Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Our Week - The One with Summer, Week 5 (A Doc Appointment, a Play Date, a New Car, Poker Night, and Olivia’s First Night Away)

It’s time for another weekly recap!  Let’s get to it!

Monday, June 26

Monday morning, I had my annual checkup with my primary doctor, so we were up early yet again, and out the door by 8.  I dropped the kids at my father-in-law’s, and then I headed to my appointment.  Thankfully, Brian was able to borrow my brother-in-law’s truck for the week, so we didn’t have to worry about juggling all of that with just one vehicle. 

My appointment went well.  I’m now on my third primary doctor in three years.  Sigh.  Every time I find one that I love, they quit.  Haha.  This doctor assured me she has no plans to leave, and she’s also young (younger than me, I think), so I don’t have to worry about her retiring anytime soon either. 

I’ve been having a very weird thing happen with my fingers on my left hand lately, so the main reason I wanted to see her was to ask about that.  Back in April, the fingers on my left hand have started randomly draining of blood for several minutes at a time and I can’t figure out why.  It’s almost always my middle finger, sometimes my pointer finger, too, and one time it was four of my fingers on my left hand.  When it happens, the blood completely drains from my fingers from the knuckle up, they turn white, and they go numb and lose feeling.  There’s nothing that I’m doing to provoke it and it’s just the weirdest thing.  Eventually, the blood comes back on its own, but there’s nothing I can do to help it come back.

The first time it happened it scared me to death because I thought the blood was just never going to come back and I was worried about the tissue in my finger dying and my finger having to be amputated.  Of course, my brain always goes to the bad place.  Sigh.

Since the first time it happened in April it has happened many more times (probably 10?) and it’s starting to happen more frequently in recent weeks.  I didn’t Google it because I was too afraid of what I might find out, but Brian ended up Googling it after it happened the second time, and he said it sounds like something called Raynaud’s Syndrome.  The condition occurs because the blood vessels temporarily spasm and block the blood’s flow.  It can be triggered by cold temperatures, anxiety, and stress, but it can also be a sign of something more serious like an autoimmune disease or the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Sure enough, when I talked to the doctor, she confirmed all of these details.  She told me that it’s sometimes random and not unsafe, but she did tell me that it is concerning since it’s only happening in one of my hands.  She ended up ordering a blood panel for me, and she said she’ll call me if anything bad shows up in the results.  It’s always something, y’all!

In addition to that, the doctor also told me that I needed an updated tetanus booster shot, so we did that, too.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d had one, so I’m assuming that maybe it was when I was kid??  I don’t know.  Although, it seems like after I gave birth to one of the kids that they gave me a Pertussis shot that had tetanus with it??  But I don’t remember.  Either way, I was probably overdue.

After my appointment, I headed back to my FIL’s to pick up the kids and I watched them finish up a game of Kings in the Corner.  We headed to Walmart after that to grab some groceries, and while we were there, my finger did the whole blood draining thing yet again.  Sigh.  This time it lasted for almost 15 minutes which might be the longest ever, and it will never not be scary/unsettling when it happens. 

Once we were done at Walmart, we headed home, and the kids watched a couple of cartoons while I got the groceries put away and did some blog work.

It was lunchtime after that, and for once, we all agreed on the same thing.  It’s always nice when I don’t have to make three different things!  Haha.

After lunch, Brian texted me to let me know that he bought his new vehicle!!  He ended up deciding on one of the new Bronco Sports (the smaller, less fancy one).  Unfortunately, they didn’t have exactly what he wanted in stock, but they were able to locate one for him to pick up later in the week.

After lunch, we all did some summer reading, and the kids played video games for a bit while I finished up some blog work.  While I was working, my text messages started blowing up from parents in Olivia’s class because the 4th grade teachers had started calling the students to let them know whose class they were going to be in and everyone was trying to compare to see which kids were in which classes.  Haha. 

Shortly after that, Olivia’s new teacher called to talk to me for a bit, and then Olivia.  We had assumed she would be in the other teacher’s class because that’s who Jacob had (and they typically put younger siblings in their older sibling’s previous classrooms), but she ended up not being in Jacob’s old teacher’s class.  We are excited, though, because the teacher that Olivia will have for fourth grade was also her Pre-K4 teacher!  We loved her, so it should be a great year!  You really can’t go wrong with any of the teachers at our school.  We have been pleased with every single teacher the kids have ever had. 

Jacob also got his schedule for next year, too, on Monday.  In middle school, they change classes for every class, and they have a different teacher for every subject, so it’s exactly like high school.  For electives, they let the kids select their top 3 from a series of “tracks” and Jacob got his #1 choice for elective tracks next year, too!  He’ll be starting off the first quarter with Piano Lab!  Yay!!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, and then I started cooking dinner a bit later.  On the menu for Monday was one pan roasted sweet potatoes, sausage, broccoli, and onions.  It’s the easiest thing to make, it only dirties one dish, and it’s so healthy (I use turkey kielbasa so it’s not as bad as regular sausage).  We had that with blueberry muffins, and it was a yummy dinner.  It also results in leftovers that I can have for lunch the next day, so I always love that, too. 

After dinner, I headed to Publix to grab all of the items that Walmart doesn’t carry.  We used to always do our Publix shopping after Jacob’s Monday piano lesson, but since his teacher quit, we had to move his lesson to Thursdays with the other teacher, so now I don’t have the convenience of being right next-door to Publix on Monday afternoons. 

My Publix run was quick as there wasn’t too much to get, and when I got home Brian and the kids were outside playing basketball.  It was hot as blazes all last week, so we avoided being outside during the peak overhead sun time. 

After I got the groceries put away, I got changed into my workout clothes and I went for a super hot walk.  I was just so glad the sun was finally shining that I didn’t even mind the heat!  It felt so good to soak up the sun and sweat.  I love to move my body!

When I got back home, the kids were almost done showering, and then they headed downstairs to watch an episode of Weird But True while I showered.  We got them in the bed after that, and then B and I rewatched the first episode of Trying, season three since I fell asleep when we tried to watch it on Saturday night.  Haha.


Tuesday, June 27

Tuesday morning, the kids and I had to be up early yet again because my doctor wanted to me to do some lab work for my finger issue, and they hadn’t been able to do it the previous day because I had eaten breakfast.  They wanted me to fast prior to coming because she said that the results are typically more accurate when you fast.

When I woke up Tuesday, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck – my whole body ached and I felt exhausted.  At first, I thought I was coming down with something, but then I realized that I’d gotten that tetanus shot on Monday, and I realized it was just a reaction from that.  They had told me I shouldn’t have any symptoms other than a sore arm (and man, was it sore!!!!), but after a quick Google search, I discovered that some people, indeed, experience other symptoms from it including fever, fatigue, and pain. 

The lab work was super-fast and we were in and out in about 20 minutes.  I felt bad having to bring the kids along, but the lab technician was super kind to them, and he chatted with them the whole time he worked. 

After that was done, Olivia asked if we could get cake pops at Starbucks, and I couldn’t have thought of a better idea myself!  Off to Starbucks we went, and the kids opted for the “bee” cake pops (although they looked like cats – haha), and I grabbed a beloved hazelnut latte.  I hadn’t had Starbucks since Christmastime so it was a nice little treat. 

After Starbucks, we headed home, and the kids watched a couple of cartoons and played while I worked a little bit.  Late in the morning, they both did one hour of IXL summer homework (Jacob has a whole language arts plan and a whole math plan to complete, and Olivia has to complete a minimum of eight hours in her courses).  While they worked, I got lunch done, and then after lunch, we headed to the library to return some books that were due as well as to pick up a few new books. 

My friend, Jeannine, was working, so we chatted with her for a bit, and then after that, we headed to Barnes and Noble.  Jacob’s summer reading book had a hold placed on it by someone else before he could get through it, so we just went and purchased it instead.  I also looked at a couple of other Bibles while we were there, because, yes, I’m still browsing.  Sigh.  I feel like every single Bible has at least one thing I don’t like about it, and I can’t find “the one” that has the whole package. 

After we were done at Barnes and Noble, we swung by my parents’ house to grab my Yeti that I’d left in all my haste to get out of there Sunday when that big storm popped up.  We ended up hanging out there for a while, and then we headed back home.

The kids played video games for a bit, and I squeezed in some blog work, and then I headed downstairs to cook dinner – stir fry with chicken and pineapple and a bunch of veggies!   

After dinner, we all headed outside to play basketball (although, I just observed since my arm wasn’t in working order), and then I went for a walk on my own.  It was boiling hot again, but again, I was just happy for the sunshine.  I haven’t been minding the heat this past week since we’ve had the sunshine.

After my walk, the four of us started the new episode of America’s Got Talent, and then after we got the kids in the bed, I showered, meditated, and did my quiet time before settling in downstairs with B to watch the latest episode of Platonic.  My goodness, I love that show, y’all.  It is so dang funny, and often relatable at this phase in my life.


Wednesday, June 28

Wednesday morning, we finally had nowhere to be, so the kids were able to sleep in.  I was up at my usual time of 7:15 in the summer (I set an alarm and force myself to get up – haha) and I got showered and ready for the day.  By the time I was ready, the kids were up, so we made some breakfast, and then the kiddos watched cartoons while I caught up on blog reading.

After that, the kids played for a bit and then Jacob and I played piano together while Olivia colored.  The three of us had lunch together after that, and then the kids played video games for a very short time while I wrapped up some blog work.  Olivia had also set up her Barbie house for a partaaaayyyy.

My friend, Khristina, and her son, Noah, came over to hang out Wednesday afternoon.  We had plans to swim at my parents’ neighborhood pool, but for whatever reason, whoever is caring for their pool this summer hasn’t been keeping it up, and it’s been green for the last couple of weeks.  Sigh.

Instead, they came over to our house, and the kids played out in the back yard with the sprinkler and all of our water toys – reuseable water balloons, water guns, etc.

While they played, Khristina and I chatted in the house since it was way too hot to sit outside.  The kiddos came in late in the afternoon and grabbed ice pops, and then they headed upstairs to trade Pokemon cards and hang out.

They left around 5, and B got home a few minutes later.  He and I made breakfast for dinner – eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, and toast – and then after dinner, B had to work a little more from home.  He had clients in town all week, so he was pretty tied up.

Right before dinner, I’d gotten a notification from the app that my doctor uses, saying that my blood test results were in… so fast!  My autoimmune disease blood test results came back negative, so that was a relief, and all of the other things they tested me for came back normal, aside from a couple of things that were off a bit.  My lymphocytes (has something to do with white blood cells) were super low, and my Sed Rate was really high which indicates that there’s inflammation in the body, but the doctor put a note in there saying that the dips in white blood cell lines aren’t clinically significant, nor is the high Sed Rate.  Everything else they tested for (like 40 other things) were perfect.

Soooo, that basically means that we have no idea why my fingers are doing this weird thing.  The doctor did tell me that it can happen when you’re cold and/or when you’re stressed, so maybe it’s just that??  Not sure why it would all of a sudden it would start at this point in my life, but who knows.

Anywayyyy… after dinner, the kids hung out and played for a while, and I headed out for a walk.  It was boiling hot again, but I was just happy to have more sunshine.  My hip/SIJ/knee issue has gone to the bad place, and I’m definitely cutting out running for a bit until I’m able to get some treatment for it.  I had this same issue for years after childbirth, and a pelvic physical therapist was able to get everything back to normal with the assistance of a cortisone shot to my SIJ, so I’m going to make an appointment to see her again soon and, likely, get another cortisone shot.  My last one lasted around six years (maybe longer??  I can’t remember if I got it in 2016 or 2017), so I feel like I got a ton out of it!

When I got home from my walk, I got showered, and then we watched some more of America’s Got Talent before the kids went to bed.  B and I ended the evening by starting the new season of The Bachelorette, and then I read in bed while he worked some more in his office.


Thursday, June 29

Thursday morning, we had nowhere to be, so the kids slept in again.  I got up at 7:15 per usual, and I stayed in my PJs because I knew I wanted to spend some time outside with the kids on Thursday morning. 

I got the dishwasher unloaded and got all of the plants watered outside, and by the time that was done, Jacob was up.  He and I ate breakfast together, and then I headed to my office to tackle some work.

Olivia woke up a bit later and made her own breakfast, and then she and Jacob watched cartoons.  This summer, I’ve really been working with the kids on being more independent, so they’ve started making their own breakfasts, they’ve been learning to use the microwave for various different things, they are using the toaster, they’re loading the dishwasher after meals, etc.  I’ve always been so bad about just doing everything for them when it comes to mealtime, so I’m working on taking a step back from all of that so they can learn the things that they need to know. 

It has been such a blessing being able to quit my full-time corporate job and stay home with them, but I do believe that has also given me more time to take care of them cater to them, and that is not necessarily a good thing for them as they probably aren’t as independent as they should be at their ages.  I’m definitely working to take a (big) step back and let them do their thing this summer!

Anyway, the kiddos watched cartoons for a little bit while I worked, and then we all went outside for the rest of the morning.  The kids played with a remote control jeep that they love and I read my book.  They also got in some summer reading outside, too.

Late in the morning, we went inside, and we all got showered, and then I made lunch for all of us.  After lunch, the kids played video games for a bit while I worked some more, and then we headed to the music school for the kids’ piano and voice lessons.  Since Jacob’s teacher left, we had to move to Thursdays at 3:30, and thankfully, Olivia’s voice teacher had an opening at the exact same time. 

Olivia went in her lesson alone (she doesn’t like me coming in with her – haha) and Jacob asked me to continue coming into his lessons with the new teacher, so I did.  His new teacher was really kind, and he, too, was very impressed with how far Jacob has come along in just one year.  They continued where they’d left off with his previous teacher, and then they started the next song in his book.

About halfway through his lesson, his teacher looked in the door window and said, “Hey!  Look who’s here!”  So, Jacob peeked out and got all excited because his old teacher happened to be there picking something up.  After lessons were over, we ended up chatting with him and the other teachers in the lobby for nearly 45 minutes, and then we had to get going because we had a couple of other places to be.  Jacob was so excited to be able to see his old teacher again, though.  It was a nice surprise.

After we left the music school, we headed to my parents’ house to pick up some leftovers, and then we hung out there until Brian texted us to say he was on his way from work.  We met him at my brother-in-law's house to drop off his truck that B had been using all week, and then the four of us piled in my car to go pick up Brian’s new Bronco!

The kids wanted to ride home in it, of course, so I took off after I dropped them so I could get dinner started, and then when they got home, we ate my Momma’s leftovers.  She had made some kind of beef and tortellini bake and it was so, so good.  I made some steamed green beans to go with it, and then I indulged in a mid-week glass of wine.  I had to snap a picture of Brian and the kids driving up, too, of course!

After cleaning up and hanging out for a bit, I decided to go for a walk, and I made it 2.55 miles – mostly walking, occasionally jogging – but it was HOT, so it was a struggle.  Still super glad to have sunshine, though!  I adore my evening walks/runs.

When I got home, we watched the rest of America’s Got Talent from earlier in the week while I cooled off, and then after we got the kids in the bed, I showered.  B and I watched some more of The Bachelorette and then we called it a night.


Friday, June 30

I had trouble sleeping Thursday night so I was up tossing and turning most of the night, and then I woke up at 7 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I just got up.  I started the day with a stair stepper workout while B went for a run, and then I got showered for the day. 

The kids made their own breakfast, and then I had breakfast after I got ready.  By the time that was done, I had a little bit of time to work on blog stuff in my office, and then I had an appointment with my therapist late in the morning. 

After my appointment, I ran a couple of errands, and then I headed home to grab lunch, grab an Amazon return that I’d accidentally left on the kitchen counter, and then I headed back out to run more errands.  Since Brian works from home on Friday, I always try to squeeze most of the errands in then, so the kids don’t have to come.  They ended up eating lunch without me, and Brian snapped a picture of their plates for my lunch records.  Hahahaha.

I made it home around 3, and I settled in my office to do some work while the kids played video games.  We had a massive storm blow in as I was working, and it was rather unexpected since the day had been sunny and SUPER HOT until then. 

The storm blew through fast and furious, and unfortunately, a tree fell on my Mama Cass’s house.  Thankfully, she wasn’t in the room that it hit, but she was sitting in her chair probably 10 feet away from where it hit.  Sheesh.  My dad and uncles went over, and they were able to get on the roof and remove the tree and get a tarp up to cover the damage until the insurance adjustor can go to her house and survey the damage.  We have surely had some wild weather lately.

Late in the afternoon, I headed downstairs to prep for poker night that we were hosting with friends.  Unfortunately, one of my friend’s husbands tested positive for Covid (so random!!), so they weren’t able to make it, but our other friends came over and we had the best evening.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings and sides, and the burgers ended up turning out pretty good considering I had to bake them in the oven since we couldn’t grill due to the storms. 

Since we only had four adults (rather than the six we usually have), we opted to play Skip-Bo instead, and we had the best time!  It is such a fun game!  While all of the adults played, the kids played upstairs, and then they all left a little after 9.

We got the kitchen cleaned up, and then we got the kiddos in bed so B and I could have some relaxing time on the couch.  We watched two more episodes of Trying and then we called it a night.


Saturday, July 1

Saturday morning, the kids and I were up bright and early to attend the Baptism of my friend’s daughter.  We all gathered at 9 AM Mass, and then after Mass, sweet Jillian was baptized.  Neither of our kiddos had ever attended a Baptism (aside from their own when they were babies), so they got to experience something new in their Catholic faith.  (Jacob did attend Olivia’s, too, but he doesn’t remember it since he was only two.) 

After the Baptism, our priest let Jacob put out the candle and he was so excited.  Haha.  We all showered Jillian with gifts, and then the three of us headed home because we had to get Olivia ready for her first night at a friend’s house.  She has spent the night out at the grandparents’ houses numerous times, and she’s had spend-the-night company at our house, but she had never spent the night out a friend’s house until this weekend!

When we got home, I started some laundry and got in a quick mixed cardio workout while the kids did their laundry and Olivia packed, and then after my workout, the kids and I snapped a couple of pictures of their sign that they'd put up the night before for our game night.  They had dubbed the evening "Pokermon" night for the kids since the adults were playing poker, and the kids wanted to trade Pokemon cards.  They made signs and hung them and everything, but we forgot to take pictures Friday night.  How cute is that, though?!

After that, Olivia and I made the drive to Cami’s house.  She, of course, buckled in her stuffies for the ride as she always does.  <3  And don’t worry, Sheepie was in her backpack.  Y’all know she never leaves the house without her.  ;o)

I dropped Olivia off and chatted with Cami’s parents for a bit, and then I headed home to eat lunch with the boys.  After lunch, I changed over some laundry, and then I settled in my office to do all the things.  I have gotten so behind on things since the kids are out for summer.  Sigh.

Late in the afternoon, I got showered and ready, and then we headed to 5:30 Mass.  After Mass, we did Mexican with my parents, Mama Cass, and Aunt Joy and Uncle Greg, and then we headed home.  A major storm was brewing on the way home, but thankfully, we made it home before it hit.  The weather this summer has, seriously, been nuts.

Since Jacob was an only child for the evening, he and Brian watched Zelda videos on YouTube while I finished my book, and we let him stay up later than usual.  By the time he was in bed, B and I had just enough time to watch an episode of Trying, and then he watched a little bit of an episode of Barry while I fell asleep on the couch.


Sunday, July 2

Sunday morning, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then I did my usual church sermon online viewing/hot tea/plan the week ahead/yoga routine.  Brian picked Olivia up mid-morning, and she came home raving about the good time they’d had.  She had gotten almost no sleep, though… they went to bed at 10:30 which wasn’t too bad, but she said that her friend had woken up at 4 AM, and she woke Olivia up, too, so they got up and started their day then.  *Forehead smack*

Her mom had texted me earlier in the morning and sent me a picture of the girls all dressed up.  They were doing makeup and putting on random outfits/costumes all morning.

The rest of the morning was spent hanging at home.  I got in a yoga workout, and then Brian picked up Olivia around 11.  

At noon, we headed to my MIL and step-FIL’s for Sunday lunch, and we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday.  Afterward, we went outside in the garden for a bit, but we kept that short-lived because the temps have been excruciating here this week.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on blog stuff inside, and then we went to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner.  Instead of cooking, we all just brought our own pizzas over and we hung out for the evening to keep things easy.  My Momma did a fun hairstyle for Olivia, and then we drove home in yet another massive storm.  

And that was our week!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. Your finger issue sounds weird. My first thought was Reynaud's. Too bad the blood test didn't tell you what's happening! I need a new doctor and to get a physical myself. Congrats on the new car!

  2. My fingers do that but I KNOW it's from the cold; if I had to pick up a gallon of milk and carry it to the front of the store all the fingers on that hand will have turned white and it happens with both hands in winter. So it's not nearly so concerning being that it's not randomly happening. My mom also has it and it's at the point where nearly her entire hand reacts to the cold now so I'm betting I have that to look forward to.

    I've had many tetanus shots (from having a fishing hook stuck in my hand and stepping on a nail, etc) and they do me in every single time. Lots of body aches and extreme fatigue.

    Congrats on the new car! I bet it feels wonderful to have 2 cars again.

    1. Oh wow, that's crazy that her whole hand does that! It has happened to me every single time I was cold except for once, so that was what threw me for a loop. And dang, I had no clue that a tetanus shot would do that. At least I'll know now for future reference!

  3. B just got Ella's DREAM CAR!! Her daddy is on the hunt for her one since she gets her licenses in October!


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