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Five on Friday - Unique Pool Accessories

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Happy Friday, y’all!  This week has been the pinnacle of Maycember, and I’ll finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief soon… not today, though!  Today might be the busiest day ever!  Olivia had her recital rehearsal last night, tonight is her dress rehearsal (which involves us being at the theater for a good 6-7 hours), tomorrow is her primetime recital, and Sunday is her matinee recital.  Oh, also?  Tonight is the big seventh/eighth grade dance at the kids’ school that I’m chairing, and since I can’t be in two places at once, I’ll be doing the entire dance from start to finish (setting up, decorating, chaperoning, and cleaning up) and then heading to the theater to relieve Brian who will be sitting in place for me while I’m at the dance.  Whew.

Anywayyyy, summertime is so close I can almost taste it, and today I thought I’d share some super unique Amazon finds to liven up those summer pool parties!  These finds are seriously the coolest!

O N E – Floating Food and Beverage Storage

This floating pool cabana may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!  It has four cupholders along with large cutouts for snacks.  Since it has a roof over it, it keeps all of your food and drinks out of the sun.  It comes in this darling pink and white stripe, along with a blue and white stripe, and a yellow and white stripe, and navy and white stripe. 


This is another option that’s a little smaller, and it doesn’t have a cover.


This version looks the most sturdy of the three, and it has ample space for cups, snacks, and even wine glasses.


And finally, these genius things… floating wine glasses!  WHAT?!  I guess you wouldn’t be able to use those in a pool with anyone splashing around, though.  Haha.


T W O – Pool Decorations

These floating pool balls come in multi-colors or earth patterns, and they are solar-powered so they don’t require batteries or charging.  Just sit them in the sun during the day, and then they glow all night so you can add a fun pop of color and light to your pool after the sun goes down.


These floating pool fountains with lights would make for great ambiance at an outdoor party, and they have two modes – water spray mode and light show mode.


And if you don’t want the fountain aspect, these floating pool lights cast a glow around your pool without the water spray effect.  These are solar powered as well, so you don’t have to worry about charging them.


These lanterns are STUNNING and they would be the perfect addition to set the ambiance for an outdoor dinner party.  These, too, are solar powered, so there’s no charging required.  There are three light modes, so you can find the perfect one to suit your party aesthetic.


As are these floating lights...

And these floating lotus flowers that light up...

And if you’re looking for something really wild, these light up flamingo floating pool lights are super fun!! 


T H R E E – Unique Pool Floats

This light up flamingo pool float would be awesome for night swimming.


As would this one!


And if you prefer a lounger, this one lights up, too!


I also thought this one was cool!


F O U R – Pool Games

This pool volley ball game has balls that light up so you can play it at night.


And this floating table allows for card playing in the water… and it holds drinks!


If you’re going to have a floating table, then don’t forget the waterproof playing cards!


Uno also has a waterproof version!


And this light up ball is perfect for tossing around at night.


F I V E – Storage

This storage bin holds 235 gallons of pool floats, toys, balls, and equipment.  It’s made of mesh, and it has wheels so you can store it anywhere and wheel it out to the pool when you need it.


This smaller version is also great for holding all of your pool accessories and it’s also on wheels for easy moving.


Finally, this towel holder is perfect for keeping wet towels off of the chairs and ground.  And each arm has clips so the towels stay in place.


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I wish we had a pool! My first thought on the floating food holders was that they would definitely be knocked over! lol at Brian's comment. I thought Dave was the only husband who doesn't listen to his wife!

    1. Haha I wondered about them getting knocked over, too. And no, Dave is definitely not the only one! I'm constantly repeating myself over here. Haha.

  2. Those light up decorations are so neat! Too bad they'd float away on the lake (and try as I might I can not convince my husband that we also need a pool!). LOL

    1. Haha. Yes, I suppose they would, indeed, float away on the lake!

  3. Whew...hope all goes smoothly with the pinnacle weekend of your Maycember!

    1. Thank you! It sure did, but I'm EXHAUSTED. Totally worth it, though!

  4. So fun!! I ordered those wine glasses and then canceled the order because I thought I wouldn't ever let them float because there would be splashing! HA

    1. I wondered about that, too! Haha. You'd have to use them when there were no kids around. Or husbands doing cannon balls. Hahahaha.


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