Friday, March 18, 2022

Five on Friday - Oh Happy Dani Collection, New Favorite Sneakers, the Best No Show Socks, and the Cutest Disney Birthday Loot

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Hey y’all, happy Fridaaaay!  We had another busy but wonderful week and I’m excited about the weekend because we have some fun things in store.  Are y’all ready for some favorites first?  I have some super fun ones for you this week…

O N E – Oh Happy Dani Collection at Target

I started following Danielle Coke’s Instagram account back at the beginning of 2020 when social injustice entered the spotlight on the main stage.  Back then, she didn’t have very many followers, but she exploded in 2020 and is now nearing 500K followers. 

Danielle is an absolute ray of sunshine in this sometimes dark and scary world, and her words of wisdom and art about faith, hope, and justice could not be more perfect for the climate in today’s world.  She is just what we have all needed in this world for the last few years and she has been one of my very favorite people to follow. 

I’ve mentioned her before here on the blog, but I couldn’t help but mention her again today because I’m just so dang proud of her.  Last month, she released an entire line of gorgeous products at none other than… Target.  Target, y’all!!  What a huge accomplishment!  And she’s so dang humble about it.

I finally had a chance to scope out her display at my local Target, and I couldn’t love her products more.  They’re all functional, beautiful, and uplifting.  I would have loved to buy all the things, but I limited myself to the 2022 wall calendar, the Do Good Work journal, and the Matter to You mug.  The calendar is awesome because not only can you use it in 2022, you can also repurpose the artwork inside after the year is over!  The calendar contains twelve 8x8 reusable art prints that can be framed to display after the year is over! 

All of the products are high quality – I couldn’t believe how thick and luxurious the paper was in the calendar, and the front also has gold foil accents – but the price points are extremely affordable, and I’m loving everything that I purchased. 

In addition to the items I bought, she has loads more including canvas bags, pouches, tumblers, puzzles, notepads, planners, and wall art canvases, and they would make beautiful gifts for yourself or others.  Several items have already sold out, and I don’t know if they’ll restock once they’re gone, so if you’re interested, check them out soon!

I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs, especially those who stand for the good things in the world, and I can’t think of a better human to support than Danielle.


T W O – Golden Goose Dupes

Golden Goose sneakers are all the rage right now and it has amazed me to see how many people have been dropping $500-$800 to own a pair.  No judgement whatsoever here on how people are spending their money, but spending that much on a pair of shoes is not something that I’d personally do.  Y’all know me – I’d much prefer to find a good dupe instead… especially when the dupes are only $24.99!!

I bought these from Target several months ago and have totally dropped the ball on sharing them here, other than in my monthly fashion recaps.  These shoes are the actual CUTEST, and they’re so comfy!  I’ve been wearing them for months and they have held up beautifully.  They get more and more comfortable the more I wear them, and they still look brand new all these months later.  I love that the animal print is understated, but I love that the glitter laces add such a fun pop.  They go with pretty much everything and I’ve been wearing mine a ton.

If you’re looking for a good GG dupe, look no further than Target!  And these also come in camo print and tan/rose gold.  The tan/rose gold ones are on clearance, too!


T H R E E – True No-Show Socks

And that brings me to… the best no-show socks ever!  I know a lot of people probably wear these shoes without socks, but I much prefer to wear socks with any sneakers that I wear.  I had some “no-show” socks that worked well with my booties, but unfortunately, they still showed underneath my GG dupes, so I had to find some true no-show socks.

I found these on Amazon, and they are THE BEST.  They barely cover the toes and ankles so they don’t show under any of my shoes.  The best part is that they are actually comfortable.  They are nice and stretchy, so they don’t cramp my toes, and most importantly, they do not slip off of my heels.  Ever.  I can wear them for hours in my shoes and they never bunch up or slip off.  I can also wear them around the house with no shoes and they are just as comfortable as regular socks. 

They come in multipacks of all sorts of different colors, so there are plenty of options.  If you’re looking for true no-show socks, look no further than these Amazon finds!


F O U R – Disney Birthday Shirt

We’re finally going to Disney World for the kids’ spring break, and their spring break is later this year, so it actually falls on my birthday week!  I also just so happen to be turning 40 this year (EEK!) so it’s a big birthday.  I can’t think of a better place to spend my 40th birthday, so I’m going all out with the Disney apparel for that day.

We’ll be in the parks on my actual birthday (Animal Kingdom), so I couldn’t resist picking up a special shirt to commemorate the event.  I was originally going to buy a 40th birthday shirt, but I figured if I did that, I’d probably never wear it again, so instead, I opted for this generic “birthday girl” shirt that I can wear for years to come.  Naturally, I got it in pink (my fave), and it arrived last week.  It’s so dang cute, it’s super soft, the shipping was fast, and I can’t wait to wear it!  I love supporting Etsy shops!

F I V E – Disney Ears

I know many people don’t want to celebrate turning 40, but I’m not the least bit bothered by turning 40.  Am I baffled that I’m going to be 40?  Totally.  Am I anxious and sad and wishing I could turn the clock back so I could be younger again?  Absolutely not.  I’m a true believer in the statement, “you’re only as old as you feel,” and I still feel like I’m 25, so I’m not bothered in the least by turning 40.  (I also feel like I don’t look like I’m 40 either, but somebody please put me in my place if I’m wrong.  LOL.) 

I’m grateful to be able to say that I’ve had 40 years on this beautiful earth, and I pray that I can make it (at least) 40 more.  Therefore, I’m embracing (my word of the year) 40, and I wanted to commemorate it somehow, so I ordered these special 40th birthday ears from Etsy.  YOLOOOO.  They match my birthday shirt perfectly and they. are. darling. and I’m soooo excited to wear them at Disney and announce my age everywhere I go.  FORTY COMING IN HOT!


Friday Funnies

I realized the other day that I never shared all of the fantastic memes that popped up right after the Super Bowl… better late than never! 

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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. I really like that Target line although I don't know of Dani! I haven't heard of those expensive sneakers either, so I must be behind the times. I had a birthday in Disney once, it was so great!

  2. How fun to be going to Disney for your birthday! Love the Disney shirt you purchased.

    1. Thank you! We are so very excited! It's been a long time coming since our trip was canceled in 2020.

  3. Perfect Disney finds for your birthday!! I don't think I could think of a better place to spend a birthday either (though not my birthday as it is in July and that would be so HOT and so crowded I'd be miserable).

    1. It is definitely too hot for Disney in July!! The humidity is terrible there during the summer, too, so I wouldn't want to be there either then. Haha.

  4. Greet Funnies. Sweet Disney. And I will have to check out that line.

  5. The credit card bill and being too high. Ha. I want some Golden Goose dupes so I will check those out. i even have a Target gift card. I love your ears and shirt for your birthday. And to celebrate in Disney! Mine is next year so I need to start planning what I want to do.

  6. Ok, maybe I am the only one, but I have never heard of Danielle Coke! Thanks for sharing her, I'm going to follow her on IG! I'm 44 and I was one of those people that got really sad about turning 40! I know it is so silly. I don't handle milestone birthdays well! But, I felt so much better the day after. AND, my husband isn't the best at planning parties, but I planned my OWN party and had all my friends and family over! I was really into monograms back then, so I had cupcakes with my monogram on them with fondant in neutrals (and my favorite color, gold)... we had a photo booth and it was just so much fun! That was before Covid, thankfully! I do feel we become more one with ourselves as we age and I def. wouldn't want to go back to 25 again where I was so clueless about everything.

    Have a great weekend!



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