Friday, May 13, 2022

Five on Friday - Belle Mug, Ruffle Top, Ruffle Dress, Sunflower Necklace, and a Special Keepsake for Your Kids

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Happy Friday, y’all!  This week has been busy, and this weekend is going to be straight bonkers, but we are coming down the homestretch and summer break will soon be here!  Today, I’m sharing a few favorites from the week…

O N E – Disney Souvenir

One of my very favorite things these last few weeks has been this Belle mug that I picked up at Disney World on our trip last month.  I’m a sucker for a cute mug, and in recent years I guess you could say that I’ve started collecting them, so when I saw this mug at Disney World, I knew I had to have it.  I don’t typically buy souvenirs for myself when we travel (other than a tacky souvenir frame for our travel gallery wall at home), but I knew this mug would get a lot of use!  I drink hot tea every single day, twice most days, so I go through a lot of mugs.  I’ve used this one almost every day since I brought it home, and it makes me so happy.  She is the best Disney princess, after all.  ;o)  

They do have mugs like this for most of the other princesses, too though, if you have a different fave.  And they also have this Beast mug and this Chip mug if you're a fellow Beauty and the Beast fan like I am!


T W O – Ruffle Top

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already seen my ode to these ruffle tops from Target.  I came across the tops one day while browsing to potentially spend my birthday gift card, and I fell in love.

The tops are just lovely, and they couldn’t be more perfect for this southern girl.  The bodice is a soft stretchy ribbed cotton and it’s thick, so it isn’t see-through (even the white one).  The sleeves are made of a stiff cotton, so they puff out and stay in place.  It’s feminine, flattering, and ONLY $15!!!!  I love it so much that I used my entire gift card to buy it in red, white, and blue.   

It looks great with everything from jeans to skirts to shorts, and it works especially well with my beloved Amazon skirts, which I now have three of.  The top fits true-to-size and I’m wearing a small.  And you can wear them with a regular bra as long as the bra isn’t cut too high in the front… I’ve had a couple of people ask me, so I thought I’d go ahead and put that out there, too.  Highly, highly recommend! 


T H R E E – Ruffle Dress

This Easter was rainy and chilly (which is very unusual for us here in the south), so I opted to wear a long-sleeve dress.  I had several DMs from people asking where my dress was from, and just like the ruffle tops, this dress was from Target!  The quality of this dress is absolutely top-notch, and it washes and dries beautifully (I just love anything that I can throw in the dryer and not have to worry about it shrinking).  The fit is very loose and billowy, so I would suggest sizing down one size.  I typically wear a small, but I grabbed this in an extra-small and I still have plenty of breathing room.  The full price is a little bit more than a typical dress from Target usually costs, but it’s been on sale for a while now, bringing it down to just $27.


F O U R – Birthday Gift

For my birthday this year, my parents gave me this beautiful necklace.  I’ve always loved sunflowers, and the necklace is a sunflower with my name carved out as the stem.  Isn’t it so unique?  I wear a necklace every single day, so a necklace is always a great gift, and I’m so happy to have this new one to add to my collection. 

If I post about something and don’t link the source, I always get messages from people asking where they can get one, too.  I have no clue where my Momma purchased mine, but I did find this one on Etsy that’s similar.  They have tons of different flower options, and several different metal options, too.  And you can customize the name, of course.


F I V E – A Special Keepsake Idea for Your Child

I think I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but since it’s the end of the school year, and graduation season, I thought I’d mention it again in case any of you are new to the blog.  When our kiddos were born, I bought them each a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, and at the end of each school year, I have their teachers write a little note in there and sign it.  When they graduate high school, we’ll give it to them as a graduation gift. 

We’ve had all of their teachers sign it from the time they were infants in daycare, so every single person who has cared for them over the years will have a message for them.  The book already has the perfect message for graduating high school seniors and then having those special messages from all of their teachers from birth to 12th grade will make it even more special. 

With regard to getting the book to the teachers without the kids knowing, it’s easy when they’re little… you just take it in and give it to the teacher when you drop them off or pick them up.  Now that the kids are older, it’s a little more challenging, but for now, I’m just sending it in with Jacob and Olivia in a manilla envelope with the teacher’s name on it and telling them to give it to their teachers.  I email the teachers on the side to let them know the books are coming, and I also explain what it is and what we’d like them to do.  They then send the book back in the manila envelope via the child.  Easy peasy!

You can buy the book here if you’d like to start your own tradition.  :o)

Friday Funnies


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Pretty much!

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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. That mug is my favorite and it's not even mine! What a great find! Oh and those memes - those memes are hilarious! Happy Friday, my friend. :)

  2. Love your new necklace and I should look at Target for some new shirts too!

  3. That necklace is so special! Love the Belle mug too. Your bookshelves are #goals! Have a wonderful recital weekend!

  4. I love your new necklace. It is so pretty! I definitely want one like that. My grandmother gave me one and it was stolen in 2011 when our house was broken into. So I really want to replace it. i love the idea of the books with the teachers. I am hoping I can do that and that the girls teachers will help me out. Your Belle mug is sooo cute!

  5. Your necklace is beautiful! Heading over to Target's site to check out that ruffled top.

  6. I adore that necklace and I got one of those ruffle target tops as well! Happy weekend!


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