sundress, and they would make for the perfect accessory on a beach trip!


3 – Rainbow Bookends

These bookends would add a little pop of cheer to any bookshelf and I love that they include pink… maybe I need them for my office?  ;o)


4 – Rainbow Heishi Bracelets

This set of five heishi bracelets is only $6.99 and they are the perfect accessory to accompany any summer outfit.  Mix and match or wear them all together to create lots of different looks!  They’re lightweight and beautiful and I’ll be wearing mine nonstop all summer long!


5 – Rainbow Puzzle

This wooden puzzle would make a sweet gift for any toddler and it also looks adorable as décor on a bookshelf… I know because I have one in my office.  ;o)


6 – Rainbow in My Room

Rainbow in My Room projects a rainbow in your child’s room… how awesome is that?!  I can’t think of a happier nightlight!   


7 – Striped Rainbow Girls Dress

I bought this dress for Olivia a couple of years ago and it is one of my favorite outfits she’s ever owned.  This dress is high-quality and sturdy, it washes well, and it holds up beautifully over time.  It looks adorable with sandals in the summer or with leggings and a cardigan in the winter, and any little girl would love it.


8 – Rainbow Wall Hanging

At just $6.99, this sweet little rainbow wall hanging is the perfect way to brighten up any baby nursery or child’s room. 


9 – Rainbow Tassel Garland

It’s amazing the impact that one inexpensive tassel garland can have on a room!  I keep lots of different garlands on hand and change them out on our living room mantle for each of the different holidays and seasons.  It’s an easy (and cheap) way to make any space instantly festive. 


10 – Be Kind Rainbow Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt is not only cute, but it has a good message, and it would be the perfect thing to throw on while volunteering at your kids’ school or just hanging out with friends and family this summer.


11 – Rainbow Area Rug

This bright, plush rug would be such a fun addition to any little kids’ bedroom or bathroom, and it has a built-in non-skid backing, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.


12 – Pom-Pom Rainbow Bin

These bins are perfect for those who like neutrals and only a little bit of color because they’re not so in-your-face colorful.  The bins are sturdy and large, and the pom-poms are such a fun touch.  These would be perfect in any playroom or kid’s bedroom.


13 – Rainbow Paper Straws

These rainbow paper straws would add a fun pop to any bar cart, birthday party, or even just a regular lunch or dinner.  Olivia is obsessed with paper straws – she uses them constantly – so I think we may need these for our bar cart!  ;o)


14 – Rainbow Umbrella

Brighten up any cloudy day with this adorable clear and rainbow umbrella!  I just love the polka dots and I love that the umbrella is see-through so you can put it around your face to stay totally dry even when the wind is blowing.


15 – Rainbow Letter Board

Letter boards have been popular for several years now, and many people are now straying from the traditional black boards to colorful ones.  This rainbow board is by far the most unique letter board I’ve ever seen, and it would make a fun addition to any household.


16 – Rainbow Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins… another weakness of mine.  I love love love cute cocktail napkins, y’all!  These would be so cute on a bar cart because they’re functional, but they also double as décor.  I also love sticking fun napkins in our kids’ lunchboxes, and these would be perfect for that.


17 – Rainbow Purse

I know I already have a rainbow purse on this list, but I couldn’t resist adding one more!  Olivia got this purse in her Easter basket and it's a less expensive option than the first one in my post!


18 – Rainbow Tote

This jute rainbow tote is another neutral option for someone who likes color, but not too much color.  This tote is HUGE at 17 x 12.5 x 7 and it would be perfect to take on a picnic, to the pool, to the farmer’s market, to the beach, or to carry groceries home in from the store.  It has 872 ratings and 4.8 out of 5 stars and everyone just raves about how good it is in the reviews!


19 – Rainbow Mug

This mug from Anthropologie is absolutely gorgeous, and the best part is that the sister mug in its set is a sunshine!  The set is seriously darling and drinking coffee out of that every morning would make for the most cheerful way to start the day!


20 – Simplified Planner in Happy Stripe

And last, but certainly not least, is my favorite thing on the whole list – a Simplified Planner!!  I’ve been using a Simplified Planner for nearly three years now, and I’ll never go back to any other brand.  You can read all about why I love this planner so much herehere, here, and here then you’ll want to go grab one for yourself!  It comes in lots of patterns and colors, but the first one I ever owned was the Happy Stripe because – rainbows will always have my heart. 


And that’s it, y’all!  Happy happy Monday!

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  1. So many fun items! When I saw those book ends in your graphic, I instantly thought of how perfect they would be in your office, too!

  2. My son had that rainbow light and it was so neat!

    1. I've been thinking about getting it for Olivia... I might get it for Christmas!

  3. I love rainbow everything too. My friends daughter has a room that is all weather related and so many cute rainbow items.

  4. This is such a fun post. Pinning to give some COLOR to my board. :)

  5. How bright and fun! I loooove those bracelets!

  6. I have always been a huge rainbow fan too. I have the bracelets on my wishlist and I love the shirt! I have a rainbow shirt that says Somewhere over the picture of the rainbow, so it's like somewhere over the rainbow.

  7. SUPER cute rainbow items! I'm swooning over that t-shirt!! And thanks for sharing your planner love. I have one I use for homeschooling, but last year I picked up an extra one to use only for blogging and my to-do lists. That one ends in July, so this one would be perfect to pick up and use!!! (Although I am unintentionally on a blogging break I guess, considering I haven't blogged the past four week... oops! LOL!)

  8. I do love rainbows, and these are all fantastic ideas for pride month in June. I love that felt letter board! I own one, but who can say no to a rainbow board???


    1. Oh yes, SO TRUE!! I guess my timing was excellent, huh? And yep, definitely can't say no to a rainbow letter board... I've had it on my wish list for a while now and I keep talking myself out of it since I already have two letter boards, but GOSH, I want the rainbow one so bad, too!


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