Friday, May 10, 2024

Five on Friday - Eyelet Skirt, Mother’s Day Mug, The Good Sister Book Review, and More

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Happy Friday, y’all!  It has been another busy week and next week is going to be the actual busiest, so we’re taking some downtime this weekend (thank goodness) to recharge for the week ahead.  In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from the week…

O N E – Eyelet Skirt

I came across this skirt at Target for Olivia, and it is just darling.  Its white eyelet details are perfect for spring and summer, and it’ll go with anything.  The quality is great, the fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and it’s fully lined.  Olivia loves it so much and I’m sure it’ll be a wardrobe staple for her this summer.  Fun fact, if you’re petite, you can grab one for yourself, too.  The XL fits me perfectly and it’s so cute!  It's also on clearance right now for just $12.75.


T W O – A Mug for the Mommas

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for Mother’s Day, this mug is beautiful and it’s only $5!!!!  I can’t believe how inexpensive it is because the quality is top-notch.  I love the color and the design and everything about it.  It may not arrive on time for shipping at this point, but you can always order it online and pick it up in-store.  I’ve started doing that a lot lately, especially when quantities are limited at my store.  And that way, I don’t have to walk through the whole store and hunt things down.


T H R E E – The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

I finished this book on Saturday, and it was SO GOOD.  If you love suspense books that are impossible to put down, then I highly recommend this one.  I told myself last Saturday that I was just going to read for 20 minutes and then get some stuff done for the blog, but I ended up reading for an hour and a half and finishing the book because I just had to know what happened.  I love it when a book sucks me in like that!!  This one is a page-turner, y’all!   


F O U R – Bible Messages

I’m still making my way through The Bible Recap and The Bible, and right now, I’m reading through 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles + Psalms.  This past week, this phrase was in two different readings on two different days in two different books, so it really spoke to me.  What a beautiful reminder that we are perfectly loved every single second of every single day by The One who created everything, and there's nothing we can do to make Him stop loving us.   



I absolutely cannot get enough of Taylor Swift’s new album, and it has been on repeat literally since it came out (although, I have had to take a couple of breaks from it in the car to spare Jacob – LOL).  The whole thing is brilliant from start to finish.  I dedicated an entire post to the album, but now that I’ve spent more time with it, I have so many more thoughts about it, and my Top 13 has changed a little bit, too.  I’m not going to get into all of that today, but I just wanted to share this favorite from the week… songs from The Tortured Poets Department occupy THE ENTIRE TOP TEN of the Billboard Hot 100 and I freaking love to see it! 


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. The Good Sister is one of my favorite Sally Hepworth books.

    1. It was fabulous! I think I've now read 2 or 3 by her and all of them are great!

  2. I really enjoyed The Good Sister too; I like most of Hepworth's books.

    1. Yes! I need to go through and add all of hers to my reading list. I've read 2 or 3 and they were all great!

  3. I love when you share you Bible journaling! I wish my handwriting looked like yours. :) Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Aw thank you! I'm wishing I had more time to do the pretty journaling. Most days I just take notes, but every now and then I love to do the little doodles. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. So glad you have some much-needed downtime this weekend, Lindsay!! That skirt is adorable, and I just love that beautiful mug (what a steal for that price too!). I am also such a fan of Taylor's new album, probably my favorite lyrically from her even though so many of them are sad and make me want to tear up, haha! I will have to check out your post where you talked about it, I'd love to hear what your faves are!!

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend, friend! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. I agree completely about TTPD! Lyrically, it's one of her best albums ever! Folklore has always been my #1, but TTPD may end up surpassing that. That's something I never thought I'd say! I didn't think she'd ever be able to outdo Folklore! I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  5. That skirt is adorable! I am enjoying reading through the bible as well!

    1. Isn't it so cute? And yes, reading through the entire Bible from start to finish is something I've never done and it has been life-changing!


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