Wednesday, May 11, 2022

What I Wore - April 2022

Happy May, y’all!  April was a mix of cold weather and warm weather and everything in between, so I was all about the layers.  We also made it to DISNEY WORLD, so I wore aaaallll the fun Disney shirts as well.  You may notice that the one I wore on April 7 in Magic Kingdom was recreated and taken at my house when we got home.  In all of my excitement, I completely forgot to snap a picture in the park that day, so I just put everything back on at home and snapped one here so I could have it for my post.

Ready to see what I wore in the month of April?  My very favorite outfit of the whole month is the very last one… aaaallll the heart eyes for this new top that’s only $15!!!!  As always, I'll link as many items as I can underneath the pictures.

April 1 - Striped Tee // Jeans // Necklace

April 2 - Necklace

April 3 - Disney Top // Denim Shorts // Necklace // Bracelets

April 3 (evening) - Dress // Necklace

April 4 - Shoes // Necklace // Bracelets

April 5 - Disney Top // Denim Shorts // Shoes // Necklace // Bracelets

April 6 - Top // Skirt // Bracelets

April 7 - Disney Top // Shoes

April 8 - Disney Tank (similar) // Denim Shorts // Shoes // Necklace // Bracelets

April 9 - Bracelets

April 10 - Spanx Faux Leather Leggings // Shoes

April 11 - Jeans // Necklace

April 12 - Dress

April 13 - Striped Tee // Jeans

April 14 - Dress // Jean Jacket (similar) // Shoes

April 15 - Scalloped Cami // Paper Bag Skirt // Necklace

April 16 -

April 17 - Dress // Nude Heels // Olivia's Dress // Olivia's Bag

April 18 - Jeans

April 19 - Jeans

April 20 - Jeans // Shoes

April 21 - Jeans // Shoes

April 22 - Striped Tee // Jeans

April 23 - Dress

April 24 - Top // Denim Shorts // Necklace // Bracelets

April 25 - Tank 

April 26 - Denim Shorts // Shoes

April 27 - Striped Tee // Necklace

April 28 - Green Twist Front Top // Jeans

April 29 - Denim Shorts // Shoes

April 30 - Denim Shorts

April 30 (evening) - White Ruffle Top // Paper Bag Skirt // Bracelets


Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. I noticed that new shirt in some of your pictures this week! Very cute!

  2. I think my favorite is your birthday shirt!!

  3. Oh they are all so nice! We're still mostly wearing turtlenecks/long sleeves here but I have broken out the sandals and just live with cold feet. LOL. I have NEVER worn graphic tees but did pick out a few I'm eyeing for Disney & some Harry Potter ones for Universal. I loved how fun they made your photos feel!!

    1. Hopefully y'all will be in short sleeves soon! We've had a very long spring down here so I imagine it's been pretty cold up there for y'all! And yes, you should totally jump on board the graphic tees train for Disney! Makes it extra special!

  4. OMG! That scalloped top and then the April 30th evening outfit - all.the.heart.eyes!!!!

    1. Thank you! April 30 was my very favorite outfit of the whole month!

  5. OMG, I'm so jealous you got to Disney World... we had to cancel a trip with Covid and just never got around to rescheduling... the military is so strict with restrictions we have been scared to invest the planning just to cancel again! Love your outfits, making me want to go plan a vacation, haha - http://www.domesticgeekgirl

    1. Thank you! I totally get that. We had the same thing happen to us, too... we were scheduled for March 2020 and it got canceled, so we were finally able to make it up last month. I hope y'all can make up your trip soon, too!

  6. The cuteness! I spy lots of our beloved pink and I love the yellow gingham as well!

  7. So cute! Love all the Disney shirts! :)

  8. I have that scalloped cami in a few colors too. Such a good shirt. Love your Disney shirts!


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