Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! 24 Reasons to be Thankful…

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all of the things for which we are grateful, and I’ve really enjoyed putting together these thankful posts the last couple of years, because it requires me to be more intentional about being grateful.  That is soooo important since we sometimes fail to be grateful for the day-to-day things that often get lost in the shuffle.   

Per usual, I’m always the most grateful for God, my family, and our health, so those are things that I thank God for every single day, so this list is for all of the other little things that sometimes go overlooked…

1 – Being able to go to school Mass with my girl any time I want.  I never take for granted the fact that I don’t have to work for corporate America anymore and have someone else dictating my schedule on a daily basis.

2 – The gorgeous morning sunrises on our way to school!  I do hate driving to school in the dark, but being able to see the early stages of the sunrise every morning is truly a treat.

3 – Being able to serve on the Home and School Advisory Board this year at the kids’ school.  I love being a part of the decision-making process for so many exciting things that our school is doing, and I’m grateful to have this opportunity!

4 – Being healthy enough to be able to donate blood yesterday.  I love knowing that my blood is helping save lives simply from me taking one hour out of my day every couple of months.  What an honor and a privilege! 

5 – For a super fun time spent with family and friends, for unmatched energy in Sanford Stadium, for grandparents to keep our babies so Brian and I could get out and have fun without them, and for a HUGE Georgia win over Tennessee to stay undefeated.  Oh, and for ponchos.  ;o)

6 – Sunday dinner at my parents’ house after not being able to do it for nearly six weeks due to illness. 

7 – Flu shots to hopefully keep us protected (or at lesser risk) of getting that nasty flu. 

8 – A clean house after all of the chores and deep-cleaning are done.

9 – A healthy body that allows me to run, walk, squat, kneel, move, and feel comfortable in my own skin.

10 – Watching my girl do what she loves to do – sing!!  She led the choir today at school Mass and it just made my heart swell watching her precious self get up in front of everyone and sing her little heart out!

11 – Skilled doctors/surgeons, nurses, and hospital staff for making Olivia’s surgery as quick and painless as possible.  And for all of the veterans who have served our country, including my late grandfather, my father-in-law, my uncle, my cousin, my great uncle, and so many friends… we are so grateful for all of you!

12 – Sweater dresses!!  Man, I love those things!  They’re stylish, versatile, comfy, and chic!

13 – Time spent with each of our families. 

14 – Christmas music.  Enough said.

15 – Finally being able to get my hair done!  There’s nothing like a fresh cut and color!

16 – One-on-one time with my momma and a rom-com at the movie theater.  Heaven!

17 – Thanksgiving lunch with my girl at school!  We haven’t been able to do that for the last two years because of Covid, so it was nice to be able to continue the tradition again this year.

18 – Seat warmers in my car!  It was freeeezing this morning and those things are the best things ever.

19 – The start of a nine-day break with my lovies

20 – Lots of family time at Sunday lunch and Sunday dinner

21 – A great dinner with old friends/co-workers… so grateful to have maintained these long friendships after all these years.

22 – A day with NOTHING on the calendar so we could get some things done and relax a bit!

23 – More downtime with our little fam before all of the craziness begins for the rest of the week AND BENIGN BIOPSY RESULTS FROM OLIVIA'S SURGERY!  Thanks be to God!

24 – All of you!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting me in this space day after day, week after week, year after year.  It means so much to me that I get to do this as my job!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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