Friday, July 28, 2023

Five on Friday - Stanley Tumbler, Seamless Tanks, Snack Bag, New Devotional, and Favorite Worship Album

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Hey, y’all!  Happy Friday!  In true Friday fashion, I’m sharing a few favorites from the week, so let’s go!

O N E – Stanley Tumbler

Stanley tumblers have been in stock at Dick’s this week in all colors, which is rare, since they normally go out of stock just as quickly as the new stock is posted.  I love my Yeti so very much, and I take it literally everywhere, so I’ve never had the desire to use a Stanley… until now.  Ever since I got my braces, I’ve had trouble with my Yeti banging into my braces/teeth when I take a sip, and I’ve been wanting something with a straw to prevent that from happening. 

I ended up purchasing two since they were finally in stock in the colors that I wanted, and I’m going to use the one in Pink Dusk for myself.  I also bought one in Rose Quartz, and I’m going to save that for gifting.    

If you’ve been looking to grab a Stanley Tumbler, they’re currently available in most colors here!  I started using mine yesterday and, so far, I love it!


T W O – Seamless Tanks

I’m in desperate need of some new sleepwear, but I’m soooo picky about PJs that it’s hard to find something that I love.  My requirements?  Tanks and shorts only.  Spaghetti straps only for the tanks.  Somewhat fitted but not uncomfortably tight.  Soft.  Nothing too baggy.  Tiny, short shorts.  No drawstrings.  No pockets.  Basically, I want my PJs to be almost nonexistent and I want them to feel like a second skin.  I hate when they get twisted up in the sheets because they’re too loose and I hate big seams or pockets because they make my hips and legs go numb sometimes since I’m a side sleeper. 

I recently came across these tanks from Target and I loooove them.  I think they might end up being my new PJ tops.  If not, they are still perfect for lounging around the house.  The tanks are so buttery soft, and they’re seamless, which is a dream.  They also come in tons of cute colors.  I also found these shorts that pair well with them, but I haven't decided if I'm sold on those for PJs.


T H R E E – Snack Bag

I finally had the opportunity to use our new snack bag last week, and it is perfect!  Prior to this, I was putting our snacks for road trips in a gallon Ziploc bag, but I thought it would be nice to have a reuseable bag so we don’t have to keep wasting the Ziplocs.  This bag holds just about as much as a gallon Ziploc bag does, and it’s cute!  ;o)  It’s a win win!  It comes in lots of different colorways, too, and it's on super sale right now!

F O U R – Jesus Listens Devotional For Kids

The kids and I started reading a devotional together every morning several years ago, and we’ve been using the same book ever since.  It has gotten repetitive over the years, so I’ve been looking for something new to freshen up our time together.  I was so excited to see that Sarah Young just put out another devotional for kids, and I couldn’t buy it fast enough!  The kids and I started reading it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s another great one!  I cannot recommend this one enough!


F I V E – Phil Wickham Hymn of Heaven Acoustic Sessions

I believe I’ve already talked about this Phil Wickham album randomly in a couple of posts, but I wanted to mention it again because it is so good.  This entire album is beautiful from start to finish – the lyrics, the music, everything – and I love it so much.  I’ve been playing it while I cook, in the car (back when I was able to drive – sigh), and while I’m working.  And I’ve also been playing it while I do my Bible study... it adds so much to that whole experience.  I love love love it so much. 


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I feel like I definitely would have wanted the snack bag when my kids were younger!

  2. Love your Stanley color!! I really want a light blue one next haha! And love your fall memes--Banks is currently wearing Halloween pajamas and I'm not sad about it! LOL


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