Monday, November 14, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Ages 4-12

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This gift guide for kiddos ages 4-12 is right up my alley since both of our kiddos fall in this age range.  Today I’m going to be sharing some of their all-time favorite things as well as some items on their wish lists.

1 – Squishmallows

Squishmallows are aaaallll the rage right now for this age group, and they come in a gazillion themes and designs and sizes.  Does your kid like avocadoes?  They have a squishmallow for that.  Does your kid love donuts?  They have a squishmallow for that.  Does your kid like sharks?  They have a squishmallow for that, too.  If you have a child in this age group, you can’t go wrong with a squishmallow this year!


2 – Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze was on my gift guide last year, and I’m putting it on here again because it’s just such a cool game!  Jacob and Olivia love it (Jacob especially) and it’s not only fun, but it teaches the kids problem solving and keeps the wheels turning in those little brains.


3 –Keyboard

My brothers and I grew up with a keyboard in the house, and we all played it frequently.  Jacob has recently taken up piano lessons, and he’s been asking for a full-size keyboard (this one is not full-sized), so that’s what he’ll be getting for Christmas.  You truly can’t go wrong with a keyboard, y’all.  The gift of music is something that your child will take with them their entire life!  And let’s face it, this is way less obnoxious than a drum set (which Jacob has also asked for)!  Hahahaha.  This one is priced great and has loads of great reviews!


4 – You’re Always Enough by Emily Ley

This book has the absolute sweetest message for small kids and older kids, alike, and it’s a book that’s guaranteed to become a keepsake that gets passed down from generation to generation.


5 – Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

The ever-popular Magic Mixies that were all the rage last Christmas (they were the Tickle Me Elmo of 2021!!) now has a new product, the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball.  I know this one is on lots of little kiddos’ lists this year!  Get them while they’re still in stock!


6 – Paint by Sticker Book

Our kiddos love these paint by sticker books.  They keep them busy, but without any mess.  They’re perfect for taking along in the car or on flights since they’re not messy!


7 – Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie has an updated Dreamhouse for 2022, and it is awesome, y’all!  We bought Olivia the Barbie Dreamhouse in 2021, and she has played with it so much this past year!  It’s definitely not something that sits collecting dust.


8 – Stomp Rocket

I’ve mentioned the Stomp Rocket on my blog numerous times throughout the years, and I thought I’d include it on the gift guide this year because it truly is such a fun gift for all ages!  Our kiddos have played with theirs for years!


9 – Melissa & Doug No Sew Quilt

I’ve also mentioned this Melissa and Doug No Sew Quilt numerous times on the blog because it’s just so good!  My parents gave it to Olivia for Christmas last year, and she has loved putting it together.  It’s easy to do, and there’s no sewing required.  Once it’s done, your child has something warm and snuggly that they can use forever!  We’ve gifted this many times this past year and everyone has always LOVED it.


10 – Magna-Tiles

Our kiddos have had these for years and it’s probably their most played-with toy ever.  They are always out on the playroom floor and I never ask them to put them up because they use them almost every single day!  I highly recommend these for any kid!


11 – Exploding Kittens

We bought this game for the kids last Christmas, and it has been one of our favorite games to play as a family.  It’s unique, it’s engaging, and it’s fun for all ages!


12 – Super Mario Lego Set

Jacob is a Lego fanatic, and he loves the Super Mario series.  Not only do you get to build the sets, but once they’re put together, they’re interactive!


13 – LipSmacker Coke Flavors

We’re huge chapstick fans in our house, and both of our kiddos love all of the different LipSmackers sets.  This one is one of their faves!  These always make great stocking stuffers!


14 – Laser Tag

This laser tag set would be so much fun to have and play in the house.  It’s highly rated and has a ton of reviews, and it would make a great gift for the older kids in this age range.


15 – Ladder Ball Set

We had a ladderball set at our mountain house this past year, and our kiddos played it soooo much!  We all loved it, so I’m considering getting a set for the kids this year for Christmas.  I love that it gives them something to do outside.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's fun to see what this age range is into. My niece and nephew fall within it too!

  2. I always add some lip smakers for Sophia's stocking - she loves them and can't go wrong with magna tiles!!

  3. My girls love the Squishmallows, so I think I will get them another one or two. I love the idea of the Melissa and Doug quilt.

  4. That pineapple! My boys still love the Sqishmallows.

  5. You have a lot of great gift ideas on here and I've gotten my kids several of them over the years! Autumn was in the ER last fall getting stitches and they gave her a sheet from one of those sticker books to distract her.


  6. This is a great gift guide, Lindsay! I know my kiddos would love those Magna-Tiles!


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