Friday, March 11, 2022

Five on Friday - My Birthday Wish List

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I’m going to be celebrating the big 4-0 next month – EEK! – so I thought it would be fun to share a few things on my wish list!  And please note, by no means do I expect to get all of this stuff... these are just all of the random items that are on my wish list at this time!

O N E – For the Home

nuLoom Jinny Trellis Wool Area Rug, 7'6"’ x 9’6", Ivory – I bought a smaller version of this rug for my office earlier this year and it is perfection!  The rug we bought for our bedroom has been driving me nuts since day one because it refuses to lay flat and it constantly bunches up on my side of the bed even though I have rug tape under it to hold it in place.  This rug lays perfectly flat without rug tape, is SUCH great quality, and is the perfect color and pattern to go under our bed.  The one in my office has held up beautifully all these months, too.


Jonathan Y 27" Table Lamp, White – I just need one more lamp for the corner in our front room, and then that room will be done aside from a rug and rearranging the artwork on the walls.

Woven Table Runner, 15 x 108, Stone – I’ve been refreshing our dining room, and I’ve been looking for a very simple table runner like this one!


Young Living Aria Diffuser – I’ve been wanting this diffuser for years, but it’s soooo expensive.  There are a couple of look-alikes on Amazon, but I’m very hesitant to try them because of the bad reviews.  Therefore, the Aria diffuser is the one I’m keeping on my list!


Origin 21 Soren1-Light 8-inch Flush Mount Light, Matte Black – We’re still working on this laundry room revamp, and this is the light I want to go in there.


ErgoFoam Adjustable Desk Foot Rest (mesh) – My computer and keyboard sit really high on my desk, and there’s no way for me to lower them, so I have to position my chair fairly high to combat arm and shoulder fatigue.  The problem with that is that my feet barely touch the floor, and that’s also causing back issues, so I’m hoping that getting one of these will allow me to get my desk/chair/feet just right in hopes that some of my neck/shoulder/back pain will cease.


Friends Mug, Black – I love mugs, and we’ll just go ahead say that I’m a collector now.  I don’t have a Friends mug (aside from my giant one that I use for soup), and I absolutely need this one for my collection!


Lists Are My Love Language Mug – Another one that’s perfect to add to my collection!  I love Emily Ley and all of her products, and I love supporting small businesses like hers.  And if this mug doesn't scream LINDSAY then I don't know what does.


T W O – Clothes

Babydoll Top (Color – 2111 Green, Size – Small) – I have this top in two different colors and it’s one of my favorite tops that I’ve ever owned.  Seriously.  I absolutely love this green and white pattern and I’d love to add it to my closet!


Swiss Dot Babydoll Top (Color – Green, Size – Small) – This top looks so cute and flowy for summer, and it would be great to wear with jeans or shorts! 


Swiss Dot Babydoll Top (Color – Red 04, Size – Small) – This is the same version of that shirt that I love, but in Swiss Dot.  I’m always in need of new football season apparel because I wear tons of red and black during the fall months.


Cropped Workout Twist-Front Top (Color – Black, Size – Small) – This cropped top is perfect for workouts, and it would also be cute with the high-waisted skirts I love!


CRZ Yoga Running Shorts (Color – Arctic Plum, Size – Small) – Brian bought a pair of these for me for Christmas and I loooove them.  They are the epitome of the perfect running shorts.  They’re comfy, breathable, they don’t ride up when you run, the fabric is soft and high quality, and they’re not too baggy or too tight.  Absolute perfection.  I highly, highly recommend these and I want another pair for myself!


Dave Matthews Band 41 Burst Tee (Color – Purple, Size – Medium) – Loving this DMB tee!


Red Turtleneck Tunic (Color – Red, Size – Small) – I have this top in white and it’s one of my favorites… I want the red one for cold football games!  I only have one good red top for winter, and I’ve worn it over and over to all of the cold weather games.  I need something new!  Haha.


T H R E E – Accessories

Women's Georgia Bulldogs Knit Hat - If I could only pick one thing to get for my birthday, it would be this hat!!  I looked HIGH AND LOW for this hat after our National Championship win and it was sold out all over the entire internet.  Dick's Sporting Goods finally has it back in stock and I want to snag one before they sell out again!  I know we're heading into warm weather so I won't be needing it anytime soon, but I sure do want one next fall and winter!

Barrington Tote (Savannah Zippered Tote, Leather Patch with my initials, Black Gingham, Brown Leather) – Brian got a Barrington tote for me for Mother’s Day and I LOOOOVE it.  The one I got in May is pink and white which is perfect for spring and summer, but I’d love a darker print to carry in fall and winter.  The first tote I got was the “St. Anne,” and I love how roomy it is, but I think the “Savannah” would be better as it’s slightly smaller.


Rothy’s, The Flat (Color – Bright Red, Size – 8.5) – I bought a pair of Rothy’s a couple of years ago, and they are, hands down, the best flats I’ve ever worn.  They’re so comfortable, they don’t slip on your feet, they’re upcycled so they’re better for the planet, they’re 100% machine washable so they never get stinky, and they never lose their shape, even after being washed tons of times.  I’ve worn mine a bajillion times, washed them a bunch, and they still look brand new.  I’m ready for my next pair, and I would wear the heck out of these red ones!  I had a pair of red flats several years ago and the color was my absolute favorite.  I wore them all the time.  Unfortunately, they were from Walmart and they wore out super fast, and I haven’t been able to find any true red flats since.


F O U R – Books

Vogue Living Houses, Gardens, People, Hardcover – I’ve had this book on my wish list for years.  It’s a beautiful coffee table book and it’s huge.  I want it to go in the front sitting room.


Welcome Home by Myquillyn Smith,Hardcover – Another beautiful coffee table book that I’d like to put in our front sitting room.


New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp – When I mentioned that I was looking for a new daily devotional, this one was recommended more times than any other book.  I’d like to start this one in 2023.


F I V E – Gift Cards

Amazon – My Amazon wish list is always bursting at the seams, so these are always wanted.


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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. I’m so excited for your birthday! I hope you get everything you want and more. You’re precious.

  2. I have a joke about the DMB shirt - maybe for your 41st birthday! But it's cute. And I like that you have home stuff on your personal wishlist, if that's not adulthood!

  3. Yay for it almost being your birthday month! That rug is so pretty and all of those shirts have my heart! Soooo cute!

  4. What a great list of things; those baby doll tops are all so cute.

  5. I bought a look a like and love it!
    This is my second year on NMM and LOVE it!

  6. I want another pair of Rothys too. I just washed mine and they are good as new. But now I want a pointy pair. I love the clothes you picked out! And that foot massager!!

  7. I always love when you do your wish lists, because I get so many ideas for myself! :)


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