Monday, March 14, 2022

Easter Basket Stuffers

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I’m almost done shopping for Easter basket stuffers for our kiddos, so I thought I’d share a few goodies that I came across while I was browsing.  All of these are from Amazon and they arrive in two business days for Prime members.

Bunny Rabbit Pop It Purse

Pop its are all the rage, and this pop it purse takes them to a whole new level. 


Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

There’s nothing like opening a fresh box of sidewalk chalk, and how fun is this glittery version?!


Color Block Sunnies

We love popping spring necessities into our kids’ Easter baskets, and new sunglasses are always a favorite.  These are unbreakable and have excellent reviews.


Heart Sunnies

These heart sunnies are super fun, too, and are also unbreakable.


Bunny Lego Set

Our kiddos both love Lego, and Lego releases a new Easter themed set every year, so I always grab one for each of the kids.  This year's set is precious. 


Rainbow Cat Purse

This isn’t keeping with the Easter theme, but Olivia loves cats, so this rainbow glitter cat purse caught my eye.


Bunny & Carrot Pop It

And for those who do not want a pop it purse, they also have Easter themed pop its, like this bunny and carrot.  The two pull apart and snap back together.


Easter Basket Mad Libs

Another favorite of our kids’ is Mad Libs… they never go out of style.  This Easter Basket version is perfect for, well, your kids’ Easter baskets.  Haha.


Daily Devotional for Kids

There’s no better time than the Easter season to encourage your kids to work on their relationship with God.  These Jesus Calling daily devotionals are filled with daily inspiration and encouragement to help your kids grow stronger in their faith.  Both of our kiddos have these (pink version here and blue version here), and we read them together each morning before heading to school.


Flipping Squid

I’ve mentioned these little guys a couple of times on the blog, but I thought I’d mention them again because they’d make the perfect Easter basket stuffers.  These come in tons of colors/expressions, and each one is reversible.  Again, not necessarily Easter themed, but they’re so cute they’re irresistible!


Easter Activity Book

Our kiddos also love a good dot-to-dot, and this one is Easter themed!


Paint by Sticker Book

These paint by sticker books are also favorites in our household, and they have an Easter themed book, too!

In addition to these items, a few other ideas are new swimsuits / swim trunks for summer, sandals or flip flops for the beach, and spring dresses or these Under Armour polos.  We love to put a mix of practical things and fun things in their baskets.

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. Just love the bunny Lego set! Happy new week sweetheart!

  2. That Lego bunny set is so cute!

  3. These are all such great ideas! I have my daughter's basket done, I think... and, I still need some things for my son! That pop it purse is so cute. Daily devotional books are such a good idea!


  4. These are such great ideas and bring back lots of Easter basket memories for me!

  5. So many fun finds! Serena would LOVE the glittery sidewalk chalk, and I love the idea of sticking in a kid's devotional <3

  6. Great ideas! I miss these cute ideas in Easter baskets. Now they just want cash or gift cards ;/

  7. Great ideas. I need to get those octopus flip guys. I meant to at Christmas but never did. We love that glittery chalk too. And you are right, there is nothing like opening a new box of it.


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