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Five on Friday - Unique Apple Watch Bands on Amazon

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I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for a couple of years now, and I never go anywhere without it.  Since I wear it everywhere and with everything, I have collected quite a few different watch bands so I can customize them to match my attire.  I’ve purchased all of my watch bands from Amazon because they have fantastic prices, and they also offer a wide variety of designs.  From silicone to real leather to glitter to beaded to fabric, Amazon has every option imaginable, and I’m going to share some unique finds today! 

O N E – Leather

Lilly Pulitzer fans, this one is for you!  Made of genuine leather, this watch band is durable and lightweight, and it’s bright and cheerful for summertime.  It comes in five different colors and patterns, too!

This Kate Spade watch band is also made of genuine leather, and it comes in nine different colors and patterns.

If you’re looking for a basic leather band, this one is highly rated, and it’s offered in 29 different colors.


T W O – Silicone

This lace option adds a fun twist to a standard silicone band.  The cutouts and slim fit make them a breathable option that’s perfect for summer.  They come in packs of five for just $14.99 - $19.99, and there are six different color packages from which to choose.

This engraved option is another fun option to dress up an otherwise plain silicone band.  These come in packs of two, and there are 10 different color combinations.

Nothing screams summertime like bright, sunshiney yellow, and I love this particular shade.  The shade is named “pollen” and I couldn’t agree with that more as that’s exactly what it looks like.  Haha.

How adorable is this lemon band?!  I love that the main part of the band is clear… that adds to its uniqueness.

This marble band is the perfect neutral band that would go with everything.

This rainbow band is another bright, fun option for summertime.


T H R E E – Fabric

Scrunchies are popular again right now, so these scrunchie bands would be a stylish (and comfortable!) option.  They come in packs of three with 16 different color combinations, and there are even a couple of Halloween and Christmas options.

This braided option comes in 15 different colors and patterns, and it’s another fun, unique option.

This pack of bands are made of nylon and they're fully adjustable for the perfect fit.  They're also stretchy for maximum comfort.  Reviews for these are excellent!


F O U R – Glitter

I love to wear a glittery band around Christmastime and New Year’s Eve, and Amazon has so many great options.  This one comes in rose gold glitter, black glitter, silver glitter, pink glitter, and many more. 

This option combines silicone and glitter for a more subtle glitter effect, and it comes in nine different colors including champagne, black, blue, pink, and lilac.


F I V E – Beaded

This disc beaded band turns your Apple Watch into a fun piece of jewelry, and it comes in many different colors. 


This is another fun option that allows your Apple Watch to blend seamlessly into your bracelet stack.

And if you're an Apple Watch band collector like I am, you might find this Apple Watch band organizer handy!  It holds 35 bands and it's super-thin, so it's easy to slip into any suitcase, carryon bag, or even your purse when you travel.  It comes in three different colors.


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  1. I need an Apple Watch!!! Soooo much cute wrist candy! Also, that meme about the personality matching two margaritas in - yes! LOL!

    1. I never had any desire to have one, but then during the pandemic, I got the itch to get one becuase I started working out so much. Now I couldn't live without it!

  2. I've had the same band for awhile now, it's magnetic and I like it except when the magnet closure sticks to other things! The beaded bands are very cool.

  3. Those band options are fabulous and so are you! Great Friday funnies and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love all the options! All my watchbands are from Amazon!


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