Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Target Haul - Kids’ Clothes and Home Decor

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I spent some time browsing at Target last week to gather stuff for the kids’ Easter baskets (yes, already!), and I found so many cute things that I thought I’d share them with all of you today!  As always, Target is on fire with the spring fashion and home décor.  This is not going to be organized in any particular manner… just a bunch of random goodness coming your way…

Girls’ Tie-Back Dress

Y’all – THIS DRESS!!!!  It is absolute perfection – the pattern, the colors, the eyelet hem, and cutout back with the bow – just darling.  The quality is excellent… it’s thick, it’s fully lined, and it hits just above the knee.  This is a boutique-quality dress for way, way less.  I’ve always loved Cat & Jack, but they’re really outdoing themselves this year.  This dress will be sitting in Olivia’s Easter basket, and I’m thinking it will be the perfect dress for family pictures on the beach this summer!  It comes in four different colors and patterns, too!


Girls’ Woven Maxi Dress

This woven maxi dress is another boutique quality dress brought to you by none other than Cat & Jack, and it looks like it would cost $50 if it was from anywhere else.  It’s absolute perfection just like the other, and the quality is incredible.  The woven pattern and the eyelet bodice add the prettiest little details, and it’s fully lined and not at all see-through.  This one is a maxi dress, and the size 7/8 hits Olivia just above the ankles right now, so it will grow with her for several years. I bought this one for her to wear to church on Easter Sunday. 


Girls’ Tiered Striped Maxi Dress

Olivia loves a maxi dress – they’re always the first thing she reaches for during the warm months – so I bought this pastel rainbow-striped one to put in her Easter basket as well.  The best part about these Cat & Jack maxi dresses is that she can wear them for years.  Anybody remember her beloved “pineapple dress” (the pink maxi dress with the white pineapples all over it that she loves to wear to Pineapple Willy’s at the beach)?  Well, she has been wearing that one for at least three summers now (maybe four??) and I think she’ll probably continue to wear it this summer, too.  We always buy these Target maxi dresses as a true maxi dress where it touches the tops of her feet, and then as she grows, the dress turns into a midi dress and then, eventually, a standard knee-length dress.  Talk about getting your money’s worth!  And yes, they hold up year after year!


Girls’ Denim Skirt

OMG, y’all.  If there’s one thing I’ve always loved my entire life, it’s a good denim skirt.  I have been wearing denim skirts since I was teeny tiny, and I was so excited to see this one at Target when I was shopping for Olivia.  Olivia HATES pants, leggings, shorts, and anything that is not a dress or skirt.  Since skirts are very hard to find for her age, she typically just wears dresses.  That means that she has a ton of shirts in her closet that rarely get worn.  I’m hoping that this denim skirt will finally get her wearing those shirts, and I LOVE that it’s denim because it’ll match everything!  She can even wear it in the fall and winter with leggings and boots!  The skirt is excellent quality, and it hits just above the knee so it’s not overly short.  And the raw hem and distressing are perfect for today’s style.  Best part?  Only $15. 


Girls’ Gold Sandals, Option 1

Olivia has outgrown her Saltwater sandals from last summer, and at the rate her feet are growing these days, I decided not to buy another pair of Saltwaters for this summer because they're pretty pricey and I’m worried she’ll outgrow them before the summer is even over.  Instead, I opted for some Cat & Jack sandals from Target because they always hold up well, but the price point is much lower than the Saltwaters which is exactly what we need when she’s growing at the speed of light.  Our local store didn’t have any of the sandals I was considering, so I ordered two options online, and I ordered each of them in a 2 and a 3.  That way, she can try on both pairs in two different sizes and see which ones she likes the best, which ones fit best, etc.  Then we’ll return all of the pairs that we don’t end up using.  This first option is gold, which I love because they will go with literally anything, and I love that the ankle strap is Velcro rather than a buckle that will take much longer to get in and out of.  These are my favorite of the two styles because I think they’ll be best for dressing up for church.


Girls’ Gold Sandals, Option 2

Option two is also gold, which will go with everything, and the straps on these also Velcro so she’ll be able to take them off and put them on quickly.  These give off a bit more of a casual vibe, but I’m sure they’ll still be acceptable to wear with her fanciest dresses for church, so I’ll just let Olivia decide which ones she likes best, and we’ll return the others.


Girls’ Pom Pom Straw Bag

This pom pom bag was a purchase for Olivia’s Easter basket.  It’s a pretty decent sized bag, but it’s child-size, so it’s just right for her.  She tends to bring a lot of stuff with her everywhere we go, and most of the time, she tries to carry everything in her arms.  I’m constantly telling her to put everything in a bag, but she really doesn’t have anything large enough to hold everything she brings.  I’m hoping she’ll start using this bag to wrangle all the things instead!  It’s large enough to fit her drawing clipboard that holds standard-sized paper, so I’m hoping this works well for her.  It's also soft, and not at all stiff or scratchy for those of you who have kids who have sensitive skin.  Both of our kiddos sure do!


Boys Striped Swim Trunks

Jacob doesn’t need much in the way of clothes as most of his stuff still fits from last summer (plus he rarely wears anything from Target anymore anyway because all he wants to wear is Nike and Under Armour), but he does need new swim trunks for summer.  These rugby striped trunks are simple, but so cute, and I think he’ll love them.  These will be going in his Easter basket.  The best part?  They’re only $10!


Threshold Hand Towels

For our everyday hand towels, I have been using these pink and white plaid towels from Amazon.  However, the towels from Amazon are tea towels, and therefore, aren’t made of terrycloth, so they're not thick like traditional towels.  That means they’re not very absorbent, and with just a few hand dryings, they are soaked through.  Since they stay soaked from so much use, I have to change them out constantly, so they’re wearing out very quickly.  I found these hand towels at Target, and they’re almost identical to the tea towels that I love so much from Amazon, but they’re made of actual thick towel fabric!!  I love them SO much, and they’re only $5 each which is a steal for the awesome quality!  Since I use these year-round for our everyday kitchen towels, I bought several to replace the others that are now permanently stained and worn.  They also come in several other colors and patterns if you’re not a fan of pink.


And that’s my haul, y’all!  We’re almost totally set for Easter already, and it’s still a month away!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I have a feeling target is really going to be killing it this spring and summer! Love the gingham hand towel of course!

  2. Zachary needs swimsuits too - but I am thinking he'll need grown up sizes! Agh!

  3. I just got a table runner in that same white/pale pink plaid that you got in the hand towels from Target's dollar spot to use for blog photos. Those gold sandals are SO cute. I should see what size they go up to. Autumn has tiny feet.


  4. Kitchen towels can be so tricky. Sometimes the cutest ones have absolutely no absorption. Great Target finds!

  5. So many cute clothes there for kids right now. I also love that bag.

  6. What adorable Target finds. I used to buy so much of my boys' clothes through them.

    1. They have great stuff and I love that it's affordable!


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